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EOS Military Specializations

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As I was being bored at meeting today, so I revisited the military aspect of the EOS. Past the military ratings, what does your military do? Some nations would do certain things better than others, and no nation does everything well (I believe). As such, I'm proposing an expansion of Orioni's initial description of the militaries. The original measurement was a rating of 1/2/3, with three being the best service, and one being the "weakest link". I offer that there are additional aspects to this.


More on this, your best area is rated as a three, therefore name three things it does well; average has two, so you'd name two things, and the weakest would name one thing.


Soooo... just to be a bit more of a wonk, what does your military do well? I'll put the KBI below, but here are a few suggestions for areas:


Armor (army)

Infantry (army)

Maritime Assaults (army/marines)

Artillery (army/marines)

Intelligence gathering (any)

Search and Rescue (any)

Close Air Support (any)

Submarine Operations (navy)

Anti-Submarine Ops (navy)

Mountain Forces (army)

Arctic Operations (army)

Artillery / Missile Systems (army)

Interceptor Forces (any)

Space Forces (define a specialty) (any)

Blue Water Navy (force projection) (navy)

Jungle operations (army/marines)

Littoral operations (navy)


This isn't meant to be a comprehensive list, but just a starter. Also, this thread is RIPE for godmodding (as previous individuals have tried this in the past). PLEASE be reasonable with your explanation (i.e. a tropical nation wouldn't have arctic troops without a REALLY good explanation). If there are any further questions, I'm sure that everyone else will provide inputs! wink.gif

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Military services of the Kingdom of the Bainbridge Islands:


Royal Islander Navy

Maritime Assault Forces

The martial tradition of the islands has a long tradition of beach landings, assaults on fortified positions, and boarding operations. As such, the marine branch of the Royal Islander Navy has extensive training and experience in this aspect of combat, with sub-specializations in each category. (Part of the Nautical Defense Forces)


Submarine Forces (Conventional)

Like the sharks of legend, the submarine force also strikes swiftly and silently. With the ability to reach its targets stealthy, and a multitude of platforms to accomplish a multitude of missions, from missile strikes, to intelligence gathering, special forces insertion/extraction. (Part of the Nautical Defense Forces)


Search and Rescue (Coastal Maritime Guard)

Probably the best known and most frequently used part of the services, the KBI's Coastal Defense Guard performs many life-saving services and humanitarian operations throughout the Kingdom's territories.


Royal Islander Air Force

Transport Operations

The Royal Islander Air Force has extensive transportation operations and a wide variety of aircraft to support any mission. From massive C-5 Galaxy Transports and giant Jumbo Jet personnel airliners, to hypersonic medical jets, the Military Airlift Command of the RIAF is well known throughout Europa.


Maritime Force Projection

The RIAF has numerous aircraft used for sea-borne purposes. From multipurpose propeller aircraft for minor transport and research, to specialized fighters and bombers used aboard aircraft carriers, these aircraft have a focus on projecting air superiority from sea-based areas.


Royal Army

Civil Guard Units

The primary function of the Royal Army is to provide a force to assist in maintaining order and stability in the KBI. It is not a police force, but often assists police in case of civil disturbances or natural disasters. It was recently used in maintaining order during the Monkey Flu outbreak on Crab Island.



(More details to follow)

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Deltannia believes that this information is relevant for discussion.


Basic list of Deltannia military components worth mention:


Deltannian Navy

Naval Forces (Primary naval component)

Port Authority/Coast Guard (Search, rescue, security, coastal batteries)

Research and Development (Is the backbone of military R&D)


Deltannian Marines

Amphibious Assault Force (Stationed aboard naval constructs. Also serve aboard naval vessels (Think British naval ships with marines))

Line Marines (General task forces for all conditions)


Deltannian Army

Devastator Command (The only specialized group, commanded by the army. High tech armor. All other infantry and armor are, as you know, less effective than other Europan forces)


Deltannian Air Force

Swiftstrike Division (The only noteworthy air power)


Space Military (Under Construction)

Space Marines

Space Navy


Please note that in regards to our space military, this is a primitive, nonfunctional component. These elite forces have simply gone through, and continue to practice zero-gravity training, close combat scenarios, etc. Other than that, their deployment has only been as another group of marines/navy. Our space navy has no ships, as our space program is currently under construction. They are only Research and Development. Similarly, approximately 100 men have received space marine qualifications.


