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Orioni Away?

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Right, it's 2006, ain't it?


Uh, I found the game back in December 2004, and registered on this forum in early January 2005. This up coming December, I'd have been playing for two years.


Orioni has been delegate (as Orioni2) for 672 days, and I think as Orioni for 100 days.


My maths is absolutely appalling, by the way.

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Overall Orioni has been an effective leader, and has also done well to maintain an overall low profile on the forum as a whole, i.e. not trying to put her stamp on every single proceeding. There are other members of this forum, i.e. the Mods, who have also fufilled their responsibilities beyond the average standard.

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All hail the almighty O'!


The almighty O' is a source of knowledge and great ideas!


Without the almighty(Well some credit for the senators and recruiters too I guess) Europa would quickly decline and fall into the shadows!



Suv too much free time again? tongue.gif


Actually I was also wondering where Orioni is since she is not posting or showing a sign of life (atleast when I am online I do not see her)

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