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Greetings to You, Nations of Europa

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On behalf of the Senate of Europa (as well as the Army), let me welcome you to the forums of Europa. I recommend checking out the roleplay sections of the forums and checking out the Beginner's Section if you're unfamiliar with the general flow of things. Otherwise, feel free to check in on the OOC sections and jump right in. Everyone'll be happy to help you out, and I guarantee you'll enjoy the experience.


We also have upcoming elections for the next Senator terms and are currently accepting annoucements of candidacy. Europa is always looking for fresh ideas to improve the region.


Like what you see in Europa? Perhaps you may consider joining the Europan Army. We are an outfit that trains regularly and is tasked with the active defense of Europa and its allies from foreign aggression and enemy espianoge. Enlisted and officer slots are open.


Again, welcome to the region.

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Welcome. We are glad you are here. Please stick around and join in the role-play section... you can jump in feet first or you can ask some of the longer-term members for some advice and guidance. Feel free to PM anyone with a Blue or Red name... they know what they are doing (of course, so do many others, but you can be assured that those folks have been around the block!). Have fun!

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