OOC: I was just trying to figure out what to put. I'm a science fiction fanatic, so I had to put something. It actual doesn't mean anything as they can't do anything.

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Miirosi Armada


Ships of the Line:

user posted image

The battleships and destroyers of the Miirosi Armada are a frightful sight for any opposing navy to behold. With some of the heaviest armor and guns in Europa and extensive anti-air defensive capabilities, these ships make a force to be reckoned with. They are highly effective artillery platforms and can devasate coastal regions or just other ships and therefore can form a near impenetrable blockade.


Submarine Forces:

user posted image

In stark contrast to the might of the fortress-like Ships of the Line, the Armada's submarines operate with stealth being of the utmost importance. These silent lurkers of the deep are highly effective at being undetected and make for a great intelligence force and their weapons can sink ships that never even knew they were in danger.


Coast Guard:

user posted image

Perhaps the most important people in Miiros, the coast guard patrols the coastal regions of Miiros, policing them, escorting ships, and answering any call of distress. They also are responsible for running and maintaining the static defense facilities that guard Miirosi ports.


Free City Defense Corps


Urban Guard

user posted image

Making up the bulk of the FCDC, the Urban Guard are highly trained troops specializing in urban combat. They are entirely defensive in nature and are assigned sections of the Free City to learn inside and out in the event of an invasion. They know the city well and can use its many nooks and crannies to mount the ultimate defense full of ambushes and sneak attacks.



(No Image Available)

Shrouded in secrecy, Azrael is the Free City's most elite group of soldiers and operatives. Publicly, they are the defenders of important Miirosi politicians and their families, but unbeknownst to the people they work on covert operations specializing in espionage, demolitions, and assassination. They also keep the corporations of Miiros in line as they are becoming increasingly dangerous and unruly.



Miirosi Air Corps


City Air Support Squads (CASS)

user posted image

The Miirosi Air Corps are pathetic, but one group shines while others decay; that group is known as CASS. Trained to support ground troops, this force of gunships and helicopters work best in a dense urban setting where other aircraft prove ineffective due to high civilian populations. They maneuver between tall buildings flawlessly and can suppress larger forces in the streets.


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The Luftwaffe of Tamurin is highly specialized in defense and categorized in four groups:



Naval Air Corps

Army Air Corps

Space Force


The doctrine of the Luftwaffe is: "Skill is better than technology". Pilot training is more important than the newest technologies, so the Luftwaffe doesn't always use the most modern aircraft, but reliable "work-horses".


The Luftwaffe uses the Tornado and the JAS-39 "Gripen" as platforms for air superiority and air defense. The attack capability is covered by the Tornado, the F-111 and the X-45 unmanned bomber.

The Luftwaffe also covers strategic and tactical reconnaissance, command & control and transport.


The Naval Air Corps uses the Tornado and the F-14 for interception, fleet defense and air superiority. The attack capability is covered by the A-7 "Corsair II", A-6 "Intruder" and the Be-200 "Albatros II".

The Naval Air Corps also covers tactical reconnaissance, command & control and transport.


The Army Air Corps consists of battle aircraft and comes from the tradition of tactical air support from the times of strafing. Modern and outdated aircraft are used for different tasks - from bombing anti-air-batteries to single machine-gun-nests.

The Air Corps uses the A-9, the F-84F and the AJ Savage as frontline battle aircraft. Reserve aircraft that are reactivated during wartimes, include the A-1 "Skyraider", P-51D "Mustang" and FW 190 F-8. Weapons include detonation bombs, fire bombs, cluster bombs, bunker busters, anti-tank bomblets/rockets and multi-rocket launchers.

The Air Corps provides several armed transport helicopters and combat helicopters (Bo-105 and Tiger).


The Space Force consists of several carrier aircraft (B-70) and several space ships (OG-1 and OG-2). In case of war these space ships are to be retrofitted for satellite defense.



The Tamurin Army is a standard Army without any significant advantages over others. The Navy consists of small submarines and supply ships (frigates, destroyers).

