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Meteor hits Fuchstal

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---- Alaghon News ----


OOC: A local newspaper


Meteor strikes at Fuchstal


The small town of Fuchstal was hit by a meteor last night. The meteor which is the size of a house hit the field of a farmer and destroyed telecommunication cables. The 300-people-town was without phone- and internetconnection for 6 hours.


"Communication has been reestablished by Catastrophe Guard satellite systems." mayor Raimund Callmer said in an interview. "The meteor is now being investigated by the geological service; it's still in the crater and it's still huge."


"My crops are burnt to dust." farmer Jeffrey Comb said. "I hope that the department of social welfare will replace my losses."


This picture was taken by the TSA weather satellite minutes before the impact.


user posted image


We will keep you updated on this story!

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FROM: Deltannia

TO: Tamurin


If any aid is required, Deltannia is willing to send it over. In the mean time, Deltannia is analyzing data from both DSA and Naval surveillance of the meteor. Any information that is discovered will be sent to your nation as it is uncovered.


Deltannian Foreign Ministry

Deltannian High Naval Council

Deltannian Space Agency




The DNS Blaine's Sword was patrolling the waters between the Azure Sea and the Northern Meteorolas when the object was spotted. A flurry of transmissions were sent between the ships in the vicinity and the Naval Outpost on Tarragat Island.


"Captain, you're the only ship that got a lock on it. So far, no naval ships were scheduled to be within the Rosario Sea at that time, but we can hope that one of several may have veered and gotten a look at the meteor."


"Of course, Commodore. And my men are getting what we've got together as we speak, sir."


"Good. When you transmit it here, send a copy over to the Beryllium. I'll have her coordinates sent to you at once. Maybe they'll have the facilities onboard to get an analysis going."


"Yes, sir."


"Now get to it. The High Council wants a report from our sector, and I've got to submit a detailed one soon, none of this preliminary garbage. You have three days. Get a link with the Beryllium and rendevous with her. You'll be able to work faster. Expect escorts within a day and a half. Commodore out."


OOC: I have a line of what I call science frigates. I only have a few, and pretty much they are designed to be naval ships that conduct scientific research. They have labs and such built on board, with some minimal weaponry. Nothing in heavy combat, but enough to get by. Since I have eight with more on the way I guess, I figure at least one can be on the other side of Europa to Deltannia. Sorry for the choppy post, it's late and I'm not going to get a better chance than at 3 AM any time this week....

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TO: Deltannia

FROM: Tamurin


Thank you for your offer, but assistance is not required. It was just a minor impact which caused little damage and no injuries. We are however interested in any data about the meteor that you can send us.


Tamurin Catastrophe Guard




"It's a huge one, chief."

Geologist Tim Wiese was very enthusiastic. His boss, "Chief" Wilhelm Pfeiffer, had chosen him as project leader. The goal: Recovering the meteor and investigate it.


"Can we transport it to our facilities?"


"I don't think so, Chief. It's still about 5 meters high and roughly 8 meters in diameter. It weighs a couple of tons."


"Well, then we'll have to set up a research field station here, around the meteor."


"That was my idea, Chief. It's already being done." He came closer. "But now, hear this: We've already found traces of organic material in the meteor. It's full of it." He was grinning.


Chief Pfeiffer looked shocked. "Have you confirmed this?"


"We have double- and triplechecked our findings. It's organic. Microorganisms, Chief." He waited a second. "This thing came from a second Earth. It's proof that there are other lifeforms in the universe."


"Wait a second - are you sure that this rock wasn't contaminated by Earth lifeforms? Maybe they quickly populated the meteor after it impacted."


"No, Sir. The genetic analysis shows definite differences to Earth-based lifeforms. There is no doubt. Check the findings."


Chief Pfeiffer went through the data. It took him almost an hour to read and re-read the files. He doublechecked all conclusions of the scientists, but he didn't found a hole in them. The data was clear and there was no doubt.


"This - is - huge!" he finally said.


"You can say that again." Wiese said. "The guys and I went out to a drink...a couple of drinks...a whole sh*tload of drinks to celebrate this. Most of us are working with severe headaches today." Wiese smiled.


