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My poem to the workers

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Hello all friends! I've been on writing mode this weekend, and today I wrote a poem to the workers that during the late 19th and early 20th century fought for freedom and equality.


I call it: 'The destiny of a worker'


I am a worker, a simple man,

I carry the rich man?s sh*t,

While he sits on his fat arse

And hits me with a whip,

My family and I are starving,

While the rich man is on a banquette,

One day we got sick of being hungry and started a strike,

The rich man told us that it wasn?t his fault our families were starving,

He also had mouths to feed at home,

?No one is starving in your palace? we screamed,

Soon things got out of hand and military was called in,

The soldiers are our brothers, members of our class,

But they have been brainwashed by the imperialist dogs,

So when the officer screamed out the order, they shot,

Many of us fell, the rest of us turned home,

Tomorrow we went to work again,

The little money we got was needed to feed the mouths at home,

But soon the wages were lowered, we decided to go on strike again,

But this time when the soldiers came we were prepared,

We fired at them with our rifles,

They fell, one after one,

They victory was ours!

The victory belonged to the workers!

But soon the soldiers returned with machineguns and artillery,

We barricaded ourselves in the factories,

We tried to fight against them,

But resistance was useless,

Soon my comrades laid dead on the ground and we were forced to surrender,

They put us in prisons first,

But they thought we were to dangerous to be kept so close to home,

So they send us across the earth,

In the colonies we all were forced to work until we ended our days,

We were not the proud men we once were,

We were convict labourers, all with a number on our shoulder.

This was my destiny,

The destiny of a worker,


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Thank you my friend, yes this still happens. that's sad. But we must teach other people to make unions and how to strike.


Pirilao my friend, where do you stand politically? smile.gif



I am a Democrat worker , not conservative my mind it?s opening.

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I can say yes , in Portugal we say Social Democracy.

Socialdemocrats goes into the group democratic socialists, we have 2 democratic socialist parties in Sweden. Socialdemocartic Workers Party(Which I'm a member of) and the Leftparty. We also have VERY small revolutionary socialist parties. Exampel, swedish communist party. yes.gif



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