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Stilistran Military Wares!

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Caliber: 6.2x55mm

Action: Gas-operated tilting bolt

Overall Length: 1210cm

Weight: 4.6kg

Magazine: 25 round box or 100 round drum


Imperial Military Industries (IMI) has released the fifth rifle in its series. The IMI-5 incorporates the best qualities of the M16, AK47 and LA85. It's large 6.2mm round accurate to 600m and capable of piercing body armor within 300m. The simplicity and ruggedness of it's internal design gives the IMI-5 reliability that rivals the famous AK47. The IMI is a select fire weapon made from stamped steel.





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Caliber: 5.56v45mm

Action: Gas-operated tilting bolt

Overall Length: 85cm

Weight: 3.2kg

Magazine: 20 round box or 50 round drum


The IMI-Para is an off-shoot of the IMI-5. It retains the great qualities of the IMI-5, but is shortened and made of lighter materials. It's compact design and light-weight make it an excellent weapon for paratroopers. It fires semi-auto, 2round bursts, or fully automatic at 700rounds/minute. It can be fitted with a screw-on flash hider and a detatchable scope.

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Caliber: .45ACP

Action: Double

Overall Length: 20.3cm

Weight: 1070g

Magazine: 11 round clip


The IMI-P7 is a delayed blowback operated, semi-automatic pistol. It featured Savage-type, rotating, but not reciprocating, barrel, which has two lugs: one under the chambers is engaged in the frame and allows to the barrel to rotate byt not to move back or forward. The other lug, on the upper surface of the barrel, is engaged in the curved-shaped notch inside the slide. When pistol is fired, the barrel inertia and the bullet torque acted against the blowback force of the slide via the slope-shaped part of the notch. When bullet leaves the barrel, the slide rotates barrel and retracts to cycle the action. IMI-P7 has a frame mounted safety, on the left side of the frame, and also internal magazine safety, which does not allow the gun to be fired with magazine removed.


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IMI-PG (Crossbow)


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Caliber: 67 mm

Type: recoilless launch

Overall length: 850 mm

Weight: 6.3 kg

Effective range: up to 300 m

Armor penetration: 300 mm


The IMI-PG grenade launcher was developed as a short-range anti-tank weapon for individual infantrymen. The Crossbow is particularly suitable for urban combat, as it permits fire from confined space, and safe zone behind weapon is just about one meter.


The IMI-PG grenade launcher fires shaped-charge HEAT grenade, which is stabilized in flight by folding fins. The entire launcher is disposable, with fiberglass-made barrel. Firing is using Davis type recoil-less system, using countermass comprising of polymer flakes. To suppress flash and blast of the launch, the propellant charge is located in the barrel between two pistons or wads, front and rear. When propellant is ignited, front piston pushes the grenade forward, and rear piston pushes the countermass rearward. Both pistons are then securely jammed at each end of the barrel, capturing hot propellant gases within the barrel. immediately after the discharge the barrel is hot, but it provides no blast or burn danger, and can be safely discarded. The firing system uses pieso-electric trigger. Folding pistol grip also serves as a safety, blocking the trigger system when folded forward.



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Caliber: 7.62x65mm

Action: Gas

Length: 101cm

Weight: 5.9kg

Magazine: 10 round box


The IMI-SN is a 'sniperized' version of the IMI-Para. It has a longer, heavier barrel to increase accuracy. The powerful 7.62mm round is capable of piercing most armor and has an effective range of 850m. It comes with a standard 30x scope and a laser range-finder. It only has one setting (semi-automatic) and is maufactured from stamped steel and plastics.

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IMI developed it's fast attack vehicle to fill that role in the Stilistran Army's amoured divisions. It is only 1.35m wide and 2.2m long. It's engine is located in the rear and provides four-wheel drive. New innovations have made the FAV able to acheive 60mph in under 5 seconds, and a maximum speed of 100mph. The FAV is much quiet than other vehicles with it's class engine, thanks to a complicated muffler system. A .50 caliber heavy MG is mounted above and behind the driver/passanger compartment, giving the gunner a better vantage. The storage compatrment can hold 10, 200 round boxes of ammunition (2000 rounds), and an extra 10 gallons of gasoline. The FAV can also house a TOW missile system, and an additional 4 round of that munition. Group assaults with the IMI-FAV can decimate soft targets as inflict serious damage upon heavier enemies in a short amount of time.

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Combat Weight: 13,600 kg

Max Road Speed: 65 km/h

Power to Weight Ratio: 23.5 hp/ton

Length: 5.4 m

Height: 2.59 m

Armament: 7.62mm hvy MG, .30cal minigun, AT-3 ATGM, AIM-10 SAM

Crew: 2

Troops: 13

Hull Thickness: 24mm

Road Range: 450 km

Max Speed Water: 10 km/hr

Paved Road: 80 km/hr

Fording: Amphibious

Vertical Obstacle: .6 m

Trench: 2.2 m

Climb Slope: 34 degrees


The IFV-21 is the main troop-transport for the Stilistran land forces. It is an amphibious craft with two crewmen and carries a maximum of 13 soldiers. It is typically armed with a 7.62mm MG, but can also house a 30mm minigun, and Anti-tank RPG or an AIM-10. The IFV-21 is exceptionally resistant to anti-tank rounds as it's armor is lined with depleted uranium. Depleted uranium has density two and a half times greater than steel and provides high penetration resistance characteristics.

