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The Start of a New Era

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The president had been exiled to Suverina and a new government had to be put in place. The president for the time being announced that the campaigns should start immediately and that the votings will take place in six months.


In the meanwhile political analysts have expressed their concerns towards vote buying in this years ellection. This is because in Italgria the law that abolished private fundings of parties by exterior nations, firms and individual perons was declared unnecesary and therefore discarted. Many firms have already indicated that they will fund parties that represent their views the best ways. Also some nations in Europa have indicated in funding some parties.




National democratic partie of Italgria (NPI)


The NPI is the successor to the Italgrian Empire Party and has been led by Igor Nacht since 1996. The NPI associates itself with the red-white-blue pattern of contemporary Italgria, but also identifies with the black-red-white color combination of the Italgrian Empire. Despite - or perhaps because of - its nationalist agenda, opponents regard the NPI as extremist; in an effort to marginalize the party's appeal, they often identify the NPD with the color brown, which represented Nazism in Italgrias past history. This years standing candidate is Massimo Belgario.


Christian Democratic Union (CDU)


The CDU has adherents among Roman Catholics, Protestants, rural interests, and members of all economic classes. It is mostly conservative on economic and social policy and more identified with the Roman Catholic, and to a lesser extent Protestant, churches than are the other major parties, although the party's emphasis on Christianity is markedly lower today than it was a few decades ago, and its programs are pragmatic rather than ideological. In 1990, it merged with the East Italgrian equivalent of the same name, the Christian Democratic Union of Italgria. This years runner-up will be Ferdinand Schifferle


Social Democratic Party of Italgria (SDP)


The Social Democratic Party of Italgria is the oldest political party of Italgria and also one of the oldest and largest in the world, celebrating its 140th anniversary in 2003. With more than 600,000 members it is the largest party in Italgria. Rooted in the workers' movement, it formerly was more explicitly socialist (and is still a member party of the Socialist International); more recently it has adopted a few tenets of neoliberalism while remaining committed to social democracy. This years candidate is Brigitte Stankovic.


Freedom Party of Italgria (FPI)


The FPI campaigns on a pronounced right-wing agenda, advocating strict asylum and immigration laws, as well as a repressive law and order approach to crime and drugs and a strong Italgrian Army. It opposes Italgrian membership in international organisations, but favors a laissez-faire economic policy, deregulation, tax cuts and a reduction of state spending.The party and its exponents are also noted for their aggressive rhetoric, at least compared to that of mainstream Italgrian parties. Candidate is Davide Moratti.


Italgria People's Party (IVP)


The is best known for opposing Italgrian membership in international organisations and for its campaigning against perceived flaws in the immigration, asylum and penal laws. The party is socially and fiscally conservative (although secular in outlook). It is in favour of traditional family values, tough penal laws, strict immigration limits, deregulation and reduced government spending (except for the areas of domestic security, the military and agricultural support). The IVP supports the Italgrian traditions of private gun ownership, armed neutrality and the national militia army and opposes most forms of international security cooperation. Candidate this year will be Alexander Huerlimann


Free Democratic Party (FDP)


The Free Democratic Party is a liberal political party in Italgria. The party's ideology combines some free-market economics and individual liberties with social features of the welfare state Italgria. The FDP has traditionally been composed mainly of middle-class and upper-class Protestants who consider themselves "independents" and heirs to the European liberal tradition. This years candidate is Conrad Reinhard


Ecological Democratic Party (?DP)


The Ecological Democratic Party is an environmentalist political party in Italgria. The ?DP combines issues which are not often found together: a focus on state financial support for families and childrearing, and a belief in the right to life (that is, opposition to abortion, euthanasia and the death penalty). The latter positions and the differences listed below ? have led some, including political scientist Massimo Bonera, to characterize the party as "conservative," but the party feels that all these positions are a consistent response to injustice. The candidate for this partie is Gianluigi Perrotta.


