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Famine strikes New Normandy

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INN Newstime


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Famine in New Normandy


Recent casual reports that a famine is striking around New Normandy (Plot 70) have catched our attention.


All the information available about the country in question is that it is ruled by a corrupt dictatorship which is dealing with a twelve year ongoing civil war. It has a weak economy which is mainly agricultural based. And children as young as ten years are being ripped apart from their families and forced into war by both the dictatorship and the so called "freedom fighters". Food is a scarce resource which only the dictators military and the freedom fighters can afford. The others have to steal from fields, die or join one parties. Housing is scarce.


It cannot be explained why the nations of Europa have not recognized the situation in New Normandy and continued their luxurious lives.


Last reports indicate that the dictator of New Normandy has ordered its Royal Guard to put on fire all the corn fields in New Normandy.


A reporter and its camera team that were sent to the country took this pictures:


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user posted image


Not only food is scarce in New Normandy but also water and basic supplies. The reporter and its camera team sent some video material to our IT department which composed this video to arise the worlds community attention:




Contact to the reporter and its camera team was lost the next day after getting involved in a fight of the royal guard against the freedom fighters.




In the meanwhile at the presidents office:


The young presidents adjutant in his MP uniform agitated run towards the office in which the president was having a meeting of how to tackle down poverty in Italgria.


"Sir, you have to come and watch this"


The president looked surprised at what could be so important to interrupt the conference. Until now Samuel had never been so agitated before and he knew that he would enter a reunion just like that withouth having a really stron reason.


"What is it son?"


The president asked in a calm voice while filling his glass with water up to the top.


"Its a report our national news just gave out! You have to watch it!"


Swet was running down Samuels face. The president drank its water, thinked for a while and replied.


"Well, excuse us for a second"


The TV in the reunion office was turned on the INN News. The report about the famine had just started. Everybody in the room started looking at each other not wanting to believe of what they were seeing on the monitor.


"God be with them..."


The president said to itself and as soon as the report had ended...


"Gentleman, we have to interrupt this reunion until further notice we have some more important international issues to tackle down at the moment."


...he stood up and with fast steps walked outside the office and went towards the Communication department. Samuel stuck behind him.


"Jake, I hope you just saw the report on INN. Please prepare a speech that we will hold to the press in two hours about that we are going the get involved in the problems at New Normandy."


Jake was the responsible for public relations between the government and the press. He was a slim young men with a passion for Armani suits and dark-red ties. He had glasses which was the reason why he did not get accepted in the Airforce and started a carieer as a politician. His speeches were well known around the country and even the biggest universities in Italgria were dedicating one entire semester to them. He turned on his new high-tech computer, which he had received just yesterday, and started typing.


"Where is Jonathan?"


"At the bathroom sir."


The bathroom door opened. You could still hear the flush of the toilet when Jonathan, a rather obese men, walked out of the bathroom biting in his Double cheeze burger. He sat down in his comfortable chair and took a drink of its 1L Sprite bottle which was lying right next to his french fries.


"Jonathan! Would you stop eating for one moment come..."


Samuel screamed in an angry voice. The president interupted him.


"Jonathan, please send a official letter or email to all the heads of every country in Europa cointaining the following..."




Twenthy minutes later:


TO: All heads of nations of Europa

FROM: Italgria

SUBJECT: Famine in New Normandy.


Dear Allies, Friends and Enemies,


We hope you have all seen the report which was shown by our nation news INN about half an hour ago.


We were very shocked about why we were able to overlook at such a big issue for so long.


We are planning to hold a conference in San Agostino in two days in which all nations of Europa are invited to join.


Lets put away our differences and help the people of New Normandy.


We hope that as many nations as Europa will be taking part in the conference in San Agostino.


The aims of the conference is to unitedly decide what we as a big community can do to help the people in New Normandy.


Lets show the world that we are not only made up of terrorist attacks, famines, cold wars, and revolts but of a big region united together!


The conference will be guarded by TFT Italgrian special units and governments wishing to have their troops to help out the TFT are welcomed.



The President of Italgria

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The General Council was gathered in the longhouse as they received the communique from the Italgrian government. Already there were divisive opinions flooding the modest construct. Above the rabble rose the council's Chief Speaker, having read and reread the excerpts from the INN broadcasts.