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OOC: How did Tamurin Intel get my Airforce files?!! Geez, his is almost identical!


Orignal Ratings:

Best - AirForce

Ok - Navy

Weakest Link - Army

Not Included - Special Forces



The Nan GorGwaith AirForce is run by an Air Marshall with 2 Air Generals in control of the two main aspects, Attack/Stealth and Defense/Supply.


Aircraft used by the Navy and Special Forces are inclusive in their respective branches and the Air force has no control over them. It does support the Army however. Like Tamurin, it stresses better pilots over better planes. There are aging planes still on active duty, however Nan GorGwaith is a fierce protector of its skies.


Here is a list of the major divisions, and a snapshot of some its old, middle, and newer fighters.

- Fighter/Interceptor - P-51s,F-86s,F-104s,F-4s,F-5s,Mig-25s,Su-25s,F-15s, and a new prototype.

- Bomber - F-105s, F-111s, Tornados, B-29s, B-52s (very, very few heavy bombers)

- Air-Ground - A-10s, AC-130 Gunships, and a new prototype.

- Air-Ship - Mirage 2000s

- Stealth - **Classified**

- Cargo/Transport/Electronics/Misc. - C-121s, C-130s, C-135s, E-2s



The Nan GorGwaith Navy also has 3-person, 2 tier level of command. 2nd largest of the military forces, it also suffers from a lack of advanced tech and large capital ships. It has two main task forces and a coastal defense system. (Coast Guard) It is known for its submarine warfare, anti-submarine warfare, coastal defense, and emerging naval airforce. (OOC - Nice pic of the Yamato Miiros smile.gif )



The Nan GorGwaith Army is split in to 3 groups based on the National Regions. It is woefully undermanned, but has decent technology. It still uses old tanks though...


Special forces

The Nan GorGwaith Special forces have many areas of concentration and work with all three of the main branches of service. The only thing de-classified are some of its specializations:

- Alpine

- Deep sea

- Coastal

- Underground

- Urban

- Paratroopers

- Civil

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Major Services in the Kingdom of Lahui

(Figured I'd update the outline of the services, as I've been on a typing binge...)


Royal Lahui Navy

The largest branch of Kingdom’s military, the RLN is tasked with maintaining the seaways safe for domestic and foreign sea traffic and trade. With the increase in piracy in international waters, and challenges from other immediate nations, the RLN uses a vast variety of forces and weaponry, including Ships of the line, submersibles, hydrofoils, and high-speed transports.


Royal Lahui Marines

The RLM are the main ground forces of the Kingdom, and include a number of branches usually separated in other nations. Air assets (the Royal Air Corps) are considered to be part of the RLM, as are combat engineers and special operations forces. If the operation is not related to sea duties, then the Royal Marines will be involved.


Royal Diplomatic Services

The Diplomatic corps of the Kingdom, they establish, maintain, and monitor relations with foreign entities throughout the Europan world. They have been very effective in promoting Lahuian tourism and values, sometimes to chagrin of other entities.


Royal Civil Guards

A specialized police force used with contracted security forces are not required or desired for particular duties, the RCG provide protection for the Royal Family, and on occasion work with local police forces to subdue civil unrest outbreaks.


Royal Governmental Service

An overarching branch of the Kingdom’s government, the RGS oversees numerous non-military operations and functions of the Lahui government, and often contracts to members of the other three services. The duties of the RCG are divided into differing sections, including…


arrow.gif Section 1 (Maritime Defense and Rescue) – Tasked with addressing smuggling and piracy in Lahui waters, Section 1 often works in close coordination with the Royal Lahui Navy in reducing illegal good from entering the Lahui Kingdom waters. They also enforce regulations regarding searfaring regarding the nation’s waterways, and Maritime rescue duties.


arrow.gif Section 2 (Criminal Investigative Services) – Specializing with domestic criminal affairs, Section 2 (CIS), addresses crimes against the kingdom, including corruption, white collar crime, organized crime, violent crimes, and major thefts.


arrow.gif Section 3 (Financial Exchanges Services) – Section 3 enforces securities laws, oversees the nations stock and options exchanges, investment services, and taxation violations. If a situation involves the exchange of Pes (money), and any subsequent illegal actions, the FES will be aggressively involved.