The Anarchistic Pogo Party of Italgria (APPI)


The Anarchistic Pogo Party of Italgria is the self-declared party of the mob and "social parasites". It was created in 1981 by two punks in Bellaria and took part in the 1998 election to the parliament with the promise to pay the voters with free beer. Its aims are:


* Right for unemployment with full salary

* Youth pension instead of retirement pension

* Cancellation of compulsory education

* Creation of centers for physical love

* Abolition of police

* Legalization of all drugs

* Cancellation of the right to demonstrate WITH announcement

* Total Restupidification and Balkanisation of Italgria


They will take part of the elections this year for the seocnd time in their history and their candidate will be Ricardo Stankovic.

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INN Newstime


user posted image


CDU reigstering lowest support since 1950


Today a study conducted by FORSA revealed that because of the conflict with Italgrian ex-president, the CDU has lost most of its support from the people of Italgria.


"It was no wonder the CDU would loose some voters due to the sex scandal in the government but nobody expected the consequences to be that extreme." Says noted political expert Albert Schweizer.


In fact, the percentage that the CDU would achieve if the voting's were to start tomorrow lies at 7%


This are the following results gathered by FORSA:


NPI - 3%

CDU - 7%

SDP - 25%

FPI - 9%

IVP - 2%

FDP - 22%

?DP - 2%

APPI - 1%



Those 27% will probably make up their minds in the next six months since voting in Italgria is compulsory.


OOC: The six months will be one month real life time.

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To: The Free Democratic Party

From: The Free City of Miiros ( Representing a loose confederation of the Citizen's Rights Coalition, Libertarian Party, and some corporate interests)

Re: Election Support


In Miiros, we feel that the Free Democratic Party enshines the key values of liberty more than any other organization in Italgria. While we feel you could go farther in extending the free market and civil liberties, we commend you for wishing to extend both without restricting the other. You have the moral support of the Free City behind you and we are willing to donate to your cause an initial sum of D$12 million. We wish you the best of luck in the election.

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TO: Suverina

FROM: The Social Democratic Party of Italgria

RE: Support


We would like to accept your official support towards our patie and would like to know in which way your country is thinking to support our partie.


TO: Miiros

FROM: The Free Democratic Party

RE1: Election Support


We gladly accept your offer of help. We are happy to know that other nations in Europa also feel the way our partie does. We are also very happy that a great nation as yours funds us since our resources are very limited.

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TO: Ecological Democratic Party of Italgria

FROM: General Council, the Northern Alliance of the Mongol-Swedes

SUBJECT: Solidarity


The EDP's reputation as eco-friendly, pro-life citizens has been well read in the Tribelands. In the old days of the Confederacy, the Mongol-Swede people were renowned as the best environmentalists in Europa, before a war-hungry Tribal Tribunal took power and squandered the precious lives of our people, and tainted the Tribelands with its grotesque weaponry.


We applaud your dedication to the ideals of sacred life and sacred ecology, and would be willing to offer your party considerable support, if you accept, in terms of a reasonable degree of financial and organizational assistance, and region-wide political advertising at no cost to your Party members. We are also interested in establishing a long-term relationship with the Party after the elections to enrich our combined understanding of the environments around us, and to share the revolutionary research that the Tribes has conducted, which led to the complete transformation of the former USTE's power grid into an eco-friendly system, which continues to perform cleanly and efficiently to this day.

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---- Voice of the Republic ----


Elections in Italgria


In the upcoming elections in our allied neighboring nation Italgria, the polls show a victory of the social-democratic SDP and the liberal FDP. Together both hold a little less than 50%. Political observers from Tamurin expect that with this outcome Italgria would see a center-left-government.


Although the ideals of social democracy and liberalism are difficult to merge, the political reality is a little different. Social-liberal governments have been around for decades and most of them worked stable and efficient. The fact that these kind of coalitions divide the opposition into fractions instead of one unified block, is very helpful as well. In Italgria, the opposition would be divided into a right-wing block, an ecological center block and a far-left-communist block.


The government of Tamurin has issued a general statement in which it wishes good luck to all democratic parties. Until now, no preference was highlighted.

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INN Newstime


user posted image


The Free Democratic Party of Italgria starts campaign in middle-class town Acassuso


Today the Free Democratic Party of Italgria which is being supported by the Free City of Miiros started its campaign in the mostly middle-class town Acassuso, just on the outside of Bellaria, in the lead of Conrad Reinhard.


