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Paranoid Schizos march into plot 67

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At 01:00 hrs this morning, the military might of The Armed Republic of Paranoid Schizos was mobilized and ordered into plot 67.

The reason for this is National Security.

24 hour Combat Air Patrols are in operation backed up by Airborne Early Warning Systems.

The 3rd Carrier Battle Group has put to sea and established a total exclusion zone extending 5 miles from the coast of plot 67, which will be merged with our great country.


1st and 4th Shock Army and the 54th Airmobile Brigade have struck deep into the territory, encountering little resistance.


The indigenous population are wary, but welcoming.


A 'hearts and minds' campaign is underway and a promise to modernise and harmonise this new area of Paranoid Schizos has been pledged.


A total reporting blackout is in force and will be reviewed daily.


All other nations are urged to allow us to go about our business with no interference. Our forces will not fire until fired upon.


So far the plan has gone well with only a handful of casualties experienced within the Task Force.




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Orioni wonders why these paranoid schizos don't follow their river upstream instead of heading for that inhospitable wildernis. Maybe they really are paranoid schizos? Let's keep an eye on this and see how it develops.. ninja.gif

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In deference to our erstwhile neighbour and in the interests of harmonious relations, the following statement has been released:


"For several months, the area previously known as plot 67 has been identified as the jumping off point for several atrocities that have been committed on the citizens of Paranoid Schizos.

It was decided by the President to eliminate this problem once and for all and at the same time provide more living space for those citizens.

A total of 4 terrorist bases were identified, placed under surveillance and last night, destroyed. We have several prisoners who are currently providing us with information.

Our forces suffered 27 dead and 44 wounded, 15 of the dead being as a result of a midair collision between a troop transport and an air superiority fighter.

The operation has been a complete success and we assure the Byzantines and all other legitimate Governments that they have nothing to fear.

Our forces are laagered but are still combat ready."

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Official annoucement by the office of the president of Tamurin:


The president of Tamurin wishes to congratulate the armed forces of Paranoid Schizos for the swift and fast operation in zone 67. Tamurin hopes that the great nation of Paranoid Schizos will now live free and without fear.


However, the very fast and surprising action did cause some concern here. The president would like to suggest that all nations of Europa inform the leaders of the other nations before they start such a huge military operation. This would make sure that nobody would make a wrong assessment of the situation.

The president understands that military operations can't be announced officially, but at least the leaders of the surrounding nations should know about something like that.


Our condolences go to the families of the brave soldiers who died in this campaign.

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The President thanks the Byzantine and Tamurin government for thier kind words.

The reporting ban has been lifted as has the no-fly zone. However the exclusion zone remains in force as we are building harbours and using sea borne transports for the re-building programme which is already underway.


It is not feasible or likely that any country will telegraph military intentions. The Paranoid Schizo government hopes the great Tamurin people understand this.


There has been a car bomb detonated in the city of Pompey, killing 3 civilians and a car carrying more exposives was stopped and the occupants killed in a firefight with our soldiers, on it's way to Landewi Breffi. These are isolated incidents and related to our recent action.


As the re-building programme gathers pace and our troops begin their withdrawl, we firmly believe these fanatical attacks will stop.


It is now safe for foreign observers to enter the new land and witness for themselves the improvements and honourable way our forces are conducting themselves. Invitations are hereby extended to the U.N. and our Great neighbour, the Byzantines, to join us in the field.


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Innformal Message of Argenian Government


The Prime Minister sends his condolences to the families of this heroics soldiers and offers the 25th and 26th Tacticals Bombers Squadrons of the A.A.F. (Argenian Air Force) to take part of the conflict and help to the Paranoid Schizos's Army.

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It is an honour to have such a renowned and heroic division as 'The Fighting 3rd' working alongside us. Hopefully it will be a short detachment, but rest assured, a popular one for your troops. They will be made very welcome and with your permission, will be posted to the Southern sector to protect the 79th Engineering Regiment, who have commenced a road and rail building project. This will enable soldiers of the 54th Airmobile division to rotate back to their bases after being involved in counter-insurgency operations.


As the need for concerted air strikes has diminished, we gratefully thank the Argenland Government for their offer of 2 such elite squadrons, but decline. However, as you were willing to commit forces to us in our hour of need, we hope this cements a friendship between our nations.

The President does not forget his friends and allies.

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Message to the president of Paranoid Schizo


I understand your position that you can't risk the secrecy of your military operations by informing others.


I trust your leadership and I am sure that you will successfully deal with the problems your nation is facing.


However, if you had informed me before this campaign, Tamurin would've had the possibility to support you, back you up. Tamurin does not have such battle hardened units like the Byzantine government, but for "low-profile-missions" we could have supported you, so you would have more troops to carry out "high-profile-missions".


I hope that your campaign will end soon and succesfull and that the rebuilding process will create a new and stable neighbour for you.


If you need any assistance in rebuilding an independent police force, the Republic of Tamurin will be honoured to help.

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The President is pleased to announce an official end to all hostilities in our newly liberated lands.


The exclusion zone has been lifted and the rebuilding programme is going ahead virtually unmolested.


There have been instances of terrorist attacks against civilian and military targets, but casualties are few and those responsible have been hunted down and dealt with.


We formally thank those that have offered assisstance and assure you that such aid will be reciprocated.

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