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Vilamar Accords

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Holy Imperial Press Statement


The Imperial Government of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium is pleased to announce a mutual aid pact between Tagmatium and the Republic of Marsitrania. This pact has come about as both of these glorious nations have recognised the benefit of signing such an agreement. The clauses of the pact as follows:


1. Both Marsitrania and Tagmatium promise to supply mutual military aid in a crisis. A crisis maybe defined as economic, social or political.


2. Both Marsitrania and Tagmatium promise to mutual protection and non-aggression. Neither nation will act in a manner which maybe considered contrary to another?s interests, whether political, territorial or economic or directly challenge the other?s sphere of influence or hegemony.


3. Both Marsitrania and Tagmatium are committed to defend each other?s national interests.


4. If either signatory is attacked then the other is obliged to their defence.


5. For purposes of the use of the Canal, Marsitranian naval shipping will be allowed free passage, and Marsitranian-registered or owned shipping will be given passage with a large reduction in tolls.

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