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Major Change in Parliament


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Official announcement by the national press agency of Tamurin:


Right-Wing coalition breaks up


The "pension crisis" has now led to the fall of the right-wing-coalition. The lead party of that coalition, the NKP (a conservative-patriotic party), was not able to negotiate a compromise with the Z (a christian-democratic party). The NKP was against a raise against pensions. Since most of the voters of the Z are pensioners, it supported the proposal of the SP (socialist party). This proposal increased the pensions and improved retirement homes throughout the country. To finance this the average tax rate was increased by 2 %.


After that incident, the NKP spoke of "betrayal" by the Z. After several exchanges of insults between NKP- and Z-politicians, the Z left the right-wing-alliance of the NKP and started negotiating with the left-wing-parties in the national parliament.


First socialistic prime minister in Tamurin


After initial talks between the three parties SDP (social democrats), SP and Z, the three parties talked about forming a new coalition.

However, the differences between the three parties were severe, especially in the field of civil rights. After a lot of internal discussions, the Z decided not to join a coalition of SDP and SP, but to tolerate it.

This means, that Z would vote for the new prime minister, but it would not join his cabinett and would only support it, if the proposals for new laws were acceptable.


Since this is a more or less unstable situation, it is possible, that the new government won't last very long.


The new government of Tamurin consist of two-thirds socialists and one-third social democrats and was elected this morning.


No changes in foreign policy


After a meeting between the president of Tamurin and the new prime minister, both agreed not to change anything in foreign relations with the nations of Europa. The prime minister supports the policy of integration into Europa which the president is pursuing.

Changes in the social policy and the civil rights however may be possible. Major changes in the economic policy are not expected, so domestic and foreign companies don't have to worry.


Invitations to Europa's leaders


The president and the new prime minister decided to invite all leaders of Europa's nation to a summit in Tamurin. There, the president would like to introduce Tamurin to Europa's leaders and vice-versa. He would like to strengthen the bonds between Tamurin and its neighbours.

On the program are a tour of the capital, Alaghon, and a visit to Arrabar Air Force Base, where Tamurin is currently developing its first space craft.

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Headline in the "Alaghon Allgemeine Zeitung" (biggest newspaper in Tamurin)


Tamurin greets Europa


Yesterday, Tamurin made a big step to become a part of the "family of Europa". The president welcomed a delegation from orioni, the Byzantine vice-foreign minister Kyrillos and the deputy foreign minister Rimmer of paranoid schizo at the "House of Unity" in Alaghon.


user posted image


The "House of Unity", built after the civil war 1903-1911; since then the presidents of Tamurin lived, worked and received guests there.


Tamurin's new socialist government was completely present. Many guests (politicians, scientists, professors, actors, artists, writers) were introduced to our european neighbours and after the formal receipt, where the president signed the documents to join the E.C.A., discussions about many different topics started. A comment by the president: "I'm pleased to see that we have many things to talk about."


After lunch, the president and his guests entered the presidents' aircraft and after a low flight over Alaghon...


user posted image


The skyline of Alaghon at daylight


...they headed for Arrabar Air Force Base to see Tamurin's first steps into space.


Tamurin's space program is concentrating on aircraft/spacecraft-hybrids and does not use big carrier rockets. Tamurin's rocket development was not very successful in the past and was creating more laughs and explosions than results, so the development of powerful transport aircrafts was necessary.


Tamurin's current spacecraft, the OG-1 (Orbitalgleiter, "orbital glider"), is launched from a transport aircraft at an altitude of about 8000 metres and then flies with its own rocket propulsion system to an altitude of about 100 - 130 kilometres. It is not capable of transporting any cargo but the pilot; however, it carries many different scientific instruments which provide the scientists and engineers on the ground with important information that will help to create the OT-1 (Orbitaltransporter, "orbital transporter").

The OT-1 will be launched in the same way as the OG-1 and will be the first spacecraft of Tamurin capable of transporting a satellite or a probe into space. At the moment, the OT-1 prototype is being built and will start with gliding tests in summer 2005.


Unfortunately, the next launch of the OG-1 won't be before december 7th, but the top scientist of the space program was able to show our guests the spacecrafts and some video tapes of earlier launches.


user posted image


The heavy cargo aircraft T-15 F. This special version of the T-15 is solely used for the space program.


user posted image


The OG-1 a few seconds after the launch from the T-15 F. This picture was taken in june this year when the OG-1 no.2 set a new national altitude record of 132,4 kilometres.


user posted image


The nation's pride and most expensive aircraft ever built: The OT-1.


After the visit, the president and his guests returned to Alaghon. There the president said good-bye to his guests and wished them a safe journey home. He invited them to visit Alaghon again when the OT-1 will be launched first into space, which will probably be in 2006 or 2007.

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The Tribal Tribunal of the Socialist Tribal Alliance of Mongol-Swedes extends the hand of trust to the new socialist government of Tamurin. As a member of several international pro-Socialist initiatives such as the peaceful Proletariat Coalition, the militant RKKA, and a strong branch-off of the United Nations known as the Socialist Alliance, the tribes of the Mongol-Swedes have long committed to supporting leftist governments thruout the world and condemning, and on rare occasions defeating, extremist right-wing regimes many a time in their proud and honourable history.


Pending the conclusion of the Dew Point Accords, we wish to send a small delegation of members of the Tribunal to meet with the Socialist Party leaders of Tamurin to establish official diplomatic relations.

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The President has to inform the government of Mongol-Swedes that due to major problems within the parliament the socialist government has collapsed and been replaced by a national-conservative government.


But he hopes that this won't change the initiave of Mongol-Swedes to establish an embassy in Tamurin.


For all he knows it is most likely that some day there will again be a socialist government, because in Tamurins history there have been many government changes.



---Additional Message by the leader of the socialist party---


We will be happy to meet with your delegation. We believe that the national-conservative government will fall apart soon and the president won't have a choice but to dismiss the parliament and initiate re-election. We are confidend that we'll win those re-elections, so soon we will be able to talk in the office of the prime minister.

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(OOC: Whooosh...and changed back to Democratic Socialists....I guess, I'm crossing the line every day for an inch and no more...)




After the socialist party succeeded with a vote of no confidence against the new prime minister, the President dismissed the parliament today. Re-elections will be held in March 2005. Until then, a coalition of national-conservatives and democratic socialists will form a provisional government for Tamurin. The President will act as new prime minister, according to the constitution.


This is the first time since 1922 the Parliament had to be dismissed and the president and the prime minister are the same person.


The President assured the parliament that he will not declare a state of emergency , but that he is considering to form a commission that shall modernize the constitution to prevent this from happening again.



--- Message to Li'akan, son of the Emperor of Vanarambaion ---


I would be happy to welcome you in Tamurin and to talk about stability in the nation. We sure could use some advice from a country as large as yours.


William Granger, President of Tamurin and acting prime minister

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Orioni will send a delegation to Alaghon, so we can have talks with the new goverment of Tamurin. With them they will breng the necessary documents to incorporate Tamurin in the European Commercial Alliance.

The delegation from Orioni requests that we discuss your membership of the European Commercial Alliance at some point during the remainder of the week.

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The Tribal Tribunal of the Socialist Tribal Alliance of Mongol-Swedes has officially named Reinen Kahn its ambassador to the Tamurinian government, and pending the official establishment of an embassy, would be honoured to meet with representatives of the Tamurinians to discuss strategies to stabilize the new socialist government.

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