Here is a video extract from his beginning speech:


Fellow citizens of Italgria,


Today a great day for Italgria will start, it is the day in which the free democratic party will with help of the the Free City of Miiros and you, the people of Acassuso are bringing us in power. Together, against a weak opposition we will be moving towards free-market, which is the future! We will create a nation which fits in as the perfect example of the WTO standards. As a wise men once said: ?I have a dream?? We the Free Democratic Party of Italgria have a dream. It is the dream to set our Civil Rights and Political Freedoms at the level of the World Benchmark.


And now I will leave you with Angela Dolling.


Thank you very much.


This speech was followed by an amazing speech by Angela Dolling.


This was Andrease M?ller for INN.




TO: General Council, the Northern Alliance of the Mongol-Swedes

FROM: Ecological Democratic Party of Italgria


We thank you for your offer and are delighted to see a nation as yours supporting our aims.


We are also very pleased and interested in your idea of a long-term relationship and would like to know how your nation was thinking of establishing this.

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TO: Ecological Democratic Party of Italgria

FROM: The General Council of the Northern Alliance


The governing bodies of the allied tribes of this Council are interested in offering our resources to aid your party in developing proposals which you can use in your nation's policy-making that will help to establish, improve, and efficiently maintain an effective environmental resource conservation program that is friendly to private business and will also exceed the average global standards for protection of the world's broad variety of environments.

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To: All political parties of Italgria.

From: Nea Sverige Prime Minister Carl von Holsten.


Our government wishes to express our hope that the Italgrian election will conclude peacefully and properly, in line with democratic principles. Whilst our constitution prevents me from making our allegiances known until after the election, and prohibits our involvement in the election, it is within my power to express confidence that the government that will be chosen will be amenable to my government's current political stance, and will be constructive in its dealings with us.


We wish all parties the very best of luck on polling day.




Carl von Holsten.


OOC: government alignment = centre-right biggrin.gif

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To: the Social Democratic Party of Italgria

From: the Imperial Government of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Aid?


Honoured socialist brothers,


The Imperial Government of Tagmatium is interested in helping you out in this upcoming election in Italgria. We wonder what sort of aid we can send, if you feel that it is appropriate.


Although the law against vote-buying by exterior nations, firms and individual persons was declared unnecessary and therefore discarded, Tagmatium still feels that it would be best for your party and our nation that the Imperial Government?s involvement was kept unwraps, so to speak.


Therefore, if you wish to get into contact with us, we can arrange a third-party who will act as a relay between us, as well as providing a front for moving any cash to you.

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To: the Imperial Government of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

From: the Social Democratic Party of Italgria


We appreciate your offer of aid and would be delighted to receive aid from a third party for our television and newspaper campaing. Please contact Jessica D'Angelo to sort out the details.




INN Newstime


user posted image


The National democratic partie of Italgria is one of the less funded which is participating in this years elections. However due to the increased youth Crime in Italgria in the last months it is no wonder that the NPI automatically registered a new high last Monday. Many teenagers are just left alone by the government with barely or no support. They live in the slums of Italgria with no money and are angry at the actual government. The increased number of Teenagers in the slums can be tracked down to the many conflicts around Italgria. Many people are seeking Italgria as a second home, to escape the bad conditions they live in. Due to the assylum laws nearly anybody willing to take a low-payed job is allowed to stay in Italgria. Also everyone which has a permit to work and to live in Italgria automatically has all the priviliges an Italgrian would have. This means that even the foreigners have a vote in this years elections!

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To: All political parties of Italgria, except the silly pogo-stick one.

From: Carla Sonnenfeld, Hanemarian Minister for International Affairs

Subject: Upcoming elections


Emperor Condain and the Government of Hanemar hope and believe that the Italgrian elections will be carried out fairly, that the campaigning by the parties is honest and clean, and that the will of the Italgrian will be faithfully carried out by the victorious party.


It is regrettable that none of the major parties has mentioned anything of an expanded scientific programme, but perhaps this is just as well. Hanemar is an interested observer, but a neutral one; we will neither endorse nor condemn any of the candidates.

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