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NS Surfing Tour Competition

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Aloha Airlines jet arriving at Honolulu International


The sun was rising as Holakio was looking out as the VIP boarding area of Honolulu International, watching the Aloha Airlines jumbo jet begining to board. The crowd was waiting for him to board, and he, in turn, was waiting for Api Kiko to arrive.


?That damn woman! She knows she was supposed to be here two hours early to make this plane! You know, if it wasn?t for her shenanigans??


?Like being a prostitute??, asked his brother and assistant, Kene.


?Well, yeah, but I wouldn?t have put it like that??, answered Hola, blushing. ?Bra, please, don?t talk like that, eh??


?Look, I call it as I see it. Anyway, we don?t have time to wait. I checked the boards, they?re in their cases on the plane, you have your tunes loaded up on your aquapod, and all we have to do is get on board the plane.?, said Kene.


Hola insisted, ?I told her I?d wait for her, and we?d go to the competition together, representing the Kingdom as a team.?


?Look, Bra, if she can?t make it on time, then we should just leave. We?ll make sure her boards are safe, and all she has to do is get her skanky ass to the next plane.?, offered Kene.


?Yeah, I know you?re right, but??


Kene pleaded, ?But nothing! There is a reason you?re a pro, she?s an amateur! You?re disciplined, she?s a flake. Now come on, lets go.?


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"King Rom" after winning the Aiea Winward Coast Challenge


Holakio emerged from the VIP lounge to thunderous applause from the onlookers in the airport. He waived, gave high fives and ?hang loose? picture ops for his fans and media outlets, eventually boarding the plane.


Shortly thereafter, once everyone was aboard, a loudspeaker announced, ?Last boarding call for Lonngeylin. Last boarding call for Lonngeylin.? No one showed, so the aircrew secured the entry to the plane, and the plane taxied onto the runway, just as a stunning blonde ran into the boarding area.


?Wait, Wait, hold the plane!?, yelled Aki, the ?bad girl? of the KBI Surf Authority.


The aircrew supervisor apologized, ?I?m sorry ma?m, but we couldn?t wait any longer. The gentleman said that he needed to go, and was unable to wait any longer.?


?That son of a b*tch! I told him to wait for me!?, screamed Aki. ?He just took off without ME! If that?s the way he wants to be, fine! I can be a real b*tch, too!?


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Miniature model of the hand crafted board to be used in the competition




OOC: The NS competition is here NS Surfing Tour

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The King on the wave that cemented a top five placement


King Rom takes 5th in Inaugural NS Surf tour

Lonngeylin, Vilita (Honolulu Star Bulletin) - Romulus Kahani'i, aka "King Rom", the KBI Authority 2006 surf champion, took fifth place in a field of seventy eight surfers the inaugural NS Surf tour in Lonngeylin, Vilita. Api Kiko, a KBIA favorite placed 18th, after dropping in on a wave (cutting in on a wave that was occupied), and then taking a hard gouge (turn) and almost losing her balance. However, the combined score has catapulted Europa's team into 4th place overall.


A sunny day with a windward breeze of about 25 kph provided the ideallic background for the field of professionals gathering from all regions of the Nations States. Intense media coverage from hundreds of regions have added to the stress that the participants feel, as they represent their nations in what has quickly become a highly competitive and high visibility sporting event.


After placing in the top five, Mr. Kahani'i was asked if he had ripped (performed to the best of his ability). He responded, "Bra, I'm just getting a feel for the waves here in Vilita. The frequency downshifting is shorter than in the KBI, and cnoid waves are a little longer here. Next time, with the Kahuna's blessing, I'll do even better against the excellent competition here."


After seeing Ms. Kiko parting late into the night before the competition, she was asked if the late night affected her performance. "Der ain't nottin wrong wit my performance, boy. And what I do is my biz, haole!", she exclaimed, as she walked off, giving this reporter a single finger salute.


The KBIA has high hopes for the two representatives from the Kingdom. "We hope to place in the top ten, as we aren't too familiar with the competitors yet", commented Issac Pano'a, the chairman of the KBIA.