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Weight: 26.5 tons

Max Road Speed: 70km/h

Length: 6.8m

Width: 3.2m

Height: 2.5m

Armament: 20mm automatic cannon, 7.62mm coaxial MG, 2 AIM 79 SAM

Crew: 2 + 10

Hull Thickness 35mm

Road Range 400 km

Max Speed Water: 7 km/hr

Paved Road: 80 km/hr

Fording: Amphibious

Vertical Obstacle: .4 m

Trench: 3.0 m

Climb Slope: 44 degrees


The T-89 has been designed to fill the role of medium attack vehicle in the Stilistran land forces. It is an amphibious craft with two crewmen and carries a maximum of 10 soldiers in the rear. It's 20mm auto-cannon is hard wired to a thermal tracking comuter, which allows it to track, target and fire upon any significant heat signature, including slow moving helicopters. It has a coaxial 7.62mm MG which can turn 360 degrees independantly from the turret, allowing the gunner to engage targets in any direction. It also has dual SAM launchers atop the turret, allowing it to engage and destroy low-flying aircraft.

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Weight: 48,000kg

Length: 9.5m

Width: 3.6m

Height: 2.2m

Speed: 70 km/h -Max speed

Road Range: 450-700 km

Main Gun: 125mm cannon

Ammunition: HE, HEAT and HVAPDS (FS) fin-stabilized projectiles

Combat set: 42 rounds

Coaxial Machine Gun: 7.62mm

Commander's Machine Gun: 12.7mm

Crew: 3


The M-84 tank is a Stilistran-built version of the Soviet T-72. Though lacking many of the modern features used by Western tanks, it has sophisticated fire control and communications equipment and vehicle optics. The tank features two banks of smoke dischargers mounted on the turret front, seven on the left and five on the right, and a distinctive meteorology mast containing sensors fitted on the forward part of the turret. A powerful 1000 hp diesel engine gives greater acceleration, higher road speed and improved power-to-weight ratio. Ballistic protection is achieved by a low profile of optimum shaping and a multi-layer "sandwich" armour with equivalent penetration resistance exceeding 600 mm. M-84 tank is capable of fording water obstacles 1.8m deep and, in underwater drive, up to 5 m deep.

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Length: 3.1m

Width: 2.5m

Height: 2..1m

Weight: 21,000kg

Crew: 4 men

Main armament gun: from 125mm

Secondary armament: 2, 7.62mm machine-guns

Road Range: 425km

Motor: supercharged diesel (620hp)

Traction: 8 x 8


The T77 tank destroyer was designed to carry out tactical reconnaissance and territorial defence tasks. The main mission of the T77 heavy armored car is the protection of lighter vehicles and units of the Cavalry. It is not a reconnaissance vehicle, but a tank destroyer/wheeled tank. The cavalry unit is equipped with this vehicle which is fitted with a 125 mm high-pressure gyrostabilised gun and associated automated fire control system. It has high road mobility, a good power to weight ratio, a long range and good cross-country mobility. The T77 carries a fully armed and equipped crew of 2 to 4 men, which makes it extremely flexible to use, especially in peacekeeping operations. Vehicles in the T77 family have a basic protection guaranteed to withstand 14.5 mm bullets (25 mm on the front section). This can be increased to 30 mm by bolting on additional protection.



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OOC: Ive just seen. I already sell what you call the IMI-SN and the IMI-5. If you want to sell these. Dont just post that you sell them, do it propely, and do it the way a real arm seller would. Buy the sellig rights from Vickers first.

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OOC: What is this, the MPAA?! I know that many gun companies sell their own version of the 1911, did they have to buy rights for that? Can't foreign companies get their hands on one and copy/modify designs then start manufacturing their own. With perhaps better or worse quality. Adapton copyright and patent laws don't have jurisdiction in Stilistra.


Just wondering if having to buy sell rights is realistic with the circumstances being companies from two different nations. I know China steals a lot of America's technology.

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Primary Function: Heavy bomber

Power Plant: 8 TF33-P-3/103 turbofan

Thrust: Each engine up to 17,000 pounds (7,650 kilograms)

Length: 159 feet, 4 inches (48.5 meters)

Height: 40 feet, 8 inches (12.4 meters)

Wingspan: 185 feet (56.4 meters)

Speed: 650 miles per hour (Mach 0.86)

Ceiling: 50,000 feet (15,151.5 meters)

Weight: Approximately 185,000 pounds empty (83,250 kilograms)

Maximum Takeoff Weight: 488,000 pounds (219,600 kilograms)

Range: Unrefueled 8,800 miles (7,652 nautical miles)

Armament: Approximately 70,000 pounds (31,500 kilograms) mixed ordnance -- bombs, mines and missiles.

Crew: Five (aircraft commander, pilot, radar navigator, navigator and electronic warfare officer)



The B50 is the largest of all bombers, and aircraft, in the Stilistran Air Force. It can carry slightly over 70,000 pounds of mixed ordnance. Due to it's large cost and being small number, B50's are used only in high priority roles in which maximum damage is needed to be delivered in short amounts of time.

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M101 'BattleMaster'

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The most modern tank in Stilistran forces. Created in a joint program by Stilistran and Confederation arms designers, the M101 carries many of the innovations of Confederate tanks. It has a more powerful engine, ballistics computer, laser rangefinder integrated with stabilized sights, sensors and gun stabilization provides firepower and mobility, the tank has a new chassis and fire control system. The 105mm gun fire APFSDS-T, HEAT-T, HESH, and HE rounds.


Crew Size: 4

Combat Weight: 38,000kg

Length (hull): 6.325m

Length (gun forward): 9.328m

Width (over skirts): 3.372m

Height (with AA MG): 2.874m

Height (to turret roof): 2.29m

Max Road Speed: 60kmh

Max Road Range: 430km


1 x 105mm gun

1 x 7.62mm machine gun

1 x 12.7mm machine gun (AA)

Powerplant: V-12 diesel, 730 hp

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