"That's why you're looking like you didn't sleep."


"Well, I didn't...two hours don't really count. I feel horrible - but it's worth it!"


"OK. Let's do this by the book. I'll get reinforcements from the institute and the ministry. You continue your research. If everything adds up, we'll make it public." Pfeiffer closed the files. "I think you just won yourself a nobel prize."


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To: Tamurin Science Department

From: Mit Teews, Minister of Science and Research


Dear neighbours,


We could not help but notice the meteor impact in your territory last week. Given our recent levels of cooperation we are pleased to offer our cooperation in any way we can. We doubt you will need material aid, but it is yours if you desire. More interestingly, we offer a Cosmological and Geological survey team comprised of the brightest minds from universities and government research units across Rekamgil. Of course we wish to help, but we are also very interested in this meteor strike. In the interests of full cooperation and disclosure, I have enclosed all of our research data and records of the recent incident. Most interestingly, we recorded a good deal of light in the green part of the spectrum, indicating high levels of carbon and potassium burn-off as the meteor was buffeted by our atmosphere. We cannot help but be hesitantly excited by such readings given that they seem to indicate that some organic matter may have been burning off, although of course this may have been encountered in the troposphere. Seismic readings were negligible. We very much hope that we can be included in the research activities and offer both our scientists and facilities.

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FROM: Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, Tamurin

TO: Mit Teews, Minister of Science and Research


We welcome your offer and invite your team to come to Fuchstal and help to investigate the meteor.


We are also investigating the possibility of organic material inside the meteor, but this is still unclear. Maybe your team can help us on this.




"This Rekamgil-offer comes in at the right moment." Chief Pfeiffer said grumpily. "At least they're able to work. What is this? Half of my people are calling in sick. They are doing one unconfirmed discovery and they're drinking themselves into the hospital. You could think that I have a staff of newcomers that don't know how many unconfirmed discoveries they're about to make in their lifes."


"It's of course a shame, but I don't think that it's just heavy drinking." Christine Sch?fer was trying to calm her boss down. "We have inquired an investigation of the Fuchstal beer. Maybe it was ... scruffy."


"Food poisoning with beer...." Pfeiffer shook his head. "It's still a shame. Well, at least we have the Rekamgilians now. Let's hope they bring their own food with them."


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TO: Ministry of Health, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Federal Police, President, Prime Minister

FROM: Chief scientist Pfeiffer, Fuchstal

RE: Quarantine


We have a very serious problem.


The meteor that hit Fuchstal a couple of days ago contained microorganisms that act like biological agents. Half of my staff has lapsed into a coma, the other half feels sick. A few dozen people from Fuchstal suffer from the same "illness".


I request that Fuchstal is put under quarantine and that everyone who left Fuchstal the last couple of days is tracked down and put under quarantine as well. Up to this point we know almost nothing about this disease and how to deal with it. We only know that it takes one day to infect a person, one day of attacking the organism and on the third day coma.


Please act fast!






user posted image


Quarantine! Soldiers and policemen are looking for people, cutting all connections to Fuchstal. Doctors and scientists are working in spacesuit-like clothes to avoid infection.


The horror is reality: An extraterrestrial virus has infected Earth.




OOC: OK, guys. Now you know. This is how I thought this RP could happen:

My guys won't be able to track down everybody. Trains, cars, aircraft - there's no chance to catch everyone. So, feel free to spread the virus in your country - tourism, business contacts - somehow it may happen.


This is not a medic-science-RP. Finding a cure isn't important. What's important is how people and nations may react: Do they help? Do they cut off all ties to others? Isolationsm? National quarantine? How will this affect international relations? Wars? Business/Economy? Families? Tourism? Wars could break out or end over this.


Feel free to develop your RP with this virus. The virus works like this:

- It's transfered from person to person (contact or short distance)

- First day: Nothing; Second day: Sickness; Third day and following: Coma

- It attacks the nervous system and shuts down most of the brain activity; it's 30% lethal; the other 70% just stay in the coma

- There's no cure; except this: At some point scientists will find out that a certain biological weapon destroys the virus; however, this is a biological weapon and it's 75% lethal; the huge problem is that doctors will have to infect the infected people with another virus to destroy the alien virus and then try to cure a seriously weakened patient;

- The basic idea behind this was something like the plague of the 13th century in Europe


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TO: Tamurin

FROM: Italgria


We are shocked by the recent developments. I have talked with the president of Italgria and as close allies he offers you a team of specialists in viruses. This will not only help you but entire Europa. Further you can use our special forces stationed in Tamurin in tracking down as many people as possible.




