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My girlfriend and I have been together for 2 years and 10 months now, 3 years on Novermber 3rd. I love her very much and she probably saved me from becoming a complete hermit. =P I can't see us breaking up in the forseeable future, so umm... yay for us! tongue.gif

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Poor old lonesome me.


Although I actually haven't left the house much in the last few weeks.




That sounds really bad, but I'm kicking my heels until I go to uni in October, so I have my excuses. But I'll probably be really pale by then, due to having no natural light on me for a large amount of days. I also have no money due to not having a job in the period from when I got sacked from my old one and today, beacuse as soon as you mention "I hope to go to uni" you turn yourself into an unemployable pariah in Bristol.


EDIT: Plus, is that the Royal We in the title? tongue.gif

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