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Kene resting at the "Surf Hut" after the competition


?So you think that if I toe-in the second board, that I?ll have a better response at Crosaibi??, asked Hola, adjusting the fins on his board.


Kene answered as he waxed his board, ?Yeah, you gonna have to keep clear of da coral on the left side of the inlet. I saw a local dude get scabbed real bad. It was like, blood everywhere, crazy man.?


?Well, at least we have a few hours to catch up on our sleep before we have?ta be there. I hear they have fresh squid, eh? Maybe they even have poi??, asked Hola.


?Na way, man. Da haole don? drink da poi, they can? handle it.?, responded Kene.


At that moment, the door to the shop flung open, with an angry blonde glaring at the two men working on their boards. ?Who da hell to you think you are ? no wait, I know! You?re the ?Mighty Rom, King of the surfers, and biggest jerk in the Kingdom?! You left without me! You knew I was coming, yet you just got on the plane and left without me!?, screamed Aki.


?Hey sistah, calm down! I waited fo? you, but you??, Hola interjected.


Aki continued, ?You left without me! I hadda pay for the trip out here with my own money! You couldda kept the plane a few more minutes, but you left!?


Kane interrupted, wagging his finger, ?We did, but you couldn?t make it on time! We waited almost twenty minutes, but you was a no-show, so we left.?


?You shut up, you sonna b*tch! I?m not talking to you!?, retorted Api.


?Well, look on the bright side, Api. I hear Crosaibi has a Naval base, and their fleet is in, so maybe you find a boyfriend, or two, or three ? hundred!?, Kana said, his face turning red, as he was trying not to laugh ? unsuccessfully.


?You bastard!?, Api screamed, as she lunged at Kane, who grabbed her by the wrists, to keep her from hitting him. She and Kane continued to struggle, until Hola broke them up.


?Kane! Keep quiet! Api! Being late was your own fault! Stop making excuses for not showing up on time, and go home and get some rest! You look exhausted.?, said Hola, trying to calm her down.


Aki glared a Hola, turned around, and stormed out the shop door, slamming it as she left.


?Well, I guess you told her!?, smirked Kane. ?Dat?s OK, you know she?s gonna stay out all night anyways.?


Hola said, ?That?s too bad, she?s got potential, but no discipline. If she keeps going like dis, she?s gonna get schooled real hard.?


The guys looked at each other, shrugged, and went back to waxing their board, in preparation for Crosaibi.


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Aki studing the standings after her second run



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Rom awaiting the results of the judges balloting of his final run


King Romulus wins the Crosaibi Coast Challenge!


Crosaibi, Vilita (HSB) ? Romulus Kahani'i, aka "King Rom?, took first place at the Crosaibi Coast Challenge in the Nation States Surfing Tour, showing the value of practicing fundamental, sound surfing techniques. ?When I took to the surf, I saw the beach breaks on the right side countering the reef breaks on the left side, reminding me of the Makalapa Invitational last year. After a few adjustments to my board, I was able to get lucky with the line up of the waves, and made some good runs. Simply put, hard work, fundamentals, and good luck all played key parts today!?, said the King, in a post competition interview.


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Pele Wahini sets up for her second run during the competition


Additionally, Aki Kiko improved her performance from 18th to 6th place, the highest rated female the Crosaibi Coast Challenge. ?I don? care what anyone says, you just have to feel the waves, and go with the rhythm, and everything will play out well. With a little luck, may I win da next run!?, said Aki, as she left to celebrate her standing. ?Now, stop following me, I jus? wanna have fun wit da cute boys here! Later!?


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Intense competition a the near the outer sandbar for a good wave at Crosaibi


This new showing has propelled the Kingdom of Bainbridge Islands to second place in the overall standings in the first NS Surfing Tour. ?With continued improvement, we may just stand a chance of bringing the championship to Europa!?, proclaimed Issac Pano'a, the KBIA chairman.



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Observation area at Turoki Isle for the Surf Sile Competition


At the sponsors buffet line?


?Hey, bra, how you feeling?? asked Kane, between bites of his sandwich. One of the benefits of surf competitions was the free food ? a bonus Kane always made a point of helping himself. ?You placed good ? in the top ten again! Why you look so down??


