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The Dominion of Cohen-Thomas

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Queen Danielle, of the House of Cohen, married John Thomas at the Royal Palace in Portsmouth. Thomas, a commoner, rose to become the richest man in the Archipelago in which the Cohen Kingdom is sutuated. The other nations in the Archipelago depended on John Thomas' private Navy for protection and the enhansement of commerce.


The Queen's mother forbid her from marrying outside of the Royal Houses. The Queen and John Thomas defied the Queen Mother and married in a civil ceremony in New York. The Queen Mother died while they were away. Once Queen Danielle was officially crowned Queen, she announced an official marriage ceremony which would legitimize her marriage to John Thomas.


In recent days, Democracy has been introduced to the Dominion. An election of a House of Commons is to occur in two weeks time.

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Seeing a buddy take a hit from an IED kinda changes how the world works, at least from my perspective...thankfully many folks are thankful that they don't have to share that perspective, even if they don't really understand.


Anywho, welcome to the region. The Dominion of Cohen-Thomas will certainly compliment the very diverse and generally hip place that is Europa.

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