TO: Italgria National news

FROM: Public Relations Office


Due to the recent developments in Tamurin we have cancelled all international flights from the east. We have sent out troops to patrol the borders and nobody from the east will be able to fly in. Although in the east it is all EOS members we need to take this step or soon the virus will be in our country. As our economy does not rely on tourims we also closed down the ports. Every import from another country will be stopped five kilometers infront of our borders to undergoe strict testings. The west will still be open to tourism alsong as no cases are found there and people wishing to leave Italgria are allowed to do so but to not come back until a cure is found. We have offered Tamurin help in form of specialzied scientists which shall help there if Tamurin accepts our offer. We will not have complete isolationism. We will not put on hold the talks we are having about New Normandy and any representats from any country, affected country or not, will still be able to come into the country after having had a check-up by their local government doctor in the plane.

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OOC: Well, it's kind of a biological weapon. It's intended as a real alien virus, but yeah, it's biological.




TO: Italgria

FROM: Tamurin


Thank you for your quick offer. Right now we need all hands we can get and it's a great relieve that your forces can be used to protect the borders.


We hope to solve this issue soon, but the help of your virus specialists may be needed.




"Damn, computer virus, alien virus...what the hell is going on?"


Prime minister Claudia Hartman was rushing into office and going through the messages. At the presidential palace, aides and officials were escorting her to the meeting with President Leonhardt.


"We've stabilized the computer networks. There's massive complaining from companies and private users, but at least our systems seems to be allright.


It's a little different with the alien virus. We're trying to track down everyone from the science camp and Fuchstal, but it's difficult. The 4th infantry division is on the way to isolate the area - right now we've only local police and a couple of helicopters."


Hartman was being pushed into the office of the President. He was just picking up his phone and activated the loudspeakers.


"Yes, Chief, how is it?"


"Bad news, Sir. One of the villagers travelled by train to Alaghon this morning. The train was filled with people, at least 200. And they're spread all over the Central Tamurin, maybe heading out."


President Leonhardt was shocked. Prime minister Hartman was unable to speak.


"Sir, it's high time for further measures. There's nothing I can't do anymore."


"You are right, Chief. Set catastrophe condition 1 throughout Central Tamurin."


"Yes, Sir."


Leonhardt hung up. "We just lost control of the situation. Central Tamurin is now under quarantine. Nothing comes in and nothing goes out."


Hartman nodded. Suddenly she noticed that it was dead silent - nobody was talking or seemed to be breathing. "Aren't we jumping the gun a little, Sir?"


"You obviously didn't hear the news."


"What news?"


"Three days ago there were 1700 people in Fuchstal. Today there are only 1200 left - and those are all in a coma." He leaned back. "We are not jumping the gun. We are too late. And the best part is: We are all in it. Alaghon is now under quarantine, too."


"Abyssio and Ormpetarr are still open, Sir."


"Correct. If we're lucky, they may remain open. If the virus spreads there..." He shook his head.


"And what if someone has already left the country with it?"


Leonhardt sighed. "Then this continent is doomed."






TO: All nations, high-priority message

FROM: President Leonhardt, Tamurin









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*Burst Transmission, Source Scrambled*

TO: President Leonhardt, The United Republic of Tamurin

FROM: Fashid al Rassad, Ambassador-Chieftain, The Northern Alliance of the Mongol-Swedes

SUBJECT: Containment Assistance


Mr. President, in response to your nation's generous support in ending the war in my homelands, I am prepared to once again stand by you and your people in this grievious catastrophe.


I have already suspended several embassy operations, and placed a request home to send as many medical specialists in the NBC field of medical expertise as can be spared, and establish a functioning hospital and containment center on embassy grounds. Our recent experience with the biochemical attacks on our cities and villages will be most useful to your government at this time, I feel.