?You know, I feel bad for Aki??, Hola (Rom) started?


?Yeah, too bad she still not as good as you!? interjected Kane, spilling some of his soda, mimicking her falling off her board on her last run.


?No, not that? She has such potential, but she doesn?t take the sport seriously. I mean, all she does is party, never practicing. How is she going to get any better??, asked Hola, rhetorically.


?Maybe she don? wanna? get better. Maybe she?s just a sleezy bimbo who can surf? Who knows??, said Kane.


?No, I think she just dosen?t understand the brains about surfing??,


?Oh, and let me see, you?re just the guy to ?show her?. I have bad news fo? you, bra. A lotta guys have already ?shown her? what to do. You?d just be another anodder dummy who tinks he can change her. Trust me, you can?t. Anyway, she hates you guts, so why she listen to you??, said Kane.


?Ya know, I have a gut feelin? that she really wants to be a bedda surfer.?, said Hola.


At that moment, Aki walked by the buffet stand, and Hola saw her.


?Hi!?, said Hola.


?Go suck a root!?, said Aki, who then stuck out her tongue at him.


As she walked away, Kane said, trying not to laugh too much, ?Oh yeah, bra, I really thinks she wants your help!?


Hola just kept quiet, chewing on the deep-fried calimari, wondering what her problem was.



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KBI surfers place in the top ten at Surf Sile, on Turoki Isle, Vilita

Turoki Is. (Honolulu Star Bulletin) ? On an overcast day, both surfers from the Kingdom placed in the top ten, cementing Bainbridge Island?s team position in the top ten teams. King Romulus placed eighth, commenting that he had some difficulties getting good ridge placement on the crests of the waves. ?I had a hard time gathering the waves, and of course, which led to a hard time trying to make good runs.?

Aki Kiko was right behind the king, with a ninth place finish. She looked to be on her way with a perfect run, but while trying a traditional ?hang ten?, she fell off her board, lowering her total score. ?I thought I had it, but I couldn?t pull it off. I?m really disappointed?, said Aki, in the post surf press conference. ?But I have shown, so far, that a woman can surf as well as a man!?, she commented, but was rebuffed by some of the locals who shouted, ?You may be hot, but you ain?t won nothin?! When you win somthin?, then talk. Until then, shut up!?



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Romulus has a third perfect run at Tiones


King Romulus takes third place in NS Surf Tour, KBI returns to 2nd in Group Competition!

Yeaddin, Vilita, (HBS) ? King Romulus placed third at the Tiones Lumber Open, and with Aki Kiko placing eleventh, the KBI has solidified its position in the overall Inaugural NS Surf Competition. On a beautiful day on the beaches of Tiones, the solid duo of the KBI, Hola Romulus Kahani'i and Aki Kiko have demonstrated the proficiency of the KBI Surf Authority, by posting excellent runs and earning outstanding scores.

?For this event, I decided to use a ?squish tail?, which is used for deeper ocean surfing, normally, but I thought that, with the way the waves were breaking on away on the left side, I?d be able to take advantage of any upsurgers?, commented Romulus when asked about his performance. ?I really had high hopes for a good finish, and I guess it paid off.?


user posted image

Aki Kiko poses for pictures


Aki Kiko was unavailable for comment on her run. ?She will be fined for her lack of cooperation, as per her contract with the KBISA?, said Issac Pano?a, the director of the KBI Surf Authority. ?We are guests, and as representatives of the KBI, we need to demonstrate respect for our hosts. This will not be tolerated again from her.?


The KBI has appeared to secured a spot in the top ten nations, with the latest results of the competition. ?We don?t want to be overconfident, but if we continue to perform well, we could ice a top three national place!?, re-iterated Issac Pano?a.


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Members of the Honolulu Star Bulletin press corps covering the Tour


Additionally, the Honolulu Star-Bulletin received a ?A+? for its ?Media Rating?, a measure of media coverage of the NS Surf Competition. ?We are thankful for the acknowledgement of our reporting and photojournalism of the competition?, said Jamie Kanololapa?a, editor of the HBS. ?This event is being followed on a daily basis by the Kingdom, and clear, up-to-date journalism is absolutely vital for this major event.?




