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Salutations to the many nations within Europa from the small nation of Chiaron. I am Prime Minister R'brek (Alba R'brek), the recently elected leader of Chiaron. A tiny but dynamic democratic nation with a current population of 6 million.


Chiaron is a mountainous country, thick with lush, dense forests. We are a devout nation, believing in structure and discipline, which is reflected in our low crime rate, compulsory military service, strong police force and high educational standards for both our youth and adult populations.


As a people we re-invest much of our income into our nation, with a 33% average income tax and higher for the wealthy. (You get what you pay for... and we tend to pay a lot. But the results have been satisfactory.)


Chiarites are a friendly people, though we tend to be someone isolationist in attitude. Many of our policies are environment driven, and we are working hard to move forward in a way that will ensure a healthy future for our progeny and the world they live in.


We look forward to new relationships with our fellows in Europa! (and any guidance which might be forthcoming!)


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We are a devout nation

Any particular religion Chairon is devout in, or just devout in general?


If you have questions, do feel free to ask.


We've also got a physical map, so when you get to the right number of posts and population to claim (I think it's 20 posts and 20 million population), you can use that to select a plot which is similar to how you decribe your nation.

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Any particular religion Chairon is devout in, or just devout in general?


At the moment, Chiaron has a widely diversified religious population which tolerates the beliefs of others well. No major issues have evolved which have tested this openness, and hopefully it can stay that way. (Though I suspect that sooner or later that may change.)


Thank you for the note about the map, I did notice that. At the moment making posts isn't as easy as it looks since I am not much of a spammer and am still trying to get my feet wet and figure this all out. smile.gif I'll work on my participation level, and when my population has reached suitable levels I'll wave.


In the interim I a finding it greatly entertaining just stumbling through it all. smile.gif


And no... no Portuguese here... though I have it in mind to learn. smile.gif I do speak and write in Italian though, if anyone cares. heh. wink.gif

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