The General Council has already barred any and all traffic to Tamurin from the liberated territories of the former USTE. Your troops currently operating in the Tribelands will be provided additional accomodation should your government choose to bar them from returning home for the duration of this debacle.


May Allah deliver His progenious human race from this other-worldy infection. The deepest condolences of the Tribes goes out to our close brothers in Tamurin.

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"This is a nightmare!" shouted the Minister of Health as he rushed to keep up with the Executor. "Over 1,500 Tamurinians travelled to Miiros after that metero hit. They've arrived all over the city except for Iverna and the Sectors. What are we to do?"


The Executor looked afraid. Miiros was one giant city and if that virus spread to the mainland then nearly three-billion people were at risk. "Find and detain all of them. We need to know if they are infected or not. Also, alert every hospital and clinic in the city."


The Minister of Safety looked aghast. "We can't just detain people! It's unconstitutional, the people will..."


"All be dying if we do not do something. Find those Tamurinians! Put out commercials, phonecalls, I don't care! Just find them! And get every expert in the city working on this virus! I don't care if we have to turn entire universities into laboratories."


"The costs will be astronomical! The economy could take a huge blow," protested the Minister of Coin.


"If this virus spreads here and we do not have a cure, Miiros will be finished. We will join our Roman ancestors in the history books."


The group remained silent.


"Ok, now Melissa, tell the Tamurinians we are behind them and we need samples of the virus and alert the Tagmatines to the risk. And everyone? Keep a sharp eye on reports from the hospitals. Even one case could mean millions are infected.



To: Tamurin

From: Miiros


We are prepared to put our best minds to the task of finding a cure. We have barred travel to and from Tamurin and are attempting to track the large number of Tamurinians that travelled to Miiros since the meteor strike. Any knowledge you uncover about said citizens and their location in relation to the meteor zone would be wonderful. Together, we can beat back this virus.




OOC: Rushed, I know, but I'm in a crunch for time.

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TO: President Leonhardt of the United Republic of Tamurin

FROM: Caradan Schipinski, Hanemarian Minister of Science

SUBJECT: Assistance


Mr. President,

I am deeply saddened and disturbed at the reports of this extraterrestrial contagion in your country. My thoughts and prayers, and those of the whole nation of Hanemar, are with Tamurin during this difficult time.


I applaud the fast and professional response of Tamurin to this unexpected threat, and the goodwill and cooperation of the other nations in quarantining the area.


Hanemar is a small nation, but our scientific program is extensive, and several of our top virologists have volunteered to help study this mysterious organism, should their help be required.




Yours most sincerely,

Caradan Schipinski

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**** E-Mail ****


FROM: stefan.mueller@catastropheguard.ta

TO: International Community

RE: Virus


All of Tamurin is now under full quarantine. First traces of the virus have been found in Abyssio and Ormpetarr.


Our medical staff is not overwhelmed yet, but we estimate that within 3 days hospitals will be swarmed with sick people. So far we have been unable to find a cure, however strong antibiotics seem to slow down the virus with a 40 %-chance.


Several aircraft and ships have been re-routed to other nations. They were outside of Tamurin when the meteor hit, so it is safe to let them in.


All Tamurinians outside of Tamurin are to remain where they are or to travel to the Tribelands. Field Marshall von Steinburg, the commander of the TEF, has been given full authority for all exiled Tamurinians.


Information about the virus is attached to this e-mail, but it is very slim so far. We hope and pray for improvements on our research.


Tamurin is hereby declared a no-go-area.



Stefan Mueller





Voice of the Republic


Unrest in Central Tamurin and Abyssio


Panic and fear have caused massive civil unrest throughout Tamurin. In Ormpetarr the police force and the Army were able to quell the unrest quickly, but reports are coming in that over 50 people were killed. Regional prime minister Diederich von Gostenhofen said that only strong force will enable him to keep the streets safe.


In Central Tamurin, several cars and buildings were set on fire. There were clashed between the police and protestors, but nobody was killed. Prime minister Claudia Hartman talked to several leaders of the protestors and was able to convince them to stop.