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Aki Kiko at Turoki Island


At the Silver Star hotel?s conference room?


?Listen, I was busy with other stuff and couldn?t make the conference?, said Aki.


Issac Pana?o, adjusted his Aloha shirt, the one with the day-glo yellow and black pineapples, and said, ?You have a contractual agreement to meet with the media after every Tour event. You didn?t make the last one. Unless there was an ?act of god?, like getting struck by lightening, or getting eaten by a shark, there?s no excuse for not being where you?re supposed to be. As such, you will be penalized 10,000 Tikis for your actions?


?It was only one time! Its so unfair! You all are a bunch of bastards!?, Aki said, with tears welling up in her eyes. ?I can?t afford that kind of fine! You know that!?


?Not my problem. You knew what the consequences of your actions would be, and still, you chose to ignore them. Don?t turn on the waterworks for me, wahini! I know they?re really crocodile tears. And trust me, I?ve seen much better than you with this routine.?, said Issac.


?I promise that I won?t miss another conference again! Just don? take the money I?ve earned away! I need it!?, said Aki.


?Yes, that takes me to another point. Because of your shenanigans in the bars and clubs, you are going to have a curfew of 2200 hours, every night, starting tonight?, said Issac.


?What! I?m a grown woman ? and that?s crap?, yelled Aki, her face turning red.


Issac countered, ?It may be crap, but you signed the contract, allowing the designated KBISA representative, me, to enforce any actions to protect the integrity of the KBI. You, miss, are a little too, shall we say, ?free spirited?, and are going to have to calm down a bit ? and focus on the tour.?


?What do you mean ?free spirited?? I just like a good time and I don?t need a prison guard!?


?Let me tell you why you do. Remember the fight you go into with the three girls in Lonngeylin? The episode when you took off your shirt and later said you ?forgot? you didn?t have a bikini top on? In Crosaibi, when the local media had full color shots of you passed out behind a Dumpster the morning after you went ?partying?? At Turoki Isle, when you went out on the waves and threw up during your second run??, countered Issac.


?I can explain??, said Aki.


?No you can?t. We both know this is just the tip of the mountain - I don't feel like going over the rest. From now on, you're on a short leash. One wrong move, one accident, one ?mistake? and you will not only be pulled from the NS Tour, but you?ll be banned from competition in the KBISA. You?ll be lucky if you can go snowboarding in Nan Gorgwaith! So you better clean up your act?, said Issac.


Aki?s tears started to well up as Issac left. ?By the way, good luck tomorrow?, he said, with a tinge of sarcasm.



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Api learns she placed first after cleaning her long board


Api Kiko stuns the crowd with 1st at the Surf Morata Valley


Morata Point, Vilita (HSB) ? Api Kiki, the Pele Wahini (bad girl) of the Kingdom of the Bainbridge Islands Surf Authority, was the first woman to take first place in international competition. She made a series of brilliant runs, and using a ?goofy foot? stance, she canted her board, allowing her better handling on the rails, and propelling her to the win.

?I was in a funk for the past few days, but after the rain cleared, and seeing the sun, I was rejunivated. When I got in to the water, it seemed like I knew what each wave was going to do, and what I was going to do on it! I?m thrilled about my performance!?, she said, attending the post-competition interview.

King Rom was quoted as saying, ?I?m really proud on her performance ? seeing her ride waves out there was pure beauty, brah.? He placed fifth in the Morata Valley, and was able to keep his overall first place standing.

Individually, King Romulus is still in first overall, and Api Kiko has taken fourth place in the overall standings. The KBISA has also maintained its second place standing in the overall team competition. ?Our surfers are demonstrating what consistent practice and rest will do for a good performance?, said Issac Pana?o, from the KBISA.


user posted image

Summer Conlin (Vilita) shooting a pipe at Morata Valley

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Kina, Kilia, and Api posing for "Islander Surfer"


?I did it! I topped the field!?, screamed Api, as she ran towards her girlfriends.


