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Ide Jima

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Ah, gotta love power craving generals. I personally frown upon most armies in terms of organization because of this. Brazil's, for example. Only in 1985 we got civil rights back-- the army could beat everyone at will, and most of the important members in the military are always ready for another "counter-revolution"... there's even a proeminent group, filled with generals, colonels, and another high-ranked officers, the Guararapes Group. I learned about it through my uncle, a former airborne and a colonel, who's a member of this group, and a true nationalist nut. sleep.gif


Good luck to Thailand, if there is a coup, you'll most likely need tons of luck and complacency.

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The story continues, and here I thought Thailand was a peaceful monarchy..


'Coup' sparks Thailand emergency



Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has declared a state of emergency in Bangkok amid reports of a coup attempt.


Soldiers have entered Government House and tanks have moved into position around the building.


user posted image




I do hope our dear friend Koku and all other people in Thailand won't be subject to any violence in case this escalates. unsure.gif

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