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The Future of the Tribes


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While many nations in the world had succumbed to catastrophic failure on their massive dependance on fossil fuels, the Tribelands continued to prosper and flourish, with a complete and total independence from the black gold, harnessing the seemingly everlasting renewable resources around them, through the rays of the sun and the air around them. So efficient were the Tribes at driving their infrastructure with these power sources that, when the global wars for the oil reserves spread the inevitable biochemical nuclear fires across the foreign lands, the Mongol-Swedes and their dearest allies escaped the Armageddon that was sweeping Earth.


And while there were other nations outside of this tight-knit circle of friends that experienced similar success in keeping their heads above the tide, it was the genius of Mongol-Swede ingenuity, as they had demonstrated in wartime as in peace, that truly brought this confederation of thousands of eco-minded tribes to the pinnacle of development, creating hundreds of survival colonies across the irradiated wastelands of Earth and beyond to ensure the continuing survival of humanity.


With the close cooperation of the Mongol-Swedes and their international allies in Europa, the region became the forefront in interstellar advances, efficiently harnessing all sorts of renewable energy sources to accelerate the advanced Europan Space Fleet's fledging squadrons of starships both military and commercial to distant stars, spreading out across the Milky Way galaxy and discovering many worlds similar to Earth, ripe for peaceful colonization and bountiful resources maintained under a conservational management, with the hard-learned lessons of the past in mind.


OOC: This post was more of a brief plot-maker, anyone else interested in partaking in an rp of this scope?

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    • By Sunset Sea Islands
      Redirected from "FTL".
      Faster-than-light travel or communication refers to the propagation of matter or information at speeds exceeding the speed of light in a vacuum.
      Across the galaxy, all known Type II civilisations possess means of FTL travel.
      Without FTL travel, interstellar travel is non-viable, since the travel time often exceeds an average life span.
      All hyperspacefaring species acquired their first FTL engine roughly simultaneously when FTL probes entered their home systems and rapidly decelerated close to their homeworlds.
      The discovery of FTL drives enabled spacefaring species to search for warp signatures, which quickly led to the first contact.
      The most common theory is that a technologically advanced form of life detected spacefaring species yet incapable of FTL travel and dispatched the probes as a gift.
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      Life in the universe
      The universe is populated by trillions of forms of life, physical entities that have biological processes, such as cell signalling and self-sustaining processes.
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      Life is most commonly found on planets, spacefaring vessels and habitats.
      Current forms of life are the result of millennia of evolution, a process of natural selection.
      Most scientists agree that life formed on several planets, most commonly the home planets of sapient species, from where it was spread to other planets and stellar systems.
      However, this theory is not undisputed.
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      Radiant (astronomy)
      For other uses, see Radiant (disambiguation).
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      This point of convergence is called "radiant".
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      Over time, however, the meaning of the word shifted towards...
      * All quotations from the ENCYCLOPEDIA GALACTICA here reproduced are taken from the 117th Edition published in 1020 F.E. by the Encyclopedia Galactica Publishing Co., Terminus, with permission of the publishers.
    • By Ide Jima
      Planet K-146...
      The blasted piece of rock, orbiting a star somewhere miles from home. The planet served as the main base for Jimantai operations into the Pheonix cluster, the furthest extent of the federation's control from the homeworld. The base itself constituted several 'wings' and a central tower, which elevated high above the surface of the planet. In a large, airy room surrounded by windows at the top, the base commander sat a desk, whilst the Chaplin of the Cruiser Nie-Xiao stood facing a window.
      "I don't like it," The Chaplin was uneasy, he put his hand on the glass looking at the dull red soil far below. He followed the movement of a dustcloud across the blasted wastes with his hand.
      "They are the orders of the Emperor! They must be followed!" The Commander bought his fist down on the desk.
      Looking up at the Nie-Xiao orbiting the planet, miles above, the Chaplin took a breath before replying "Have you not read the scriptures? In the frozen wastes on the edge of existence reside the seven lords of chaos. The prophet Kae-Lok Tang said so himself. This could be it, we could unearth a great evil. We have reached the stage where if we head any further, our foolish quest for knowledge would lead god to destroy us."
      "Chaplin, with all due respect we get this kind of crap from your sort every time we enter a new cluster."
      "It is only a matter of time before we overstep our bounds, for how much longer can the universe continue?" The Chaplin ignored the disrespect the commander had taken.
      "You have your orders, now get out..."

      38 Hours earlier, an Imperial Navy Frigate operating out of K-146 had encountered a planet that had not appeared on previous reports. This planet was capable of supporting life, a trait so rare that only two or three others existed in the entire Jimantai Federation. As the nearest ship capable of supporting protracted ground operations, the Nie-Xiao was being despatched to investigate the planet. With a crew of 13,000 as well as another 2,000 marines with the capability to serve as a docking platform for more, the cruiser was perfect for the task.

      Fully supplied, the vessel began to power it's main engines, breaking free of the weak gravity field that surrounded K-146 in minutes. One day's travel away was the new planet, K-352 as it would come to be known awaited. On the bridge, the admiral of the ship was connected to New Serekan and was in direct contact with the emperor...
      "Everything has gone to plan, sir. There was certain trouble with the Chaplain, however he has been replaced with someone more willing. He found a permanent placement on K-146 more to his liking".
      "Very good". The emperor, a young man, wearing black suit, a white shirt with a black tie sat a table. Eitherside of him, sat several characters, to the left an overweight elderly gentleman wearing a pinstripe suit, smoking a cigar, and to the right, the general of the militaries, wearing the distinctive Stahlhelm that had become synonymous with the Ide Jiman military over the past millenia, he too wore a black uniform. The screen might have been in black and white were it not for the young woman in the colourful outfit sitting next to the emperor. She was the queen, the duchess of the Dragon Cluster, the envy of every Ide Jiman - a woman originally employed as a secretary in the Imperial palace, now wife to the emperor and one of the most powerful people in the universe.
      "We are expecting to relieve the Frigate FFSG-568 in about 12 hours time now, special forces shall be deployed to the ground prior to larger operations being launched off of the ship".
      "Impressive, please - make sure you check that this planet is eligible for colonisation," The fat old man to the left of the emperor piped up. The emperor's uncle, due to become baron of the region had made clear his jealousy of the Queen, she had two life supporting planets, he had none yet.
      "It will be done sir, I will contact you again upon reaching the planet, my thanks".
      ooc: To be continued as and when I have time
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