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Euro Cup 2006


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Ok so here is the idea.. I wanted to do something like O only with soccer (Plejurism of ideas I know, I know but I actually mentioned that the idea was from her and in the eyes of the IB Diploma this is no more plerjurism tongue.gif).


What you guys will have to post is just two simple things:


- Nickname of Team e.g. Azzurri, Albiceleste, L'equipe Tricolore, etc.

- Trainer of Team


Plain simple.. At the end of the Cup someone will have the best team in Europa tongue.gif Sign in now!




- Italgria

- Rossoneri

- Enrique Mourinho




Oh and if someone wants to host the Euro Cup he shall be writting it in here. I will dice the hoster out.

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-Os Azuizinhos (The blues)



We would also apply ourselves as host. Soccer is the biggest passion in Emakera, and we believe that we have enough infra-structure, regarding security, stadiums, accomodations for players, and training camps with the needed facilities.


user posted image

The Comary Barns, one of the training facilities

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OOC: I did actually mean National Teams tongue.gif I can also do a Champions League after the Euro Cup tongue.gif


EDIT: btw can we delete member 500 and do me member 500? I dont like the 499 there ...


EDIT2: Until now we got the following teams:


- Italgria

- Pirilao

- Emakera

- Bainbridge Islands


Proposed Hosters: Italgria, Emakera, Bainbridge Islands

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OOC: Football! Not soccer! It?s called football! crybaby.gif


- Tagmatium FC

- Leopards (although that isn?t their official name, which is Tagmatium. It?s just that their badge is two leopards, like how England?s is three lions)

- Sebastian Weaver

- Colours: Red and Purple (For socialism and the Greater Holy Empire!)

Edited by Tagmatium Rules (see edit history)
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OOC: I'm with Tag, it's Football damn it. It makes sense, you kick the bloody thing don't you.


I'm putting forward AdSocs first move from isolationism. The team is basically put at gun point to win the competition for the Party.



-Hoplites (Again like Tag this is not the actually name, it's just the image on their badge.)

-Patrick Foster





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Ten teams no group phase. Every game is going to be played twice.


The hoster of this Euro Cup will be Emakera




- Pirilao vs Orioni 3 - 1


- Italgria vs Suverina 3 - 0


- Emakera vs Miiros 4 - 1


- Bainbridge Island vs Tagmatium 0 - 2


- Tamurin vs Adaptus 0 - 1

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--A Hora: News from Emakera--




user posted image

Ronaldo, after scoring his 2nd goal in the match and the 4rd of the team


The debut of Emakera in the European cup turned out to be a surprise to the skeptic Emakerans, who were still recovering their trust in the team after the defeat in the last world cup, and that were surprised with the coach, "Sarge" Luiz Felipe Scolari, drafting of players without a remarkable acting in this year.


user posted image

Scolari, on the first official interview after the match


"Tche, I can tell you that this victory will be deadly for the memory of those who criticized my approach. I can already hear some saying that they supported me since childhood", says Scolari.


The match started at 8?o clock, at the Maracan? stadium in Bisler, which will host the finals.

user posted image


The Emakerans faced heavy opposition by the Miirosi, who used their famed 4-4-2 formation, finalizing several times on the first half. At 21', Frances Demute from the Miirosi team scored, from outside the great area. The Emakeran team started to sketch a reaction at 38', when Ronaldinho managed to dribble his way to the small area, with his play being interrupted by the Miirosi goalkeeper. Emakera went silent when, at 47', the referee pointed the center, ending the first half.


"This is outrageous to me", said Scolari to one of our reporters. "But I fail to believe that my students will keep up with this shameful acting. We will win, I am the best coach and I'm working with the best players."


At 5' of the second half, Ronaldo, seen as a retired player by some after his knee injury at 2002, received a pass from the newcomer Kak?, dribbled one of the Miirosi, faked a kick to the left of the goal, and kicked slowly the ball with his left foot to the right. Oliver, the Miirosi goalkeeper, who jumped in faith to the left, still struggled to reach the ball, which he eventually did after the ball was already deep into the net, and when the whole Emakera was cheering.

After this, the game turned into a scoring spree. At 12, Kak? was tackled next to the great area. Rog?rio Ceni, the goalkeeper of Emakera and famed kicker, shot the ball above the Miirosi barrier and straight to the goal's upper right corner.


user posted image

Ceni, while playing on S? FC


After several Miirosi attempts and finalizations, particullary a dangerous one at 20', Emakeran midfielder Ronaldinho rushed to the Miirosi goal, scoring 3-1 for Emakera.


user posted image


And at 36', Ronaldo scored the last goal, with a strong quick that dodged the hands of Oliver, the Miirosi.

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  • 2 weeks later...

2nd matches!




- Pirilao vs Orioni 3 - 1 / 1 - 0


- Italgria vs Suverina 3 - 0 / 3 - 0


- Emakera vs Miiros 4 - 1 / 2 - 0


- Bainbridge Island vs Tagmatium 0 - 2 / 0 - 1


- Tamurin vs Adaptus 0 - 1 / 4 - 0


2nd round:


- Priliao vs Italgria


- Emakera vs Tagmatium


- Tamurin vs Winner Barrage game


Barrage game:


- Orioni vs Adaptus



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      The OOC signup topic can be consulted here. http://www.europans.com/?showtopic=4701
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      As host and game master for this RP, I will be generating random match results with the FIFA Football Match Generator. I will copypaste the results in this topic. Each match will be generated only once so the results are random. After the results are posted, each participant in the match is welcome to RP the story of their team. I will leave 2 days or 48 hours for you to reply with an RP story. This is not an obligation, but will earn you the advantage of a "second chance".
      Gain a higher chance of winning
      Players who reply with RP a story of at least 300 words will be awarded a "second chance" in the next match, meaning: I will generate two match results. This feature serves to reward active participation.
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      Sport is not huge in Chairon but the one game that has attracted a sizeable following is, oddly enough, Aussie Rules. Seems the previous Araban was a bit of a footy buff, having encountered it on a diplomatic trip overseas, and the game kind of took off from there.
      There's 5 teams in the league. Fifteen rounds a season, teams play each other three times and the top two sides play in the Grand Final to decide the champion.
      Here's the results from Round 1, 2006.

      Morecia North v Morecia South 2. 2 (14)   5.0 (30) 6. 5 (41)   7.3 (45) 12. 8 (80)   7.6 (48) 16.12 (108) 10.9 (69) Goals: North: Baker 6, Neville 3          South: Hayden 6 Summary: In the local derby, the Hawks overcame a sluggish start to overwhelm the Swans by 39 points. Bill Baker and Tom Hayden kicked 6 goals each. Swans ruckman Victor Charles was reported for striking in the third quarter. Archo   v  Destin 4. 4 (28)   5.3 (33) 4. 8 (32)   9.3 (57) 5.12 (42)  12.5 (77) 5.12 (42)  19.8 (122) Goals:  Archo : Callahan 2           Destin: Vincenzi 7, Pryor 4, Slade 2 Summary: Archo were humiliated at home by the classy Destin side. Teenage sensation Arcangelo Vincenzi kicked seven on debut, while veteran Peter Slade dominated in the midfield. George Callahan was the best for a woeful Lions team that looks set for another horror season. Parrian had the bye this week.
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