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Please read the Akiiryan News thread. Before postign replies iC please post OOC


1. Who you're government is going to send

2. How they are going to react/act

3. Any questions you have related to the ceremony, Weregeld (Tam..this would be an excellent time to pay the individual weregeld demanded)

4. Anything ealse you want/need to know.


@Tag...we need to talk a little about your guy.

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1.) The government will send the ambassador in Akiiryu. However, Field Marshall von Steinburg (Chief of Staff) and Colonel Schaffner (leader of the anti-terror-group that day) will be their on their own as well.


2.) The ambassador will do as he was instructed: Show respect and pay the "compensation for pain and suffering" to the family of Joranic.

Field Marshall von Steinburg and Colonel Schaffner will both salute to Joranic at his grave. Then both will walk to Joranic's family, especially N'Jorth and salute to him. Von Steinburg will apologize for the death of Joranic and say that he's the supreme commander of the tamurinian forces and therefor responsible for his death. Schaffner will say that his forces killed Joranic and that he failed. Then he'll drop to his knees and say that he'll do whatever N'Jorth asks of him to ease his suffering (and the look on his face will tell that he means that).


3.) No further questions. I guess it will be a standard ceremony. All the things my guys will do will be after the funeral when everybody is saying goodbye in his own way.


4.) You're allright with this?

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