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Dearest allies,

With the rogue state of Suverina's actions, there has been much turmoil in the West and Miiros feels that the EOS needs to have a unified opinion on the matter. Emakera has called for a discussion, so let us discuss.

  1. Firstly, Miiros has joined with Akiiryu in classifying Suverina as a rogue state and ceased relations with them. We suggest the EOS to emulate this position, but we will not bear ill will towards any Oriental State that declines to do so. Since they Suverinians have refused to apologize for sinking a civilian craft of the Free City, their assets here are being siezed to provide reparations.
  2. Secondly, Suverina has said it will remove the Raga Sea minefield in 72 hours. This is good. However, given the unpredictable nature of rogue governments, if they do not do this Miiros will do it for them. In the event the try to block our Armada from clearing internation waters (not territorial waters) we must be prepared to show them the consequences for attacking a member of the EOS, especially one that is on a mission for the greater wellbeing of Europa.
  3. Thirdly, we feel that Tamurin's wishes to block trade to the entire Western Europan region is antagonizing the nations there uneededly. If we simply bar shipping to the Raga Sea, where the mines were laid then only Suverina, Cegerth, Salvinoria, and some port in Nevareion will be affected.
  4. Finally, we wish the EOS to stay uninvolved in the AdSoc situation. It is not an eastern issue and Tagmatium and Akiiryu, along with the other Western Powers should decide how to deal with it.

As an aside, there are roughly two million barrels of crude oil spilled into the Raga Sea. It needs to be adressed as soon as access to the sea reopens.

That is Miiros' opinion on the matters at hand, where does the rest of the EOS stand?

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Emakera would like to thank you for accepting our proposal of engaging in these talks.

While we are sad by the sinking of the Miirosi ship by Suverinise mines, placed in international sea, we would have to ask what makes a nation rogue or sovereign, if there are standards for rogue and real nation or it's decided by one's government. Until our government has no information about this, we won't label any nation in such a way. We had casualities in Tamurin, made by Tamurinese inhabitants, and we haven't labeled them a rogue nation. The situation is different, but Emakera uses one weight and one measure.


While this is kept in mind, Emakera would support the removal of the mines, and we would make sure the Miirosi minesweepers made it to there and back to the Free City, by sending ships as escorts for such a task, and ready for heavy retaliation in case of an attack.


About the Tamurinese action, we would agree with Miiros; but as the laying old man once said, "when you don't want something, everything is a good excuse". If Tamurin and the EOS stop trade with the whole northwest, the nations based on there protest. If we stop naval trade there, the nations on there still protest. If we only stop naval activities on the Raga, the Raga nations protest and the northwestern still protest. And if we keep our activities, they protest for our lack of action. So we have to agree with Tamurin, since the ships, the profit and the sailors are all theirs. Emakera will still continue trade with the northwest, while not making commerce in the Raga.


Regarding the AdSoc situation, we should intervene as well, for Emakera does not trust the northwestern nations, who seem only to get a piece of the spoils and installing a ruler who is favourable to them. We need to join the invasion to ensure that minimum damage will happen, if possible, together with Akiiryu, Tagmatium, and Vocenae forces. I have asked the Sublime Principate about this, and we have not yet been answered.



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Dear friends,


we are opposed to call Suverina a rogue state and end all relations to them. EOS is neutral in this conflict and we should keep up relations to both sides. However, we understand that Miiros terminates all relations and seizes all suverinan assets within Miirosi borders. We hope that Miiros understands that we maintain relations with Suverina and offer ourselves as mediators.


EOS should remain neutral in the AdSoc-crisis. This is a local matter and doesn't concern us very much.


Tamurin didn't want to block the whole North-West, we only wanted to block the Raga Sea to ensure the safety of our ships and sailors. If the mines are not cleared within 72 hours, all EOS should stop sailing into that area, as Tamurin is already.

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Dear friends,


We recognize that Suverina has acted wrongly by "insulting" various nations in Europa during this conflict.


Our nation as an old ally of Suverina refuses, like Tamurin, to call Suverina a rogue state and will not stop any relations with them.


Sure it was wrong from Suverina to put up a minefield in international waters. This is something that cannot be excused, since it gives other nations the feeling that Suverina things it is the rule of the seas in his area.


But what was his cause? Please nations of EOS think about that. He wanted the AdSoc conflict to be ended peacefully and is that not what EOS stands for? To solve conflicts peacefully?


Miiros we know that you must be outraged by the loss of Miirosi lifes due to the minefield set up to Suverina and that he insulted you. But he did appologize and removed the minefield.


We propose that Miiros and Suverina solve this conflict between each other, instead of dragging entire EOS into this, since the loss of life was not intentional was it?


We understand if Miiros will limit its trade with Suverina but we repeat Italgria will not stop any relations with Suverina.


Please dont be offended by this but Italgria and Suverina are old and long allies and most of our trade is done with Suverina.


With the AdSoc we propose to EOS leave out of this. Let the "big" Western nations solve it their way.

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The Suverinian apology was a joke issued only after mocking and blaming Miirosi nationals for the event. Maybe the consequences of their actions began to weigh on them, but the apology was too little and too late to avoid doing irreparable damage to Suverinian-Miirosi relations. Suverina has done more to Miiros than mine waterways, they openly meddled in our internal political affairs and frankly the general consensus on the streets of Miiros is that Suverina hates the culture and people of Miiros. Had a socialist state hit that mine they would have apologized immediately...


We respect other EOS nation's right to continue relations with Suverina and we will hold no ill will towards them for doing so, but for now, Miiros will not negotiate with what we feel is a rogue state.

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That is your right and we understand that. Miiros and the families of the murdered seamen have the sympathies of the people and the government of Tamurin.


We think it is important to hold a door open for a future dialogue. We hope you can understand that as well.

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