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OOC: So it's not two teams of eleven men, playing for 45 minutes a half, kicking a football (note the word, as it's kicked by one's feet, not handled in other games where people appear to have confused the average human's anatomy)? Well, bugger me, but I thought that was football. Not some game called "soccer", Lord only knows what that is. Sounds like an abbreviation of some sorts, but does really describe any known game, eh?


EDIT: PS. This rant is partly in jest tongue.gif

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Don't blame us. I personally learned american english, and thus...

although football on portuguese is called futebol, just as the englishman who brought the first footballs to the nation wanted.


And ooc, I'm even seeing the warcry of our fans on a game against Adaptus if one of the fans figure out that the Adapton are at gun point...


"Eco eco eco! Adaptus leva teco!" ("Op op op! Adaptus gonna pop!")


And here's our shirt, .png format... wouldn't it be healthy if all nations in here had theirs and a logo? Just wondering


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