In Abyssio however fights in the streets of Rex Abyssio, New Sparta and Kilor are still going on. Armed protestors have taken several key buildings in the cities. The deltannian computer virus caused a breakdown of the power system, so counterattacks of the police and the army were severly hampered.


Field Marshall von Steinburg, head of the TEF, was given full governmental authority for the exiled Tamurinians. Now, with Tamurin under full quarantine, the many thousands of exiled Tamurinians are without order. President Leonhardt asked the government of the Tribelands to shelter the exiled soldiers and civilians for the time being.


Many ships and aircraft landed/set sail to neighboring countries (Rekamgil, Pirilao and Orioni). Some were able to make it to New Pommern. The Tamurinian Space Agency had to several decrease its activity - only the still damaged "Thor" and the unfinished "Mj?llnir" are in New Pommern, all other spacecraft are grounded.


The Catastrophe Guard has not made public the death tolls yet, but the "Voice" estimated 5000 sick and 200 dead already.


President Leonhardt issued a short statement and asked the citizens to stay calm. "This may be the greatest challenge of all times - let us face it with decency."



**** TELEGRAMS ****


TO: Miiros










TO: Caradan Schipinski, Hanemarian Minister of Science







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"It is time to close our borders sir..."


A womens voice said from the background.


"... we have been able to track down the few Tamurinians that came into our country since the meteor impact. Our friendly nations Tamurin and Miiros have been infected and it is only a matter of time of the virus getting into Italgria if we do not close down our borders soon."


The president was in deep thought looking at his monitor, which was showing the probabilty of how fast the virus would spread out.


"First this internet virus now this alien virus. Do you believe in God Andrea?"


"No Sir, I do not."


... They got involved in a small talk about the end of the world when suddenly the president had noticed the time.


"Ok, lets close down our borders."






Today 1:24 PM our government has officially closed down its borders to all nations. Citizens and tourists are allowed to fly out of the country but not to come back until this crisis has been passed. The presidential elections will be put on hold for a while and the talks about New Normandy will be suspended until further notice. Italgria is not going to get into full isolationism. We will still be providing medical and military assistance to any nation which requests this. Our businesses will still be delivering services to other nations. Naval Forces have been sent out to patrol the coast of Italgria and to prevent illegal imigration into Italgria and guarantee the virus not to come into this country. Also the ground and air forces have been called out to patrol the land borders. Individuals might be allowed to come into the country with special approval by the president of Italgria.



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Andrea deVries sat in her chair turned away from her office; instead she looked out through the grand picture window behind her desk. Orthen was a magnificent sight to behold at dusk. The smog created the most brilliant sunset and the giant towers glittered like golden spires stretching towards heaven. For over two thousand years the Miirosi have been builders, shaping the world to their will and blending city and nature. To think that it could all come crashing down was horrible; it left a heart-rending pain in anyone who had come to know and love this city. To think of all the history that could be lost were a virus to spread here? Would scholars from a future western power visit the ghost cities of the east? Would they sit around the eroded statures of Ros and Miir hypothesizing about what they were? No, Andrea could not entertain such dark thoughts, she had to be strong! There had been no concrete confirmation of infection yet, just rumors and rumors were unreliable.


The intercom crackled to life, causing deVries to gasp startled. ?Madame Executor, they have tracked down the last of the Tamurinians,? said the joyous voice of her Minister of Health. ?It is good news! None of the Tamurinians were infected and no reports have come in from any of the hospitals with symptoms of the virus! Miiros is safe.?


Executor deVries breathed a huge sigh of relief. ?Thank you, Minister. You have lifted a massive weight from my shoulders. Be sure to inform the public at once, but keep an eye on the situation. If the first signs of this thing appear anywhere, we are completely screwed. I want samples of the virus acquired from Tamurin and taken to the Arkay facility. Find a cure.


Andrea sat happy for the first time in days. This had been one crisis avoided, but she would not have time to enjoy it for the Minister of Technology suddenly burst into her office, scaring the daylights out of her.

?Ahh! Minister Frieze, what is the meaning of this!?


?Infected! The computer systems are infected with that damned Deltannian virus! The whole government network has been compromised. We?ve tried to isolate it, but it keeps getting past out firewalls somehow.?