arrow.gif Section 4 (Foreign Interaction Services) – Ensuring the security of the Kingdom requires interaction with foreign entities, albeit through more direct means. Section 4 is tasked with any overseas actions to ensure the security of the Kingdom. They have been accused of interfering in minor nation’s circumstances, but no proof of this has surfaced.


arrow.gif Section 5 (Cybercrime Services) – The pinnacle of computer and internet security service, Section 5 employs some of the most talented “computer professionals” (hackers), and provide cutting edge technologies to ensure the Kingdom’s cyber-defenses are maintained at a high level of competence. The also regulate and enforce bionics laws as this growing field expands, often with assistance from Section 6.


arrow.gif Section 6 (Bio/Gen Services) – The BGS, otherwise known as Section 6, is comprised of talented physicians and epidemiologists trained in addressing outbreaks of contagious diseases, and have recently expanded their duties to monitor (and enforce, as necessary) laws and regulations regarding genetic modification and experimentation, and drug use and legalization.


arrow.gif Section 7 (Civil Defense Services) – A “bare bones” section until needed, the CDS mobilizes when the general populace is placed in danger, be it from natural disaster, disease outbreak, or foreign incursion. Once activated, Section 7 has extensive powers in coordinating and safeguarding the populace.


arrow.gif Section 8 (Civil Reconstruction Services) – An often seen service in less developed parts of the Kingdom, and recently in unincorporated parts of the Meterolas island chain, the CRS works at developing basic necessities for these areas (e.g. water, electricity, food, etc…). They have been accused of promoting Lahuian society by unfriendly nations, but no substantiation of this accusation has been proven.


arrow.gif Section 9 (Anti-Terrorism Services) – The secretive Section 9 specializes in neutralizing terroristic threats to the Kingdom, and investigates unique threats to the Kingdom. Not much is known about this branch by the general public – its existence is often brushed off by government officials.

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(A quick steal from my factbook page over at NationStates. Consider this post here a snapshot. I will update my factbook, but won't be maintaining this post.)


Imperial Defence Force

Ahold Bruiser, Supreme Commander (SC) of the Imperial Defence Force (IDF), is the senior officer leading the entire armed forces of Orioni, subordinate only to the Empress. Bruiser entered the national spotlight after his involvement in the Great Pot Wars of 2004. He is a member of the Council of Defence, and a such was instrumental in the creation of Orioni Special Reconnaissance Unit (O.S.R.U.), a unit to "meet the growing need for special reconnaissance capability [with] a wide range of specialist skills and activities related to covert surveillance."


star.gifImperial Army

The army and special forces are considerable and receive diverse training in order to deal with the empire's varied geography. One well known corps is the Olympi Mountain Troops stationed at Tauri Military Base.


star.gifImperial Navy

Orioni's military strength lies in its powerful blue-water navy, consisting of 8 fleets. Grand admiral Mario Ramius is the highest ranking and most senior admiral of the Imperial Navy. Ramius rose to prominence during the conflict with S.S.S.S. in 2004. His final promotion to admiral of the fleet following exemplary leadership during the crisis surrounding Tarragat Island in 2006.


star.gifImperial Air Force

The chink in Orioni's armour has always been it's dated air force. Lacking necessary experience in aerial combat, the empire prefers investing in anti-aircraft weaponry.


Military Installations

Strategic military command rests with the Imperial Command Center (ICC), based northeast of the capital O'polis. After years of costly military build-up, the military now has a state of readiness capable of responding to all threats, both foreign and domestic.


There are five major military installations situated throughout Orioni.

  1. Vega Naval Base (central), key to ensuring the safety and security of Zuidhaven, is home to the 1st and 2nd fleet.

  2. Perseus Naval Base (west), by far the largest military installation, is home to the 3rd, 4th and 5th fleet.

  3. Dion Naval Base (north), protecting the important mining and industrial areas, is home to the 6th and 7th fleet.

  4. Oris Naval Base (east) is home to the 8th fleet.

  5. Tauri Military Base (north-east) makes an ideal proving ground thanks to its remote location and is home to the O.S.R.U. and Olympi Mountain Troops.
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