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Enter Manskia

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*In Character*


Greetings to the Nations of Europa,


I am President Risck uth Manski, leader of the Free Democratic Republic of Manskia. My people are eager to befriend and work together with the peoples of the Europa. We offer new markets for goods, a helping hand for our Brothers and Sisters in need, and our military support to defend these lands.


*Out of Character*


Greets'. The name's Michael and it's a pleasure. Not new to NationStates. I originally joined way back in 2002... when I was still in High School. Damn, I feel old. I just had my old nation restored and looking to get back into NS. Anyways, hope to get to know all of you in the coming days and weeks.


*In Character*


We hope that our arrival here will be welcomed with open arms and a warm mug of cider.



Risck uth Manski

President of the Manskian People

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Welcome Manskia. We hope you jump right into the RP sections, as you are welcome to do so. From your brief IC intro, you might find that my nation has similar proclivities to yours.


And don't worry about M-S... he's always barking orders!

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Thank you Rekamgil, I sort of assumed that... and I refuse to leave the obstacle course. I found a lovely little green patch that a mortar shell missed.


As for our similar attitudes, I hope that we can work out a few agreements of mutual cooperation between our nations in the near future. ^^


And to Yakana, "Dzien Dobry, jak si? masz?"


I refuse to count though. ohmy.gif


A quick side question, I have a rather interesting idea for a new department for the regional governent. Whom would I go speak to in regards to that? I assume Orioni?

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And to Yakana, "Dzien Dobry, jak si? masz?"

So thats how you spell "Jak sie masz" - Aye, they Polish I know is a bit diferent then common Polish... but never the less Polish. I just oh so wish I could know how to spell "fine thankyou" I'm not going to even attempt though. ^_^ I'd really screw it up.

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