Miiros had been spared one virus, only to be plagued by another and in a nation run by technology, perhaps they were better off fighting the alien one.


To: Europa

From: Miiros

RE: Plague


The Tamurinians with the chances of infection have been tracked down and pronounced healthy. Miiros is safe from the alien virus that has befallen Tamurin. We are willing to take in refugees, however, they must be detained for 48 hours to ensure they are not infected before they will be permitted in the city. We would also like to inform the region that any ship or plane entering Miiros will also be subject to the same treatment. Ships or planes attempting to bypass these new measures will be considered hostile and taken dealt with by the air force or armada.


Once we have obtained a sample of the virus, we will work endlessly to perfect a cure and will attempt to remain in close contact with the Tamurinian scientists. The people of Tamurin are in our hearts and we will do everything in our power to help.


OOC: Not ready to kill off the Free City with a plague yet. I didn't infect Miiros because I saw no way the city would ever recover. =P


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TO: Europa

FROM: Hanemar

SUBJECT: Tamurinians in Hanemar


We have tracked down all Tamurinians currently in Hanemar. We have confirmed that all but three entered the country before the meteor impact. The three Tamurinians in question have been detained and quarantined, but they are not showing any symptoms of the virus. We will keep them quarantined for at least another week.

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TO: European community

FROM: Tamurin








Official statement of the regional government of Ormpetarr


Due to the civil unrest in the major cities and to ensure the stability and safety of Tamurin, I'm declaring martial law in North-East Tamurin.


The Army and the Police will take over control from the civilian authorities. Nobody is permitted to be on the streets after 2000 hours. Orders from Police and Army have to be followed, otherwise a minimum of 24 hours in prison or criminal persecution are the consequence.


Martial Law will stay in effect until this crisis is over.


Diederich von Gostenhofen,

Regional Prime Minister




"What about Zwick?" President Leonhardt asked.


"Zwick hasn't declared martial law and he told me he wouldn't do it." Prime minister Hartman answered. "And we won't do that as well."


"Can we do anything to cancel von Gostenhofen's order?"


"No, Sir, this is a regional matter. He can declare martial law, if the parliament approves. And since his coalition rules the parliament, they will accept it. After 30 days, a two-third-majority will have to approve martial law - then we will have a political chance."


"No progress on the virus front?"


"No, Sir. By now, we have about 15.000 infected and about 800 dead. The doctors are distributing a special antibiotic that slows down the virus, but it is not very effective."


"How's the situation at your end, Field Marshall?"


"Well, Sir, the Mongol-Swedes are doing everything they can for us. We are in are condition and have fine accomodation and very professional help. My 36.000 soldiers are well and by now we're harboring 6000 Tamurinians here."


"Can you hold out?"


"Yes, Sir, definitely."


"I'm promoting you to Governor of all exiled Tamurinians, Field Marshall. Pick a staff of good officers to assist you."


"My General staff is already doing that, Sir."


"You can tell them that they're now cabinett ministers. You have full authority. If Tamurin is isolated for long, we will need a voice outside of Tamurin. You will be that voice."


"Yes, Sir."


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There was a mid-aged, tall, and painfully sunburnt man sat at his bed, on a hotel-room in the city of Bisler, sporting a dull expression on his face; for smiling, or complaining about how he ruined his day by getting as red as a shrimp would only make things hurt more. He was unsure if he should set his aim at his glowing pink body or at the beautiful sea, viewable from his room, that, according to him on his last call to his family in Tamurin, "was worth every single credit". But, as it should be, things tend to get out of hand every once in a while, for the being known as "things" is slippery and wants to eat your indexes.


His cell phone, a black, thin model from an Orionian company, then screamed the voice of an imitator of the Tamurinian president, saying "Pick up the phone already!". He followed the "order" of the small phone, who roared like a lion.


"Speak up, darling", said the Tamurinese man, with an apathic voice, both from spending some valuable time of his vacation rubbing water in his sunburnt body, from knowing that his girl, who seemingly was the one who called him was sick and couldn't travel with him, and both from the strange feeling that he actually is not feeling-- but he would say otherwise to his family and friends, once they told him about the virus.


