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DPM Vs Digital


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Now this may be a bit of a weird topic but, I thought it was something worth discussing.


Well, I was told yesterday that, even though the British Army has just introduced the DPM Soldier 2000 pattern camouflage, it is to be fazed out already. The news comes from a reliable source, my CO, who is at current an RAF Flight Lieutenant. Now it seems to me, this does show you just what the MOD has turned into. Wasting money on upgrading the camouflage, when the current pattern is as good as any other. Also, to me the current British Army uniform has became a symbol of our military, no other military has a pattern like it, apart from the Dutch. Now it is to be replaced with a Digital Pattern similar to that I would imagine of the Canadian CADPAT pattern.


Now to be honest. The Digital pattern camouflage is a good pattern, as is the DPM, in my eyes there is nothing different from the two styles. Before the advent of the CADPAT pattern, the British DPM pattern was the best camouflage pattern in the world, and won cam and concealment competitions across the world. So is there a reason to change such a pattern? Or is this down to British rivalry, wanting to be better than it's former colony?


Here's an example of both patterns.


user posted image

Current British DPM Soldier 95/2000


user posted image

Canadian Digital CADPAT


But to be honest, why spend time developing a new pattern, when you could use the Crye Multi-cam pattern.



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I'd say that a lot is driven by new commanders wanting to "make a change" or "make their mark" at the command they are at (at least in my experience). Two examples (in the US Navy). In 2003, we were told that there was going to massive new changes in the manner in which we advance. It would change from a combination of an examination + performance evaluations to a computer algorithm that would use the "mystical" NKO (Navy Knowledge Online), a "resource" that would track a sailor's developemnt in the Navy. Three years later, this has been abandoned, and the new "NKO 2.0" will be implemented (about the same time a new commander arrives. The old system isn't used for much anymore.

Part 2 - we're also getting new uniforms next year, making a complete overhaul in uniforms about every six years. We'll be going to urban camo (great for a black submarine), and our four uniforms for work (2 whites for summer, 2 blacks for winter) will be merged with the marine corps uniforms. dry.gif

Too many times I've seen change for change's sake, especially when in involves contractors who are seeking to make a buck (i.e. pointless uniform changes). And yes, there are alot of off-the-shelf items that are better and cheaper that standard issue, but procurement contracts often eliminate the opportunity to obtain access to these items.

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