?Sistah, I knew you could do it ? now you hav?ta come party wit us!?, said Kina, jumping with her.


Api responded, ?I, uh, I?m sorry, I can?t.?


?Wat you mean you can?t?! You da first woman who won a tourny! You have?ta celebrate! C?mon!?, egged Kina. ?You know we have a good time, and we find some cute guys, yeah??


?That jerk, Issac, said that if he caught me fooling around past 2200, he?d can me! I can?t afford to leave here if I do get busted!?, said Api.


Kilia, her other friend, had an idea? ?Hey, what if we pull a fast one on the old fat ass? You make sure he sees you go in your room, and I?ll sneak in, take your place, and when you?re done, you come back, and he?ll never know.?


?You sure? I mean, he may be a jerk, but he?s pretty sharp.?, said Api.


?Yeah, yeah, don?t worry about it, eh? Just get ready, and I?ll take care of the rest!?


Api finally relented, ?Oh, OK! I?ll go!?




Later that night, Kilia heard a knock on Api?s door.


?Who is it??, asked Kilia, trying to sound like Api.


?It?s Issac. You don?t sound so good. Are you OK??


?Yeah, I?m OK. Just tired!?, said Kilia, masking her voice in a pillow.


?Alright? just wanted to congratulate you, eh??, said Issac.


?Thanks!?, said Kilia.


?Well, I?m off. By the way??, said Issac, ?Tell Api she off the tour ? I?m sure she already knows.?




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Surfers at the Capital City Open


KBI surfers stay competitive at the Capital City Open


Alikki-Corra, Villita (AP) ? The KBI duo, Rom & Api, have kept pace in the competition, with the King taking second place in a challenging surf, as Api climbed past Skeeter Monroe of Casari, to ninth place. With their combined scores, the KBI has managed to take the top standing in the group competition, scraping hosts Vilita by half a point.

In the overall standings, Rom holds the top spot, about four points over Al-Va from the Az-Cz, and seven points over Viiker Surf from Vilita. ?Both dose braddas are real tough, and remember, out here, all it takes is a few bad runs, and you?re sucking hind pipe.? Halo (King Romulus) also said, ?Api and I, we both have to keep our head in the game, and focus on waveriding. If you keep watching the boards, you just gonna watch yourself fall down the standings. I think if both of us concentrate, we?ll do OK.?

Api was unavailable for comment, as she was in a conference meeting with the KBISA regarding internal issues. An announcement was due to follow afterwards.




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Api looking for her board after her third run at Captial City


At the Opal Sunset conference room, in the Grand Capital Hotel, Alikki-Corra, Vilita?


?What do you mean ?I?m off the tour?! You can?t do this to me! I took first at Morata Valley, and I?m in the top ten! You?d be a fool to drop me. Anyways, what are you going to do, replace me now??


?Actually, yes?, said Isaac. ?You, for some reason, think you?re ?bullet proof?. The board is tired of you shenanigans. Some things, some times, sure. But too many of the things you do simply cross the line. So we wanted to see how you?d comport yourself in international competition. Frankly, you?re horrible.?


?How can you say that! I?m one of the best out there??, exclaimed Api.


Isaac said retorted, ?Your performance is only part of the total sum. You?re a role model to thousands of girls back home, and??


?I?m not a role model. That?s not my job?!?, said Api, angrily.


?Yes, you?re right, that?s not your job. Not anymore. I?ll be on a teleconference in about an hour, and we?ll finish the paperwork to have Dina Kalana be the second surfer here, instead of you. Her plane should land tomorrow.?, said Isaac.


Api sat in stunned silence. She figured that in spite of her actions, she?d never be replaced. After all, she?s the best woman surfer in the KBI, period. But they?re going to replace her.


?Api, hellooo!?, said Isaac. ?You?re going to have to leave now, I have to take a call.?


Api got up, and numbly walked to the door. As she started to open it, tears well up in her eyes, as she turned the doorknob.


She started to turn around, but realizing that she had no recourse, walked through the door, her tournament over.



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Mark Loili (Aurendia) taking a bad roll at Captial City


In the stairwell, Grand Capital Hotel, Vilita?