His cellphone decieved him. Even though the small machine, who struggled to fill his jelly-like brain with cancer, said on it's visor that it was his girlfriend calling him, played the ringtone reserved for his VIPs, it wasn't her, but someone else instead. Someone with a voice that you'd hear from a cheery, baritone, and overweight friend.


"...It's not your girlfriend, Mr...?"


"Kohl. Why are you on her cellphone, sir? Something bad happened?", said the man who, all of a sudden, got what seemed to be a common Tamurinese last name to the author.


"Not only to her. Your girlfriend is in a heavy coma, seemingly caused by alien viruses... do you have family in here, Mr. Kohl?"


Kohl was angered. Who was this man to come, deliver this topping-less pizza of bad news to his peeling ears, and ask if he "had family" in Tamurin? "Who are you, and what is happening? Viruses? And yes, I am a hot-blooded tamurinese, my family's from Alaghon"


The man answered, at a serious voice, like if he hid something. There were heavy noises in the background. "That's bad to hear. I'm from the Holy House of Bonn, a hospital. I have to turn off the phone right now, there are endless cases like your girl's, and our staff in here is struggling to call all patient's families... if you are outside Tamurin, do yourself a favor and do not come back."


The sudden silence that came with the call's end could be compared with the silence of space, and the ensuing scream from the pink man who almost turned white in fear if he could, could be compared with the fist of a mighty god hitting Earth, but since, after this events, even more people would doubt the existance of a omnipotent being, we'll just compare the magnitude of the scream with... say, a meteor filled with viruses hitting a small town.


Since a fist of a mighty god hitting Earth-- and thus, anything who could be compared with it-- is something highly noticeable, specially with the elusive means of comunications of today, the bad news about the virus-- which ran in the speed of light, thanks to the trillions of scared earthlings, spreaded quickly through the east, and more specifically, Emakera. Lusophone tongues roared like machine guns-- the type you'd find mounted in a gunship-- specially after the boring reruns of soap-operas in the afternoon were interrupted by infamous newsflash music. Sharp-dressed reporters filled the eyes of the nations, while a poorly-dressed Ripper was just preparing his scythe, looking at the mirror with his sore eye-sockets, and ranting to himself about how he should have taken a different course in his career. Ironically enough, such rant would be repeated by a not-so-poor dressed officer recieved a telegram from Tamurin, in the Palace of The Plains, located in Pa?o, head of the government in Emakera, and then, said once again by the President Dictator, the Minister of Health, the Minister of the Farm, and the office-boy from a nearby office building, although the office-boy hated his job because of the average, rather than the exceptional.


After a long, desperate brainstorm between government members, and the 58-year-old janitor, who was switching a lamp when the rushing authorities of the nation reunited, and ended up joining the conversation, came to a conclusion: That they needed to ponder the unponderable, and then, promptly do it while they still could. People would complain, but if they did, that would be worthy of a major celebration; after all, who would dare to complain in a coma, with heavy brain damage?


To: All nations

From: The Federative Popular Republic of Emakera




Due to the recent event, the Federative Popular Republic's borders will be closed for an undefined time, and we will take the needed measures to prevent the spreading of this disease to all of our citizens. Our best minds are researching a cure for this virus, and our best arms are going to ensure that they will do so and that who or what causes this virus will not reach Emakera.


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The Vocian Director of Health rolled his eyes as he read the report of the situation in Tamurin. It was like the East did anything to get attention from the international community these days.


First EOS, then that boat race they fixed, and now this supposedly 'extraterrestrial' virus that had gripped central Tamurin.


Anything for attention...


As much as he felt like tossing the report into the garbage, he had a duty to at least take issue advisories to the other departments this affected. He wouldn't be taken seriously, but he'd feel morally justified, and he would have fufilled his job to the public.


With a shake of his head, he opened the word processor on his computer and got to business.



TO: Departments of Immigration, Tourism, Trade, and Transportation

FROM: Bevrin Hasluk, Director, Vocian Department of Health

SUBJECT: National Health Advisory


Due to the outbreak of a virus of unknown origin in Tamurin, I suggest that we take steps to prevent the virus from reaching the Imperial Republic with the following:


1: Stop all flights to/from Tamurin.

