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Plausible Deniability

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Philos paused to make sure the corridor was empty. So far his fake ID as a cleaner had worked well and his childhood growing up near the border had done wonders for his fake Tagmatine. Quickly he produced a lockpick set and a few short seconds later had the door to his left open and shut behind him.


As was the custom the embassy had been built by Tagmatium based contractors. After all you don't ask your host to build it, who knows what they might leave behind? Someone, somewhere had obviously decided this should be no barrier to knowledge and so the order had come down and in a bar somewhere in a less salubrious area of Anaxeia money had changed hands and Philos had carried the little package away with him. He hadn't asked but Philos was pretty sure that this little transaction had been duplicated accross the city... probably once for each embassy.


A pass had been fairly easy to procure once he found a cleaner whose capacity for drink exceeded his caution. A quick bit of forgery had been sufficient to make something that would withstand casual inspection and a couple of days later he had made the run. So far it had gone without a hitch, of course he still had to get out.


Philos quickly surveyed the office, comparing it to the description he had been given. It seemed right so he set to work on the telephones. Amazing to think that these small bits of kit could combine tap, directional mike and piggy back the line to deliver their info. Well, that was two offices down, two to go. With any luck he could get this done and get out in time for a beer. Philos knew the risk he was taking but the money was definately worth it. Money could get you almost anything in Nevareion, including plausible deniability.

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