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If you don't know yet, I am an American. Which means I am a football fanatic like most other Americans. Of course I am talking about American Football.


This thread might not get much attention, perhaps no attention at all but that's ok, I expect it. Also, I have no problem talking to myself because I do it all the time. But I would like to create it anyway for the sake of discussing all things football.


Feel free to ask any questions about the game we Americans love. Or if you are familiar with the game you can talk about your favorite team, best formations, picks, who has the sexiest cheerleaders, why the Steelers suck...etc etc.


Just think of me as an annoying religion promoter, except football. smile.gif

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First of, good news: Seattle Seahawks beat St. Louis Rams 22-20.


Won by a field goal, a repeat of last year. If you are not familiar with the Seahawks, they were last years losing contender for the superbowl. They lost to the disgusting Steelers.


If you are not familiar with the superbowl, please say so.


Favorite offensive formation: I Formation with a tight end, prefer this to ace back because its always nice to have that lead blocker. Aceback is good, but I have more of a running offensive mentality instead of passing. That's why I like I formation.


Favorite defensive formation- 3-3 stacked, stop the run.


Which position I think is coolest- Middle Linebacker, because you have to be mentally unstable to be good at it. A maniac, sadistic bastard, madman....

I know this from first hand experience. My team has pretty good middle linebackers and they are "a bit off" if you know what I mean. smile.gif

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Well, I'm interested in American Football... I got a taste for it after getting a NFL cartridge to my Mega Drive, and started playing in with the other kids in the street, making it a nice replacement for soccer when all of our balls were gone or pierced-- we picked a soda bottle, although this was useless when throwed. Later, we got a football to play with. I have it to this day.

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Well rugby is great too guys, I have much respect for rugby players. Rugby is also respected here as well, just isn't that popular. But despite of people going off about how much more tough rugby is because of no pads (which is just my experience, im not saying you guys are). There are actually higher injury rates in football than in rugby.


Adaptus, the foot is used to kick the ball in American Football as well. Its called field goals, punts, and kick-offs.


Emakera, are you UK as well? do you just play two hand touch when playing football?


Nan Gorwaith, yeah Ohio State is doing well. My team would be University of Washington. I'm sure you are familiar of how they were stripped of their glory due to violations of NCAA policy. The Huskies aren't doing so bad as we used to this year. They did give UCLA a run for their money.


In my opinion, Washington football at the high school, college, and professional level is on the rise. California's De La Salle and Long Beach Polytechnical (one of the best teams in the country) both lost to Bellevue. But I think that Hoover school from Alabama could beat any team up here. The Huskies were dominant in the 90's, then they sucked for a while, but now they aren't doing so bad. Then the Seahawks went to the superbowl last year. smile.gif


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next to pool, obviously.

Bloody got eight-balled recently, much to the amusement of all my mates. I tend to lose all the pool games I play, although only just.


@BlackJack: Emakera's a Brazilian, if I'm not mistaken.


And, not being funny, the British person I am, I do read football as "proper" football, not American Football. Although I have also begun to read reading as Reading, after having lived here for a while (Reading, the town, is pronounced as Redding, as in the colour red)


And I ain't going to sit here and argue semantics about football and its various different, yet similarly named (Rugby football, American football, Aussie-rules football) derivatives, so I shall leave you Americans to it. biggrin.gif

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I'm a Brazilian, and no, we just tackled each other tongue.gif

On asphalt, for twice the fun. I liked playing as a halfback, although we were never sure of what we were doing, and our measure for yards were our footsteps... and we often kicked the indexes of each others when trying to make a field goal.

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Nice, halfback is a cool position. If the other team rushes the QB a lot, then do screen passes. If they get back into pass coverage all the time, then run draw, simple. I usually like to be a reciever and run tunnel screen, quick pass, WR sweep, or just run drag, comeback, and out routes.


I think its much more fun to organize, huddle up and make plays when playing backyard football. But some people are just joy killers and say "no lets just do whatever and wing it!"


We do the same thing at elementary school fields with like 30+ people, backyard football as we call it. We dont bother with field goals. But of course we know what we are doing. But hey, it was just last week I found out what offside traps are in soccer.


Oh yes, I dont think you Brazilians have been warned about this before, so Ill tell you. Be sure to keep your head up when you tackle. Do they teach you that in Rugby? I want to know. Leg takedowns and knee tackling I think are more effective.

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Hey, we were kids back in the day XD

We had a notion of the rules, but almost no technique, although we did make some weird formations... and we're not used to anything other than soccer, volley, and in some cases, handball and basketball. Rugby, just as american football, is alien to us, unless you live in Rio, there's a strong beach football league in there. There's a rugby team on a nearby city, but this city's on this whole other level of development... we have 30,000 citizens in my town, and they have 20 times more... large industrial center, and thus, more... global.

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How about a moment of silence for my team, the Cincinnati Bengals, who could have made the playoffs in two consecutive weeks but crapped both games away in the final minutes?


At least my Buckeyes are in the championship and I just watched Michigan fall to USC. biggrin.gif

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And let's have a whooping moment of joy, as the great and mighty Steelers ruined those blasted Bengals playoff run for two consecutive years.  dance9bh.gif  clap.gif  YES!.gif



Steelers fans are everywhere. rolleyes.gif My brother-in-law is one as well. The Bengals didn't deserve to win that game anyway, they had their chance the week before and blew it, and didn't show up the first 3 quarters of this past game. At least both of us are staying home with the same record, and maybe next year we won't have The Chin to deal with.

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my mistake Van, and those stupid Steelers, geez! Last years bowl was a fluke. A fluke I tell you!


Aki, you dont always pass, sometimes you run. Also they arent just sun goggles, they are to help protect your eyes as well. Such manly sport like football needs that kind of protection. smile.gif


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