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Definitions of PIRILAO


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Definitions of PIRILAO


However well, among others things Mr.. "PIRILAO" has the

following definitions:


- he is not Christ but... it revives!

- it is not bat but... to enter in grottos it is with it!

- it is not accordion but... it strains and it shrinks!

- he is not old but... he is full of wrinkles!

- he is not baby but... it is dribbled!

- he is not submarine but... it submerges!

- it is not tree of Christmas but... it has balls!

- it is not an icecream but... it is become lean!

- it is not welded but... front and for backwards attacks p'la!

- he is not attractive but... it has who finds it very interesting!

- he is not analgesic but... it serves as sedative!

- it is not cow but... it gives milk!

- it is not orchestra but... it has maracas and flute!

- he is not fireman but... it obtains to erase the "fire"!

- it does not think but... it has head! - - it does not belong to no

club but... it is "member"!


MY FRIENDS THE LIFE IS A DREAM biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifyes.gif



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