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...Foreign Minister, Lord Arrigos Bathanos, has today confirmed that nevareion will be actively seeking diplomatic and trade contact with other nations. He stated that given the religious and cultural similarities he was particularly keen to develop relations with the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium and Suverina. Lord Arrigos also indicated that a trade mision would be developed to promote nevareies products and services across the region.


In domestic news the capital Anaxeia will be in virtual shut down tomorrow as the celebrations of the Saints Day of its patron St Anaxeios take place. With most shops and businesses shut for the occasion many dignatories including King Alexandros VII and all the Ministers of the Grand Council will be attending services at the Cathedral Agios Anaxeios...

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In other news Defence Minister, Lady Larthia Irenios, confirmed rumours that the Navy had stepped up patrols near the Canal which joins the Sea of Kings to the Gulf of Raga. The Canal, which is under Tagmatine control, is currently the only access beween the north and south coasts of Nevareion and the government is keen to avoid the expense of constructing a much longer second canal, parallel to the exisiting one but within our territory. The Defence Minister denied that the naval action was in any way connected with negotiations over Nevareies access to the Canal but did say that they were there to "reinforce Nevareies sovereignty over her waters and to ensure security in the Gulf of Raga in the light of the civil war in Assurym." She went on to add, "although the Nevareies Navy would be quite able to disrupt shipping through the Canal without leaving Nevareies national waters, the government had no plans to order any such action."

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Defence Minister, Lady Larthia Irenios denied reports that the government was at all concerned by Taagmatian war games taking place in the Canal this week. The Minsiter was keen to stress that nevareion considered Tagmatium a friendly power and that there was "absolutely no chance of any problem arising on this matter". She went on to stress however that, in accordance with long standing policy, any foreign warship entering Nevareies waters unannounced and without permission would be boarded and confiscated.


Reports form Levia indicate that the the Fourth Fleet have been mobilised. Spokesmen for the Navy indicated that this was part of a routine shakedown voyage folloeing the recent refit. The fleet will be undertaking a short voyage to the coast of Hexamos where they will undertake a series of exercises simulating a beach landing.


Lord Nevarnos gave an address today to the City Council of Anaxeia. He used the speech to promote the recent increase in foreign trade as a way to boost the economy and increase prosperity for all citizens.


Royal news and King Alexandros yesterday completed his pilgrimage to the Monasteries north of Tharivos. The King said his visit had been very restful and uplifting but that he was looking forward to returning home where he hoped he would be able to contribute the the diplomatic efforts being made by the Grand Council.

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...foreign news, and in a suprise move the Grand Coucnil today collectively announced a new treaty with our neighbour the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium. First Minister Nevarnos described the agreement as an historic step forward in relations between the two orthodox nations and a significant development for Nevareies trade.


The Lord Minister stated that he and Foreign Minister bathanos had, in the lead up to the state visit of His majesty, Commodus James, been holding negotiations with Eugenius Wilson, the Tagmatine Foreign Minster, aimed at reducing the recent tension over use of the Canal. Lord Nevarnos stated that "in return for the construction, fitting and delivery of two aircraft carriers of the same standard as those currently operated by the Nevareies Navy, Tagmatium has agreed to extend free use of the canal in perpetuity to Nevareies shipping. The Holy Republic has also given a commitment to Tagmatium to ensure the safety of shipping accessing the canal and will protect both entrances through the use of naval force."


After the speech critics of the Government derided it for supplying such powerful military equipment to a neighbour and potential rival. However Economy Minister Lady Iania Nebanous was quick to point out the massive trade boast that would arise from the connection of the north and south of Nevareion by sea and of access for ports to a wider range of destinations. A retired admiral has also publically stated that it will be a massive tactical bonus to Nevareies naval power.


The Tagmatium government has yet to confirm the treaty.

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... the Patriarch of Anaxeia took time out today to issue a statement on the recent tension between some members of the Orthodox faith in Tagmatium and exiled followers of the the Othordox Church of Adaptus. Patriarch Triandafilos called on all followers of the first church to seek ways to bridge their differences and focus on "those ties of faith and spirituality that all those of the original church share in common whether they be Nevareies, Tagmatine or Adapton." He went on to say that while he understood the concerns of some members of the Tagmatine church it would be "neither prudent nor in the spirit of the autocephalous settlement to require the exiles to surrender the uniqueness of their Church." He added that it was not in the best interests of the wider Orthodox faith for the agreement between the Churches to be challenged in this way...

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