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[IDEA]?'Nation Factbook' Forum?

Would you maintain your own factbook?  

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  1. 1. Would you maintain your own factbook?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Pies?

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Recently, I noticed how some members are very busy maintaing all sorts of detailed information about their nation. That made me wonder if it might be a good idea to give everyone an area to start their own 'national factbook'. You know, like some of use have created wiki's over at the NS wiki.


This poll is open to everyone, but I'd specifically like to hear comments from our RP moderators: Tamurin, Adaptus, Akiiryu and Tagmatium. Thank you.

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You can always create your own at this address: http://www.editthis.info/wiki/Main_Page

That may prove to be an interesting alternative. Thank you for mentioning this.


Please forgive my naiveness, but do you mean a kind of regional wiki, with each individual maintaining their own areas?

Comparing it to a little wiki would seem right, yes. Since we don't have the ability to create a wiki inhere, and there are pieces of national factbooks all over the place, this idea seemed to be a good way to capture everything in one place.


I tried to edit my Wiki nation page, but it doesn't work. I think NS Wiki is full. sad.gif

The problem with NSwiki is the server bandwith. One person pays for all of it, and the usage greatly outnumbers the actual allowed bandwith. This means that most of the times you try to load a page, you end up getting nothing. Load and reloading your wanter page a couple of times usually works, although I can't promise anything.


Good plan. But you seriously need an option that combines 'yes' and 'pies'

Thanks, I'll remember that for another poll. wink.gif


I think it is a good idea although myself I will use my own wiki - just for sear convenience reeally. Anything that gives others the option to do the same, particularly since NSwiki is somewhat... er... unreliable, is a good thing.

Bhalman/New Caldari mentioned using a wiki. I'm aware that not everyone can work with a wiki. I thought about adding a free wiki to this forum using frames (very much like the arcade works -- see navbar) but then you'd still need to register etc. I remember Q102 having a wiki working inside the forum. Could you explain how you did that and what the overall cost was? Thank you.

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