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Red Flag (A few words for the future)

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Exactly... people are too concerned about belonging to the ideological group x, but they don't act to fulfill the plans and ideals of it. People are too worried about their means but forget about their goals. See the situation here in Europa right now; "I'm more socialist than you", "My blood is reder than yours", and the like.

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To Adaptus...no, it really isn't. I'm not really into spewing out bloody details...they don't work anyways, people are conditioned to be insensitive to violent images since birth.


And, Suv, if it's all the same to you, I'd rather not have those kind of people in our world to call them such names. Unless you love that sort of conflict.


And as far as I know, my blood is pretty much blue, somewhat black, if you wanna go metaphorical with my perference for a future of anarchy.

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