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United Nations, help me!

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Hello all, and welcome back. Have a seat, its been a while. Oh really? That's nice. Well I've been in school, y'know.. And now I found myself a dilemma.


See I joined the Mockupl United Nations and am part of the Canadian delegation (UNDP to be exact). Our issue this year is the one pertaining to Cyprus and their quarrels. I read the wikipedia (no telling how accurate it is) and think I have a basic understanding of the issue.


I wonder if you blokes might have enough time to give me some ideas on what the Canadian UNDP delegate might have to say about how to solve this dilemma (and a semi-formal position paper if you're that bored). I'm not asking you to write it for me, I just need a better opinion than the one I have, which is: stop fightin!


I appreciate any help form anyone! Play nice...


While I'm on.... I have a vacation coming up so I'll try to catch up and rp some more over the christian celebratory period.

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