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A true artist, those who are not in it for the money, often consider those who use their art work to be exibiting the utmost flattery of their artistic talents. But with the concept of profit and the consumerist conglomerate agenda, the true purpose of art as a free and collective expression of ideas and the human element in our world becomes mired in the drive to 'better' yourself, without consideration for the well-being of the human race. This drives a maddening consumerist hunger that the world around us was not intended to support, as evidenced by the growing environmental crises.


Furthermore, the sanctity of the human element, comprised of our ideas, our emotions, our dreams and our aspirations, becomes reduced to a bought and sold product, reducing the value of the human spirit to a mere commodity.


The invention of the copyright has convinced the artist to abadon his role as a recorder of the human legacy and sell away his humanity to any opportunistic money manipulator, who has done little on his own to contribute to the enrichment of the world we live in.


(More to come, this came to me in a mind-flood)

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couldn't agree more!


And, if "Patent" and "Copy right" is to discuss in the same thread..

Many many companies are making 'Huge" profit out of products those should be appreciated or should cure many many more people! Often that companies' say is "for the further research" or "to protect the right of the thinker"...while very few knows how much of the profit was put back to that. Afterall, owners and share holders are fat! and in some industry ie. medicine, the charged price is a dividing line of death or alive, to those wealthy or those can afford less..... 1-no.gif

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Although in principle I agree I cannot help but think that we haven't had a free exchange of artistic ideas on a mass scale for millennia. Greek, Roman, and later renaissance, early modern, and modern art were very often created for the sole pleasure (or elevated status) of the artists' patrons (or also for the glorification of God), but I can't recall off the top of my head many instances where such art was freely exchanged and proffered for the betterment of mankind as a whole. And in this sense, copyright only seems to have passed the private ownership from the patron to the artist (although modern patrons like record or film companies still do hold a lot of sway).


Copyright law needs a massive overhaul. The way it exists now, there are millions of people breaking the law everyday. This suggests that the laws are just not working. Artistic ideas need to be made available in new ways. Just like here in Canada, a significant proportion of the population breaks the law by smoking marijuana, but its taking lawmakers a good deal of time to accept this fact. Although anyone caught with a personal amount (which rarely happens for most smokers) would either be let off or receive only a small fine. Those caught with larger amounts still face problems though.

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