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Europeans Champions Cup 2004


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Argenland is organisating the European Champions Cup 2004 of football, in the city of Puerto Rosario. This Cup is with the National Teams of each country like this: http://s7.invisionfree.com/Europa/index.ph...wtopic=155&st=0.

If you want to play this Cup, you must send a form with (in this post):


National Team

Colours (2)

Team Coach

Stadium Name

Team Strategy (4-4-2; 4-3-3; 5-4-1; 4-2-4; 3-5-2... or other)

11 Titulars players acording with the team strategy and 5 players for substitutions (1 goalkeeper, 1 defender, 1 midfielder, 1 forward and 1 for all).


Time Limit to send the form: November 27th 15.00 Argentinian Time (18.00 GMT)



1. Any country that resides in the beautiful region of Europa may submit a National Team to the Cup.

2. Countries that are willing to participate in the league may submit only a National Team.

3. To enter a team into the Cup, countries most submit an entry form for each of the National Team they are willing to submit that will be posted at the end of this post.

4. The Cup will be divided into four regional division. If a country had a boderline with other country, it's probably that they are going to stay in the same division.

5. The first and second position of each regional division pass to the play-offs.

6. Teams across the league will play each other four times each throughout the course of one season. Scores will be calculated by rolling dice. A win is 3 points, a tie is 1 point, while a loss is 0 points.

7. The National Team that wins the play-offs will be the Champion of Europa and is going to recive a image with the Cup... and you can put it in the signature!


Here you have the T-Shirt models. Choise one (ex. A2; B3; C4). The Black is the "First Color" and the White is the "Second Color". (see my post under this). Later I am going to put your official T-Shirt. DEFAULT MODEL IS D1


user posted image


Europeans Champions Cup 2004: (always update)


In the Cup:


Paranoid schizo


Byzantium Nova



Phil IV



PD: I have a program to simulate it. No cheats.

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Argenland National Team

T-Shirt: B1

First color: Light blue

Second color: White

Coach: Carlos Bicantti

Stadium: New Buenos Aires Olympic Stadium

Strategy: 4-3-1-2





GK/01/Oscar Abodroc


DE/04/Walter Muesal

DE/06/Roberto Loscar

DE/03/Clemente Guerodriz

DE/02/Julio Niccicolo


MD/05/Ariel Gatero

MD/07/Sebastian Norve

MD/08/Javier Laviosa


MD-FW/10/Juan Roman Melqueri


FW/11/Carlos Morela

FW/09/Gabriel Veste





GK/13/Pablo Rollebaco

DE/14/Mauro Zeinhe

MD/15/Esteban Sobiamca

FW/16/Hern?n Poscre

ALL/17/Juan Pablo Rinso

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The Paranoids:

T-Shirt: D3

Home strip: Royal Blue

Away strip: Blood red.

Manager: Kenny Rogers.

Stadium: The Arena Of Death.

Stategy: 4-4-2



GK/01. Roy Orbison


Def/02. Leg Breaker Lewis

Def/03. Vicki Pollard

Def/04. The Beast

Def/05. Gripper Harris


MD/06. Kneecapper Norris

MD/07. Slasher Bates

MD/08. Howling Mad Murdoch

MD/09. Wee Jock McMurderer


FW/10. Foggy

FW/11. Dafydd Jones




GK/31. Nosferatu

Def/44. Wayne Sleep

MD/12. Referee

FW/00. 'On Parole' Thompson

Utility/17. Pele




Liking the sound of this!!

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Team:Rottborg Wraiths

Colors: Black(1) and Purple(2)

Shirt: A3

Coach: Alexander Lindstrom


Stadium:Rottborg Athletic Proving Grounds



GK: Marcus Lobonsky(88)


FW: Andre Gurnevich(17)

FW: Geoff Borthwick(13)

FW: Gustavus Formin(15)



MF: Yvar Renkun(22)

MF: Karl Reinen(25)

MF: Ivan Karlsbad(29)

SW: Katul Kai-shek(27)



DF: Raoul Gurney(41)

DF: Sven Borislad(49)

DF: Xander Darovich(47)



MF: Gonji Ramul(24)

FW: Daniel Horing(16)

DF: Fredrick Darnala(45)

GK: Gregori Tinsk(84)

ALL: Terry Garvondo(00)

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I meant it when I said no offence intended.

How about putting it down to cultural misunderstanding? But please avoid such provacative language.