Halo heard some sobbing as he was getting ice for his pack ? he won a good bruise after his last run when the tip of his board found his thigh. Black and blue, but at least it didn?t pierce the skin, just a 25 cm mark. He opened the door, and saw Api sitting down, crying.


?Api, you OK? Why you crying??, said Halo, surprised to see, of all people, Api showing emotion.


She retorted, ?None of your business! Leave me alone!?


?Hey, you don? usually cry for anyone, so what happen? Why are you cryin???, asked Halo, as he placed his hand on her shoulder.


?I said ?leave me alone?!?, she said, sobbing even more.


?Listen,?, said Halo, ?I?m not going to leave until you tell me what?s happening?, sitting down beside her.


?I?m not going to tell you!?


Halo said, ?Well, then I guess I?m going to be here for a while?, as he adjusted the ice pack on his leg.


After a minute, she broke down. ?I?m kicked off the tour! I?m gone! It dosen?t matter that I?m the best woman, one of the best surfers, that I won Morata. I?m gone!?, she said crying, embracing Halo. ?Its not fair, its just not fair!?


After a silent moment, Halo asked, ?What are you going to do??


?I don?t know?, she mumbled. ?They won?t even pay for my ticket back. Nothing. I don?t even know where I?m going to be tomorrow. I just don?t know anything anymore?, as she started to cry again.


Rom closed his eyes for a minute, and said, hesitantly, ?I have an idea. Problem is, you have to do exactly what I say, everything I say, and do everything I tell you to. If you do, I might be able to help you.?


?I?ll do it?


?You don?t know what?s involved??, said Halo.


Api said, ?Look, I?m at the bottom. I need to get back up. If you can help me, I?ll do it. Just name it.?


?OK. Go back to your room and wait for me.?, said Halo, as he got up, limping, now that his leg was numb.


user posted image

Local artwork commemorating the NS Surf Tour



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?Come in?, a voice said from behind the finely finished mahogany door.


Halo opened the door, and said, ?Hey Isaac, do you have a moment??


Upon looking up from the paperwork, Isaac smiled broadly, and said ?I always have a moment for you, Halo! What can I do for you??


?Well, I have a favor to ask??


?I have an inkling about what that favor is, and the answer is ?no??, said Isaac, shaking his head.


?I know she?s a real pain in the ass, but she has potential!?, said Halo.


?Potential is only as good as the work that goes into it. She has no discipline, and she acts like a simple party prostitute. Granted, one that shred a wave like a genius, but still, she isn?t serious about her gift. She?s going to be on the next flight I can arrange out of here?, said Isaac, as he leaned back in his chair.


?Let me change your mind??, began Halo. ?I can make you an offer that you?ve wanted for a long time, and to the benefit of both of us.?


Isaac leaned forward, and said, ?OK, you have my attention. Sell your idea!? Isaac smiled, as he loved a challenged, especially one that had no downside ? as he saw it.


?You?ve been wanting me to more involved with the media??, started Halo.


?Go on?, said Isaac, raising an eyebrow.


?And I really hate it. But I also realize that I need to expand the depth of my expertise. After all, I can?t surf forever. At least, professionally. That?s something the SA is dreading.?


?What?s that??, asked Isaac.


?The day I leave professional surfing?, answered Halo. ?I need a prot?g?. That?s where Api comes in. I?ll train her as my student.?


?Did I hear you right? You want to train Api? The woman who spit in your face last year at the Waimea Open? You know the SA has a strict doping program??, said Isaac, feigning concern.


?Here?s the deal. I train Api, and I?ll do more interviews with the media or commentaries, or whatever. If she gets out of line, either from my training program or from her curfew, she?s gone. That simple. No down side for you. You?ve ?given? her a second chance, I get to teach what I know, and the SA potentially gets a replacement for me. How about it?? asked Halo.


?Its against my better judgement, but, since I like you? Yes. Deal. She steps out of line ? she?s gone. Period?, said Isaac. ?Good luck with your project!?, he added, chuckling under his breath.


?Isaac, thanks for the opportunity?, said Halo.


?I?ll talk to you in a week, and see if you?re still so optimistic.?



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