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Norman Ship

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Greetings, potential buyers (THE NATION OF RENPOSA) with joint partnership with (Renposa Weapon Sales) introduces a new type of arsenal powered by remote. The Norman-Arsenal VESSAL is the new technology of our day and age. With its stealthy design The Norman-Arsenal VESSAL displays exquiste style and class in modern-warfare. At the moment the Renposa military has (1) Norman-Arsenal Ship. However, production will kick into place by next week for international sales. The price of The Norman-Arsenal Ship will be ($500 million usd) and ($500 million usd) for the armarments. The arsenal will include (Tomahawk and Cruise missles) however you may include custom orders upon order as to what type of armarments you would like included. Ladies and Gentlemen, here is what THE NORMAN-ARSENAL VESSAL will look like when all contstruction is finished:

user posted image

Please Ladies and Gentlemen talk this over with your National Council orders will go in immidietly and will be construction will start on all vessals in one week, Delivered in (3) months. Thank you for your time.


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To:The Allied Tribes of the Socialist Tribal Confederacy of The Mongol-Swedes


From:The Supreme Government of Renposa


Subject:Sales Of Norman Arsenal Ships


12/9/06 3:43PM (Renposan Eastern Time)


We here at Renposan Military Weapon Sales are delighted your decision. However conditions are included in this process. We would like the money to be wired to A Renposan Government Account. The Account Number is #23143. The Ship will be sailed into Mongol-Sweden waters then all Renposan Military Personel will leave Your Confederacy in 24 hours.



12/9/06 3:50PM (Renposan Eastern Time)


We would like to announce that 1 Norman Arsenal Ship with All Modifications asked for. Has now left (Red Harbor,Derink,Renposa) for Mongal-Sweden Waters to the Secret Destination given. We would like to assume that the Vessal shall arive To The Confederacy Of The Mongol-Swedes in about 1 hour. The Renposan Airforce will be patroling the Vessal to make sure of it's safe trip to The Confederacy Of The Mongol-Swedes. By which time you encounter the Vessal in the exact location given. We would like the money transfered to The Renposan Government Account Of #23143. Failure to send the exact amount of 1 billion Renposan Currency (Diamonds) will set both nations (The Supreme Dictatorship Of Renposa) and (The Allied Tribes of the Socialist Tribal Confederacy of The Mongol-Swedes) into an Apocolyptic War. We see this purchase as a way for both nations to get to know each other a little bit better and hopefully A (Renposan-Mongol Swede) Alliance.




~Renposan Military Sales-The Renposan Government~

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TO: Supreme Government of Renposa


FROM: The General Council of the Allied Tribes of the Socialist Tribal Confederacy of The Mongol-Swedes


SUBJECT: Fund Transfers


The requested amount has been transmitted in full at (TIMESTAMP) 2006/12/09 20:21 Central Union Time.


The militia harbor at Scandinaviopolis is open for receipt of the ship. Airspace clearance has been granted.


The national capitol of Rottborg remains an open city for all international delegations, if the Supreme Government of Renposa desires a warm and prosperous relation with the Allied Tribes.


Salaam, and the Blessings of Allah be upon the people of Renposa,

Sunry Ytturb, The General Council of the Allied Tribes

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To:The General Council of the Allied Tribes of the Socialist Tribal Confederacy of The Mongol-Swedes


From:The Supreme Military Command




My sources are now telling me that the ship has been guided into The militia harbor at Scandinaviopolis and The Renposan Naval Forces has been greeted by your military personel we have signed over all legal documents to your Grand Nation. Renposan military personel will be leaving "The Allied Tribes of the Socialist Tribal Confederacy of The Mongol-Swedes" when The Renposan Aircraft are done re-fueling. We graciously Thank The General Council for their kind and generous hospitality. We have recieved the payment in full and thankyou for your prompt responses. Many Blessings To The General Council And To The People Of The Allied Tribes of the Socialist Tribal Confederacy of The Mongol-Swedes.


Your Allies,


The Supreme Government Of Renposa

The Supreme Military Command

The Peope Of Renposa

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