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Thanks for all the fish

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Well I haven't been around much huh? Finally leaving Q102 I thought I would get my interest back in this game but it seems not. In fact I have realised that I am probably just about done with NS, certainly with its associated forums. It's been great. Met lots of interesting/ strange/ disturbed/ knowledgable people in the last couple of years. Learnt a lot. Had lots of fun.


Been a pleasure "meeting" some of you. Particualrly O, Tag, Aki and I have enjoyed exchanging posts with all the Europa old guard.


Some of you I will see on MSN sometime, or you have my e-mail. Anyone else can find me at my nation Hebradeion which will stay here. I will be around on the RMB but I am done with forums smile.gif I am afraid. I may pop in on the odd occasion but don't count on it smile.gif


Not exactly a farewell thread I know but I didn't want to stop logging in without at least having the courtesy to say why and say thanks.

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A shame you didn't recapture that old interest, you seem like a good RPer. Ah well, you have to do what makes you happy. So, good luck wherever you go from here... and be aware my corporations are currently buying out your nation's economy. tongue.gif

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