2: Detain passengers on all incoming flights from Tamurin.

3: Contact/detain recent Tamurin immigrants and visting nationals.

4: Prevent distribution and order recall of all recent goods from Tamurin.


When and if we receive more information, I will contact you.



Short, sweet, and to the point. Even if there was a virus in the East, this would keep it contained and out of the North...

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TO: Tamurin

FROM: Pharma Industry of Italgria (Owned by the state)


We have heared about your testings in orbit to kill the virus. In case your scientists need some help we can send a team which can help you figuring out the data. If a cure is found we volunteer to produce the cure for free. However this will only be for EOS nations and allies of EOS due to the high cost of producing cures.

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OOC: This RP didn't develop as I had hoped. I'm gonna shorten it.


CURE !!!


The latest TSA-mission was successful! To say it loud and clear: We have a cure!


Apparently, a very specific type of cosmic radiation breaks down the alien virus and weakens it so severly, that an average human immune system is able to defeat it. Tests with 50 volunteers were successful: 44 volunteers were cured within days, 4 more were in critical condition but were able to survive, the other two are showing progress, but it takes a lot of time.


The Tamurinian Health Department is now preparing a gigantic deployment of the radiation cure throughout the country.


"I'm really glad." said Prime Minister Claudia Hartman. "If all goes well, we will be able to lift the quarantine within a month."

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TO: Field Marshall Von Steinburg, Tamurin Expeditionary Force, Commanding

FROM: Fashid al Rassad, Acting Tribal Diplomatic Representative of the Tribelands to the United Republic of Tamurin

SUBJECT: Good News


Asalaam alaikum, Field Marshall! As you may have already heard recently, your government has found a cure for the otherworldly plague that has haunted your people's lands during the most recent past.


I have already received additional support from the General Council to help your nation's health service to expedite the spread of the cure and bring peace and prosperity back to our great Tamurinian friends.


Once the quarantine is lifted, I will be excited to see you and your fighters returning to their homes, that they may enjoy at last the peace that our two peoples have recently worked hard for, Inshallah.


TO: Prime Minister Claudia Hartman, The United Republic of Tamurin

FROM: Fashid al Rassad, Acting Tribal Diplomatic Representative of the Tribelands



Asalaam alaikum, Prime Minister, and greetings. Allah be praised that the TSA have been able to find a cure to this otherworldly plague that has tainted your honorable people. On behalf of the Allied Tribes I wish to extend my condolonces for those smitten by this terrible virus.


Medical personnel who have been operating aid stations in and around the Mongol-Swede embassy in Alaghon have worked tirelessly to care for those who came to us for treatment, despite that there was no means to truly save the unlucky; many still remain in a coma-like state, and we are doing what we can to sustain them.


Prime Minister, do not hesitate to ask of me or my fellow tribesfolk for any assistance that your people may require at this time.

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FROM: Field Marshall Von Steinburg, CO of the TEF

TO: Fashid al Rassad, Acting Tribal Diplomatic Representative of the Tribelands to the United Republic of Tamurin


Dear Mr. al Rassad,


thank you for your kind words and thanks to you and your people for your hospitality. Without your assistance, many thousands of Tamurinians would have been stranded somewhere in Europa. With your help, those were able to get here and find shelter, food and hope.


I'm very happy that the TSA was able to find a cure and I hope that we can save all those who are still sick.


Let's hope that this was the last burden our two nations had to endure.


Your friend,

Heinrich von Steinburg




FROM: Prime Minister Claudia Hartman, The United Republic of Tamurin

TO: Fashid al Rassad, Acting Tribal Diplomatic Representative of the Tribelands


Thank you for your offer, Mr. al Rassad. The people of the Tribelands that helped us are true heroes and a role model for all in the medical service and the health department.


Your people are doing what they can and I cannot ask more of them. Their tireless effort has brought hope to many sick and most of them can be saved during the next days and weeks.


I would also like to use this opportunity to thank you for harboring the Tamurinians who were exiled because of this virus. Your people are a true friend of Tamurin.


Best regards,

Claudia Hartman

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