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Info on the Maori Directorate

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OOC! Hey everyone,

I've had a few comments about the Maori Directorate. My plan is to develop it into a minor nemesis to the KBI, and work its leader into a kind of Europan "Chavez" (Venezula). So, if anyone wants to "use" the Directorate and its leader, feel free, with the following caveats:

1) He'd be antagonistic towards the EOS in general and the KBI in specific, but would not (at this point) face them directly.

2) He'd (and any minions) would be bombastic, aka the "old school" soviet bluster, or the "new school" Chavez bluster towards the US (aka all talk, no action, along with communist-style threats)

3) I'm not playing the directorate as a separate nation, only an "annoyance". As such, I'm not making a dedicated newsline for it, only notices through my HBS news site.

If anyone wishes to add the Directorate as color (i.e. "official" visits, "trade missions", ect), wishes to add a sound bite against the KBI, or background color (speeches brandishing a rifle, banging a table at a meeting with a shoe), please do so. (Please, no godmodding or any other craziness - he's only be a politician, and a smack talker at that!)





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