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Church of True Orthodoxy

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As some of you may know, I've had an off-shoot of my nation's main church annoying all and sundry for a good few months now, generally harassing those of other religions and everyone else.


The back story is that the leader of that sect, George Wheelwright, used to be the Metropolitan of the city of Petrium since before my nation's Civil War (in 2005) and before that, during the old right-wing Republic, but was kept on due to him convincing the previous Emperor that he was a reformed character. He wasn't, and was sacked due to preaching hatred against other religions as well as his homophobic views. He then made a splinter group from the Tagmatine Orthodox Church that basically wants to see a right-wing government and an end to Socialism, as well as the forcible conversion of those living in Tagmatium who aren't of the Tagmatine Orthodox Church.


Now its coming to the end of its life. Wheelwright feverently believes that it's the Imperial Government that is oppressing his church, not the Holy Emperor. He thinks that Commodus will shortly reveal all, and make him the real Patriarch of Tagmatium. He couldn't be more wrong.


So the question I'm asking is that do you lot think that I should make a new thread, outside of my Newsthread, and RP the downfall of the Church of True Orthodoxy there, or should I just keep it within my Newsthread and have it done as a series of news bulletins?


The thing is, I've got a post mentally written up that has Wheelwright arrested and his dreams crushed to dust when he realises the true. I've also got a second post, actually written up, of my Holy Emperor's speech on the True Churchers (complete with picture of Commodus, kindly doctored by Orioni tongue.gif).


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