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The image of supermodels


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Question: Is the "stick thin" image of supermodels damaging the health of young girls?


The image of supermodels like Kate Moss is blamed by criticts for damaging the health of young girls who starve themselves to emulate their idols. There are demands for the industry to stop holding up the anorexic look as model of beauty. Health campaigners say the culture of extreme thinness is provoking cases og bulimia and anorexia. WEB/ Should authorities take action against fashion shows and the industry?


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I really hate that now they are trying to sell the same rubbish "beauty products" to men as well. Top of the list is moisturiser. Does no one understand why they always say things like "tackle the signs of aging" or "visibly reduce" or " make you look younger" (emphasis mine). They are basically lying. It makes you look younger by over hydrating the skin. Look. Not really be but look. If they sold it honestly they wouldn't sell so instead they twist the words and take advantage of the insecurity created by fashion and media.


I'm not even going to begin my rant about the warped kind of body image that models force on the young - boys and girls - cos we just ain't got time.


P.S. if this spellchecker tells me one more time that an "-ise" ending is wrong I'll turn it off. Ya hear me ya little yellow striping spelling code!

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I'm glad they are finally doing this. Models are often sickly looking and there's nothing sexy about someone seeing your bones sticking out of your body. The "plus" size models right now are really the size models should be. I mean, let them eat a pizza once in a while!

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And when you say their size isn't sexy at all...


"Oh god, I knew it, I'm a fat cow. I need to intensify my diet."


Edit: And another discusting thing in this whole issue is that the industry first needed to actually see a skeleton-model collapse and die on the catwalk to have a wake-up call.

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BTW, I can't recall seeing any non-models wearing the clothes you see on the cat walk. Would normal women really consider wearing this type of clothes?

Not in the streets.....That's why they have to make place to walk...and named it "Cat walk"...not "ladies walk" laugh.gif

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