My reply is rather curt, for which I apologise. I'll edit it out.


OOC: Quite amusing that the football hasn't even kicked off and there's nearly a fight tho', isn't it!!? laugh.gif

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The Byzantines:


Home colors: Purple(main),black(minor)

Away colors: Black(main),purple(minor)

Manager: Leo Papangelis.

Stadium: New Hippodrome Sports Center.

Strategy: 4-3-3


1/GK: Andronikos Mylonas


2/DF: Alessandro Buonaventura

3/DF: Petros Spanos

4/DF: Ioannes Archontis


5/MF: Dietrich Rettner

6/MF: Bardas Panagiotopoulos

7/MF: Derek Bishop


8/FW: Ioannes Polykrates

9/FW: Sabas Ieropoulos

10/FW: Nikolaos Tzimiskes


11/SW: Theodoros Laskaris



22/GK:Stefanos Deligiannis

16/DF:Gregorios Illiadis

31/MF:Boris Kornilov

17/FW:Manuel Giannakopoulos

27/All:Gerasimos Paparigas


OOC: Keep it civil people!!!

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T-Shirt: B2

First color: Gold

Second color: Green

Coach: Carlos De Silva

Stadium: Zao Jaihu Royal Ice Palace and Football Stadium

Strategy: 3-4-3





GK/01/Stan D'Jaihu


DE/19/Tyrell de Silva

DE/29/Alexander Jackson-Styles

DE/39/Robert Stanley Wigglesworth


MD/49/Lyle Wile

MD/09/Corky Spectre

MD/59/Jose "Da Bomb" Smith


MD-FW/89/Stevie Ryan


FW/79/Ralph Van Kippers

FW/69/Antonio Tudisco

FW/99/Wayne D'Jaihu




GK/31/Eddie Vaughan

DE/03/Maurice Dion

MD/04/Frankie Powers

FW/05/Jimmy D'Jaihu

ALL/06/Jeb D'Jaihu

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I know, I'm a bit late... just got back.. Am I still allowed?


Team Name: The Empirial Squadron

Team Colors: Blue and White (model A1)

Home Field: Aldonville Gardens

Team Coach: Stan Romanescu

Team Stratgey: 4-4-2


Team Roster:


GK: Karl B?hmdorf


DF: Jens B?ffer

DF: Oliver Bahnhof

DF: Mike O'Kay

DF: Thomas Darvas


MF: Josip Roskic

MF: David Coddington

MF: Didier Pierrot

FW: Paulo Feretti


FW: Roberto Panini

FW: P?r Sm?lbergson



Jos? Luis Garcia

Peter Foppe

Alex Altmann

Dimitrios Kadopoulos

Sam Fang



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Ok Europa, you are in.




Waits a minutes, im going to make the T-Shirts.


EDIT: Here are the T-Shirts:


National Team of Argenland

user posted image


National Team of Nova Byzantium

user posted image


National Team of Europa

user posted image


National Team of Jaihu (this t-shirts are very good)

user posted image


National Team of Mongols-Swedes

user posted image


National Team of Paranoids Schizos

user posted image


Tomorrow I am going to post the Cup Calendar.

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argh, crap, i go away for a week and i miss the football qualifiers, bah, well, its a conspiricy i tell yah, a conspiricy, just because youre all scared i tell ya....grrrr, ....<mumble, mumble>....big fat.....<mphll>....giant hand.....with the.....winning...... goal...........cucumbers..........and the pies......bah!


if it isnt too late, which i guess it is, could you accept this team?


Team Name: Team Phil

Team Colors: Black and Red (A1)

Home Field: HalfPint Road, Philengrad

Team Coach: Prince Raphael Sart'Du

Team Formation: 4-4-2


Team Roster:



GK: Franco Munich


DF: Harold DeepRoot

DF: Nikolas Vidnsor

DF: Trevor Gregeast

DF: Wayne Bruce


MD:David Reily

MD:Laurence Smitherman

MD:Arimoto Khan

MD:Alan Faust


FW: Bill Rooney

FW:Mike Chant



Morgan Fletcher

Phil Rattail

Alex Sideshaw

Harry Badgrent

Jamie Hairie

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catering eh... now theres an idea... i can see it now, thousends upon thousends of football supporters, all coming to see great games.... now, say 1 pie each per game, no, say 3/4 a pie, 1/4 salads for the health freaks, 3 games a week, say, 40k people per game, pies at ?3 each, thats...?360,000 a week, 6 weeks total, thats ?2.16 million of pies!


