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While many nations in the world had succumbed to catastrophic failure on their massive dependance on fossil fuels, the Tribelands continued to prosper and flourish, with a complete and total independence from the black gold, harnessing the seemingly everlasting renewable resources around them, through the rays of the sun and the air around them. So efficient were the Tribes at driving their infrastructure with these power sources that, when the global wars for the oil reserves spread the inevitable biochemical nuclear fires across the foreign lands, the Mongol-Swedes and their dearest allies escaped the Armageddon that was sweeping Earth.


And while there were other nations outside of this tight-knit circle of friends that experienced similar success in keeping their heads above the tide, it was the genius of Mongol-Swede ingenuity, as they had demonstrated in wartime as in peace, that truly brought this confederation of thousands of eco-minded tribes to the pinnacle of development, creating hundreds of survival colonies across the irradiated wastelands of Earth and beyond to ensure the continuing survival of humanity.


With the close cooperation of the Mongol-Swedes and their international allies in Europa, the region became the forefront in interstellar advances, efficiently harnessing all sorts of renewable energy sources to accelerate the advanced Europan Space Fleet's fledging squadrons of starships both military and commercial to distant stars, spreading out across the Milky Way galaxy and discovering many worlds similar to Earth, ripe for peaceful colonization and bountiful resources maintained under a conservational management, with the hard-learned lessons of the past in mind.


OOC: This post was more of a brief plot-maker, anyone else interested in partaking in an rp of this scope?

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