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Aaron Russo



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Otro Video:


IRS comissioner evades THE question



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I wonder sometimes

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My grandfather has looked into this in the past and has found the same thing. There is no law saying that paying taxes is required in the United States. I once heard that the IRS has a base in Puerto Rico. I'm a bit curious as to who gets this money... The United States government or the Puerto Ricon government?


So... If you ever forget to pay you Taxes... Try to get a court session in the Supreme Court and quote them on what they have said...

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Letters? Nope, not one.


And it's not like I'm evading it. I'm a fricken Soldier.


And I'm kinda pissed at how my government spends the money anyway.


Huge chunk on defense, but VERY LITTLE is actually spent on things like the FBI and other similar agencies who are far better at hunting terrorists than cumbersome combat units that are designed for rapid, conventional warfare.


And while they say they spend the most on Social Services, there is little to show for it.

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"I don't mind paying taxes, they buy me civilization."

Oliver Wendell Holmes


Although generally I agree with this statement, I do hope that the taxes I pay are not wasted! I think most government's tend to waste some taxes but that's the nature of bureaucracy. As long as they are generally used conscientiously then I don't complain too much. I don't live in the US, but if I did I think I would be upset by what seems to be a vast misallocation of tax dollars over the past few years... Just wait until you buy a home and pay thousands in property taxes to municipal governments and then watch THEM piss it away at the local level... THAT can be frustrating. Still I like having roads and street lights and running water and festivals and all that crap we take for granted so... my schizophrenic rant will end here.

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I wouldn't have a problem with taxes, if they spent the damn money on things that actually help the majority of the people. I'd like to blame the national government for this, but after seeing the school district here waste millions given to them on sports stadiums and cosmetic renovations I can't only blame them. Now that district wants MORE money because there is a huge overcrowding problem. This problem started before they used up the money; it should have been adressed THEN.


The problem is we put too much power on government when at a local level the community can really get involved and decide where that money should go. School boards and the like should really just be saying, "this is what we really need, you guys cool with that?" On a national level, the media and watchdog groups should be b*tching the Congress and President out. Maybe some money should be spent finding out where some of this money disappears to... or would that disappear to?

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It CAN work (i.e. having people check into where the feds spend the money). Here in Canada we had an election last January in which the Liberals (who had been in power since 1993) lost to the Conservatives. The MAJOR issue was the "Sponsorship Scandal". This goes back to the referendum we had in 1995 as to whether or not Quebec would split off and become independent. The "Federalists" won that referendum 51%-49% and so Quebec stayed. The Liberal government of the time then decided to launch a major "pro-Canada" campaign in Quebec to make the possibility (which was very real back then and still lingers) of their splitting off less likely. So they contracted some ad companies to take this on, but it turns out a bunch of ad execs with friends in government got contracts for THEIR companies, and money ended up flowing back to the Liberal party itself etc. and it seems that this was all the work of a relatively few people, but it still caused enough anger to result in their loss last January. Anyway, the point is that this whole thing was uncovered by the Solicitor General (whose job it is to publicly report such things). Once reported, the Liberal government at that time (in 2002 we had a different Prime Minister) launched a formal inquiry (the Gomery Commission) who dug deep into all this and uncovered the dirty dealings etc. The lib govt promised to hold an election after the results were in (because in Canada the government can call an election anytime it wishes or if it looses a non-confidence motion in the house of commons; but it ha a maximum 5 year term of office), so they held the election and lost. Now we have a creepy cons. govt. My point is really that oversight CAN work... that is, it is possible to have a system wherein leaders are held accountable for what they do with people's money. Even if it means the more sensible governing party gets voted out (for the time being)... sorry I had to editorialize at the end there!

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I think the question here is not taxes in general, but the income tax in America. I get taxed ever time i fill up the gas, buy a pack of smokes, you know, it comes with living in a state. the question that we have here in America, is why the American people have never been shown the law the obligates them to pay "income" taxes. Lower Courts have put people in jail over this, but each time the put someone away, they can never shown them the law that dictates they give their labor to the state, and the IRS tax code book never defines what "income" is, so how do you know what income covers? the supreme court has ruled on this and the IRS said that the Supreme Court decision is "inapplicable" to the IRS. well, I always thought it was the last say if the Supreme Court said it but the IRS doesn't care. Supreme Court rulings have defined "income", they defined it as profits or gains, hardly what a fair exchange of labor gets you! Do you guys know much about the Federal reserve?


please watch the first video with Aaron Russo and a former IRS comissioner



yeah, Bush Jr squandered the wealth of this nation in six months went from greatest surplus to greatest deficit.

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