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That video was amazing and I'm seriously very angry that few people on the street even KNOW about the MCA! Where is the righteous outrage or is that something Americans only have in movies? I'm putting my hope in the November elections that the U.S. will elect a Congress that will never consider things like the patriot Act and Military Commissions Act. This is all very scary for me. When will the nation realize that Ben Franklin was right; when they're being dragged from their homes for an "un-patriotic" thing they said on the telephone or online? Will we realize this act has killed liberty when we need to guard our own words like the people in Saddam's Iraq did? Or will we sit in denial forever even when some people simply start to disappear and innocent men rot in prisons without even knowing why?


I say if the terrorists are truly as bad as Bush is constantly screaming, then they will have no problem being convicted by a jury and properly sentenced. Then again I'm probably crazy, I'm sure the American government would never do anything unscrupulous; history shows us that. sad.gif

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History shows us the US (like Hitler) likes to fake attacks on itself to justify war and seem like the victim

I strongly disagree for if the american people believed in such a horrible act for a leader of a nation to attack that nation just for political and econmic gain then anarchy would run in the streets of america. Personally I believe that we must take a new step of political leadership in the vote of 2008. However, I feel that for a leader to attack his own nation would be against his own intrests and proestrous. But mark my words my friends if such an act is firmly found to truth, I would take action against the american govenment to free us from such slavery of deceit and lies. LONG LIVE HABEAS CORPUS.

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