"Ladies and gentlemen, this is an issue that we simply cannot contribute to in the manner that many of you would like to. Too few governments have recognized our legitimate cause to overthrow the old Tribunal and cast out the mercenary army and their strip-mine overlords; we are still mired in the search for Bernstein.


However, we cannot allow those governments in Europa who continue to harbor us ill will, despite our strong commitment to aiding our allies to the north, to use this as justification to discredit the honor of our allied Tribes."


"Perhaps, Chief Speaker, we could offer the use of the international airport at Scandinaviopolis to international humanitarian efforts" quipped a tribal cheiftain.


Another council member added, "the cleanup efforts are totally complete in the city, thanks to Tamurinian support. The reconstruction efforts have most of the city up and running, including the airport and the highways."


"This is a sound idea, elder. What's the status of our AMC" the Chief Speaker replied.


"Stretched a little with the ECOC campaign, but with the Legion in Adaptus acquiring their extra equipment in the field, we won't need to send as many birds that way."


"Excellent. Mr. Ytturb will attend this conference, then, and bring them the 'esteemed dignitaries' of Europa our strong commitment to bringing aid and comfort to the New Normandy people, and justice to its oppressors. Send an immediate reply."



TO: Italgria

FROM: Sunry Ytturb, General Council of the Northern Alliance of the Mongol-Swedes

SUBJECT: Re: Famine in New Normandy


The situation in our neighboring country of New Normandy has been a significant concern to this Council since its all too recent installment into the affairs of the Northern Alliance. The chaos and devastation within our own country has prevented the Mongol-Swedes and our affiliated tribes from addressing the problem sooner.


We are relieved, however, that there are other nations who have become aware of the situation and apparantly stand ready to bring aid and comfort to the distraught people of New Normandy, and, perhaps, justice to the perpetrators of this tragedy.

Experience with the short history of the former USTE has shown us that multilateral solutions are the only means of guaranteeing a successful future for all.


I have been nominated by the General Council to represent the honorable people of the Allied Tribes at the conference. I am making plans to arrive in your country later today. No special accomodations will be necessary for myself, and I will trust in the competency of the TFT during the conference.

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FROM: Deltannia

TO: Italgria


Deltannia is willing to send delegates to your conference, and is willing to provide not only perishable supplies to the region, but help rebuild the area, hopefully to a point of self-sufficency.


Deltannian Foregin Ministry

Deltannian Agricultural Ministry

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Andrea deVries sat at her desk as she mulled over reports from across the region. She had decided to take her lunch in her office today, so intermingled with the neat stacks of leather-bound dossiers and manila folders of communiqu?s and other various information sat a turkey club with macaroni salad. She had a cup of her favorite tea perched atop a binder labeled ?Suverina.? She took a dainty bite of her sandwich as she flipped open a recent report from the Foreign Affairs Ministry on an apparent crisis in the petty state of New Normandy that the Italgrians had brought to light. She scanned the overview quickly and skipped down to the remark left by Ministress Vander.


?Italgria wishes to hold an international conference to discuss cooperation for a humanitarian relief effort for the people of New Normandy. Their leader uses the usual guilt-evoking rhetoric and refusing a delegation may damage Miiros? international standing amongst the bleeding-hearts of the region. What shall I tell the Italgrians??


Scoffing as she thought over the situation, Andrea took a bite of her macaroni salad before speed dialing Melissa Vander on her computer. Sending food, already a major import for Miiros, overseas to bail out a mismanaged backwater nation seemed appalling to deVries. It would also cost more tax denarii as the Executor was trying to cut back the huge income tax rate in the Free City. Andrea decided it would be best for Miiros to sit this one out.


Melissa?s familiar face popped up in a window on Andrea?s computer as the call went through. ?Hello, Madame Executor; what can I do for you?? she asked, in a cheery tone.


?I?ve just finished the New Normandy report. Dreadful thing it is,? began Andrea, taking a sip of tea before continuing, spilling a few drops upon the Suverina folder as she returned the cup to its previous position. ?The thing is, Miiros is not responsible for cleaning up every mismanaged state in Europa. Tell the Italgrians we won?t be sending anyone.?


Melissa looked concerned for a moment before saying anything. ?Is that wise, Andrea?? she asked, breaking her professionalism for a moment. ?What will the Italgrians and the rest of Europa think of that??


