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Greetings from the Republic of Tamurin.


Our nation is relatively young. Our people are hard-working, compassionate and enjoy a quiet and simple life. Our nation's animal is the eagle, our currency is the credit and our language is German, but English is used by many citizens.


Our government, which is of course led by me, is rated as an "authoritarian democracy". We think that this is a little harsh; we just don't allow every stupid idea which some citizens come up with. We support the idea of a liberal society but if we ignore the moral implications of our decisions, our nation will loose its unity and we will be divided into many fractions weakening each other instead of strengthening our nation. Our national motto "United we stand!" always reminds us of this fact!


Our priorities in the national politics are Commerce, Law & Order and Defense, but we incorporate social politics and education. Our top industry is the Information Technology. Our current tax rate is 38 %, and we try to maintain this level.


A healthy level of patriotism on a powerful basis of democracy define our nation. Our people are proud of our nation and share the belief, that with hard work, unity and a focus on new technologies, a constant progress into a better future is possible.



As the president of Tamurin I would like to join Europa and offer our qualities to serve this region which we call "Home" now.



[Out of character]



I'm relatively new to this game, so I might ... no, I DO not know everything here. Especially with his whole invading-and-defending-stuff...

I'm not a UN member, so I can't help you with that; and even if I was I'd rather learn more about this "war" before I enter it. But if you need a translation for communication with german players, just tell me.

If there are any problems understanding what I'm writing, please let me know. I'm a German and I only use my English when watching CNN, DVD's or surfing the Internet (which is passive, I'm not talking then).


Allright, are there any questions so far?

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Good to have you aboard. Welcome to the region. I'm glad that you decided to join our forum, that way the NS-experience (NS=NationStates) will be more positive and less boring.


If you like, you can apply for a spot on the map BUT you have to become an active member and not just some passer-by (passant). We use it to play RPs (roleplays).


About the war-thingie, I agree that this might still be too early for you, seeing you're a newby. If you are getting more interested, reading the subforum named "Europa Army" might provide you with some answers.


Good luck and see you around,



Wenn du mich gerne was fragen m?chtest auf Deutsch dan kanst du mich immer ein nachricht schicken, du sollst nur einloggen auf dieses forum und auf "PM" drukken (unter meinen name hier). Freundliche gr??en, Orioni

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If you like, you can apply for a spot on the map BUT you have to become an active member and not just some passer-by (passant). We use it to play RPs (roleplays).


Well, that's what I'm here for. In Real-Life-Mode I play some P&P-Roleplays like AD&D, so I'm familiar with the concept.

So, what do I have to do to apply for a spot?


With the war-stuff: I'll read through the topics and try to catch up.


Und danke f?r das Angebot auf deutsch zu fragen!


See you around!




Map: Found the topic - I should really start to read through everything before I ask! wink.gif

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(OOC: Is it OK to use this Topic for news about my nation?)


Tamurin's Government System:


All Tamurinians who are at least 18 years old, elect the president and the parliament.

The President is responsible for the foreign policy and he is the commander-in-chief of Tamurins miliary. He also appoints the members of the high court of Tamurin. The President is elected for 7 years.


The Parliament elects a prime minister and passes laws. The Parliament is elected for 5 years.

The prime minister appoints ministers and is responsible for the interior affairs of the state.

The foreign minister and the defense minister are more like aides to the President than real ministers.


Tamurin's national anthem:


National anthem of Tamurin


It's about 2 MB. Sorry, but all MIDI-Files with that anthem sounded horrible (at best!).


Tamurin's national animal and coat of arms (? Wappen ?):


user posted image

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--- News from Tamurin ---


The socialist government is no more. After a very heated debate about tax spending the christian-democratic ZENTRUM refused support for the socialist prime minister.


The President dismissed the prime minister after the break-down of his coalition. The leader of the national-conservative party started forming an alliance with the ZENTRUM and the other right-wing parties.


It is most likely that the parliament will elect him as new prime minister in the next few days.


However, it is possible that he won't be prime minister too long. If another coalition-break-down occurs soon, the President will have to dismiss the parliament and initiate re-elections.


(OOC: Tamurin changed back to "Authoritarian democracy")

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