Thats MY catering contract thank you very much!!!!!



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      The 2018 UENA World Cup will be the 3rd round of the international football tournament contested by the men's national teams of the member associations of UENA. It is scheduled to take place in Orioni from June to July 2018. This will be the first World Cup held in Orioni.
      The tournament will involve 16 national teams, which include 15 teams determined through qualifying competitions and the automatically qualified host team. A total of 31 matches will be played at venues located in 14 cities. The opening match will take place on June 14th at the Zuidmax Stadium in Zuidhaven. The final will take place on July 14th at the New National Stadium in O'polis.
      The choice for official World Cup anthem was made by the Andro Academy of Fine Arts. From half a dozen nomitions, the preference went to L'Été Oriental by Baloji, a musician-refugee from the war-torn nation of Afropa.
      Participants (A-Z)
      With regional qualifications started in March 2018, the current and final roster includes the following 16 nations:
      Adaptus (team) Asgeirria (team) Cristina (team) Derthalen (team) Eurofuhrer, The Fulgistan (team) Gallambria (team) Iverica (team) Mauridiviah (team) Morheim Orioni (team) Prymont (team) Selayar (team) Shffahkia (team) Sunset Sea Islands (team) Variota (team) Group of 16
      The draw for the final tournament will take place on June 13th at the Palace of Arts in Andro, Orioni. The hour-long ceremony will be hosted by Atalan Phoenike and Debora Bozena, television presenters from the host country.
      Group A : Orioni (host), Derthalen, Shffahkia, Variota Group B : Adaptus, Fulgistan, Iverica, Selayar Group C : Asgeirria, The_Eurofuhrer, Gallambria, Mauridiviah Group D : Cristina, Morheim, Prymont, Sunset Sea Islands
      (Reference link to the above spreadsheet.)
      Group Phase
      The teams finishing in the top two positions in each of the four groups progress to the quarter-finals, while the bottom two teams are eliminated from the tournament. Tiebreaker rules will apply.
      First matches
      Group A match 1: Orioni v Derthalen (June 14 in Zuidmax Stadium, Zuidhaven) Group A match 2: Shffahkia v Variota (June 15 in Vega Big Arch, Vega) Group B match 1: Adaptus v Fulgistan (June 16 in Breguet Stadium, Nordhaven) Group B match 2: Iverica v Selayar (June 17 in Azadi Stadium, Perseus) Group C match 1: Asgeirria v The_Eurofuhrer (June 18 in CCC Arena, Corona Borealis) Group C match 2: Gallambria v Mauridiviah (June 19 in Siena Fleet Park, Cygnus) Group D match 1: Cristina v Morheim (June 20 in Andro Arena, Andro ) Group D match 2: Prymont v Sunset Sea Islands (June 21 in MedPharm Dome, Meda) Second matches
      Group A match 3: Orioni v Shffahkia (June 22 in Green Stadium, Gruis) Group A match 4: Derthalen v Variota (June 23 in New National Stadium, O'polis) Group B match 3: Adaptus v Iverica (June 24 in Pontus Athletic Stadium, Pontus) Group B match 4: Fulgistan v Selayar (June 25 in Breguet Stadium, Nordhaven) Group C match 3: Asgeirria v Gallambria (June 26 in Canvas Stadium, Dion) Group C match 4: The_Eurofuhrer v Mauridiviah (June 27 in CCC Arena, Corona Borealis) Group D match 3: Cristina v Prymont (June 28 in Oris City Stadium, Oris) Group D match 4: Morheim v Sunset Sea Islands (June 29 in Andro Arena, Andro) Third matches
      Group A match 5: Orioni v Variota (June 30 in Vega Big Arch, Vega) Group A match 6: Derthalen v Shffahkia (June 30 in Green Stadium, Gruis) Group B match 5: Adaptus v Selayar (July 1 in Azadi Stadium, Perseus) Group B match 6: Fulgistan v Iverica (July 1 in Sirius Savings Stadium, Sirius) Group C match 5: Asgeirria v Mauridiviah (July 2 in Siena Fleet Park, Cygnus) Group C match 6: The_Eurofuhrer v Gallambria (July 2 in Canvas Stadium, Dion) Group D match 5: Cristina v Sunset Sea Islands (July 3 in MedPharm Dome, Meda) Group D match 6: Prymont v Morheim (July 3 in Oris City Stadium, Oris) Knockout Phase
      In the knockout phase, extra time and a penalty shoot-out are used to decide the winner if necessary.