Andrea took another bite of macaroni salad as Melissa spoke. ?I already have an answer for that. The Occident recently told the Orient to butt out of the Adaptus affair, so I say leave it to them. I am sure the hardworking people of Tagmatium, Akiiryu, and the Mongol-Swedes will be more than happy to feed their neighbors. Besides the whole situation smells of disaster! The nation is in civil war and if that food is going to reach the people and not the military, then a peacekeeping force will need to be sent. Best we stay out of it from the beginning.?


?Yes, Executor, I understand. I will prepare a reply informing the Italgrians of our position at once,? said Melissa casually. ?Oh, and do enjoy your lunch.? The screen closed as the call ended, the PC?s desktop filling the screen again.


Andrea started at the monitor blankly for a moment before pushing her food aside. Suddenly, she had lost her appetite. She took a small sip of tea to try to get rid of the sour taste in her mouth, but to no avail.

To: Italgria

From: The Free City of Miiros


Miiros respectfully declines to send a delegation to this conference. The leaders of New Normandy have mishandled their nation and it is not the responsibility of Miiros to infringe upon the sovereignty of the state of New Normandy to aid their citizenry. Additionally, this is a western affair and the Free City feels that it is best if it is handled by the Occidental powers.


- Foreign Affairs Ministry of Miiros

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TO: Italgria

FROM: Tamurin


The United Republic of Tamurin is ready to assist the international community. Food and supplies for New Normandy are available and can be transported to any location where the international aid efforts are coordinated.


However, Tamurin will not send people into New Normandy and we reject any ideas regarding 'regime change'.

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OOC: I think we need more nations in this but only three have replied... I will expand the time period to let others join in hopefully




It had been snowing the entire day. The sudden snow storm surprised entire Italgria. It had not been snowing in Bellaria for three years and then such a big storm arised. The authorities were unprepared and lots of car crashes occured. The international airport had to be closed down and all machines had to be redirected to San Agostino, whichs new high-tech airport had just been inaugurated.


TO: All nations in Europa

FROM: Head of State of Italgria

CC: EU meeting


As many may know we have called a meeting into live to let most of Europas nations join talks about a country, New Normandy, which is in need of our help. We have so far received replies from Tamurin, Miiros (which is not going to take part), Social Alliance of Mongol-Swedes and Deltannia which are going to join the talks. We hope you recognize the need for such a reunion and join the talks.



President of Italgria




TO: All representatives in San Agostino or planes

FROM: Head of State of Italgria

CC: Snow storm


We are sorry for contacting you so late but our communication system was a bit overloaded due to the snow storm covering up our system. We have drawn consequences of it and are changing our communication system. But that is secondary. We would like to appologize for this inconvenience. The snow storm has surprised us all and caught us out on offside. You will be redirected to San Agostinos new high-tech airport and will be allocated in the exclusive six star Mariott Hotel until the storm passes away and we can operate normally again.


We hope you understand this.



President of Italgria

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*Burst Transmission, Source Scrambled*

TO: Head of State of Italgria

FROM: Sunry Ytturb, The General Council of the Northern Alliance of the Mongol-Swedes

SUBJECT: RE: Snow Storm


I appreciate the offer of hospitality and luxorious accomodations you have offered myself and the other delegates from around Europa.


However, due to the still significant presence of Eastern Coalition strength that remains hidden throughout Central and Eastern Europa, I must respectfully decline this offer, in the interests of my personal safety, and the safety of the hotel's personnel, guests, and your security forces.


I am seeking a more low-key place to stay for the duration of the conference at this time, and would appreciate that this matter be kept under wraps for the time-being, for all of our sakes. I do not wish to place undue pressure on your government to guarantee the safety of myself at this critical time in the region.


Suffice it to say, however, that I am currently present in San Agostino, and will make my presence known to government authorities when appropriate.


I appreciate your understanding in this matter, and hope that we can together accomplish great things for all peoples of Europa.

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The situation had calmed down. The first phase of the virus had been succesfully held back from Italgrias doors and no cases of the alien virus had been spotted yet.





We are glad to say that we will be holding the conferences about what to do in New Normandy in two days from now (Monday in RL). We will be setting up transport for all ambassadors.





The conference will be starting on Monday. Any nations which have not shown their position on this issue yet and want to sent an ambassadr to the conferences, can join any moment.

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