      Quarter-final 1 Variata (group A winner) v Cristina (group D runner-up) (July 6 in MedPharm Dome, Meda) Quarter-final 2 Selayar (group B winner) v Gallambria (group C runner-up) (July 6 in Canvas Stadium, Dion) Quarter-final 3 Asgeirria (group C winner) v Iverica (group B runner-up) (July 7 in Breguet Stadium, Nordhaven) Quarter-final 4 Sunset Sea Islands (group D winner) v Derthalen (group A runner-up) (July 7 in Sirius Savings Stadium, Sirius) Semi-finals
      Semi-final 1 Variota (QF1 winner) v Gallambria (QF2 winner) (July 10 in Andro Arena, Andro) Semi-final 2 (QF3 winner) v (QF4 winner) (July 11 in Zuidmax Stadium, Zuidhaven) Final
      Third place play-off Gallambria (SF1 loser) v Iverica (SF2 loser) (July 14 in Sirius Savings Stadium, Sirius) Final semi-final 1 Variota (SF1 winner) v Sunset Sea Islands (SF2 winner) (July 15 in New National Stadium, O'polis) Game Mechanics
      The OOC signup topic can be consulted here. http://www.europans.com/?showtopic=4701
      Room for reply
      As host and game master for this RP, I will be generating random match results with the FIFA Football Match Generator. I will copypaste the results in this topic. Each match will be generated only once so the results are random. After the results are posted, each participant in the match is welcome to RP the story of their team. I will leave 2 days or 48 hours for you to reply with an RP story. This is not an obligation, but will earn you the advantage of a "second chance".
      Gain a higher chance of winning
      Players who reply with RP a story of at least 300 words will be awarded a "second chance" in the next match, meaning: I will generate two match results. This feature serves to reward active participation.
      One RP player. Should one of these two results be in favour of the player who RP'ed the story of their last match, then the favourable result will be chosen. Should a "second chance" deliver two bad results for the player who RP'd, then the result that is least negative for their side is chosen. Two RP players. This "second chance" is ignored if both players RP'd their last match.
    • By Upper Strathyclyde
      National League - Season to Start Soon
      Stockholm Badgers - 0-0-0
      Oslo Sand Sharks - 0-0-0
      US Army Football - 0-0-0
      Komzestan National Team - 0-0-0
      Free Anarchy National Elite - 0-0-0
      Stockholm Versus Komzestan - Stockholm
      Oslo Versus Free Anarchy National - Oslo
      Komzestan Versus US Army - TIE
      Stockhom Versus Free Anarchy - Stockholm
      Oslo Versus Stockhom - Stockholm
      Free anarchy Bowl - Stockholm vs Oslo
    • By Chairon
      Sport is not huge in Chairon but the one game that has attracted a sizeable following is, oddly enough, Aussie Rules. Seems the previous Araban was a bit of a footy buff, having encountered it on a diplomatic trip overseas, and the game kind of took off from there.
      There's 5 teams in the league. Fifteen rounds a season, teams play each other three times and the top two sides play in the Grand Final to decide the champion.
      Here's the results from Round 1, 2006.

      Morecia North v Morecia South 2. 2 (14)   5.0 (30) 6. 5 (41)   7.3 (45) 12. 8 (80)   7.6 (48) 16.12 (108) 10.9 (69) Goals: North: Baker 6, Neville 3          South: Hayden 6 Summary: In the local derby, the Hawks overcame a sluggish start to overwhelm the Swans by 39 points. Bill Baker and Tom Hayden kicked 6 goals each. Swans ruckman Victor Charles was reported for striking in the third quarter. Archo   v  Destin 4. 4 (28)   5.3 (33) 4. 8 (32)   9.3 (57) 5.12 (42)  12.5 (77) 5.12 (42)  19.8 (122) Goals:  Archo : Callahan 2           Destin: Vincenzi 7, Pryor 4, Slade 2 Summary: Archo were humiliated at home by the classy Destin side. Teenage sensation Arcangelo Vincenzi kicked seven on debut, while veteran Peter Slade dominated in the midfield. George Callahan was the best for a woeful Lions team that looks set for another horror season. Parrian had the bye this week.

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