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Perhaps worth a mention...

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Once I am on the map and taking part in RP I am using the opportunity to change my nation as I have been rping it. Those of you here who remember Nevareion Nova will find that less of a change than anyone who knows Nevareion from Q102.


Anyway to sort out what is what I have made a mini wiki for my nation rather than refer people to various threads on another board. If you use the links in my signature you can play spot the difference. A map will be available once my position on the main map is confirmed


I am hoping that the previous decision about ornithopters is still fine? smile.gif Not going to have the fission power station, might look to rp developing them though wink.gif


Oh and I look forward to rping with you all. Last time I had just enough of a taste to know I wanted to rp here, but never really was able to get going being focussed elsewhere. Now I have moved in, can't wait to join in biggrin.gif



Anyone with any questions or suggestions, please let me know!

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Thank you Tag, although it was very easy to set up to be honest and almost all the text so far is from old NS wiki entries and RP threads in Q102 smile.gif


Ahow I shall be adding more to it and will ahppily hear suggestions! If anyone has a particular need for a page then I am able to make accounts. Not sure if anyone else would want one but there you go.


The Ornithopters are not any different from planes really in terms of capability. Its more a question of style biggrin.gif


Hope i am on the map soon anyway!

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Well I have decided to leave the civil war behind. Partly as the geography doesn't match up and partly as introducing such an extreme goverment into a new region could be disruptive. Also to be honest I got bored of the zealots biggrin.gif The government will be a mixture of my original concept (Medici style aristocratic families) with a monarchy. If you go to the gov.NevCom link in my signature it should be a bit clearer smile.gif (See the wiki is useful already biggrin.gif )


Best RP I ever did, that civil war. I will be archiving anyway as an alternate timeline perhaps and using it to get background info to add to my wiki.


Most place names will remain the same but the capital will be renamed to Anaxeia. I find Nevareia City a bit unrealistic these days and have grown to dislike it. Also Anaxeia will be an inland city, rather than a port. I have added a page on it to the wiki with pictures smile.gif

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If you go to the gov.NevCom link in my signature it should be a bit clearer smile.gif (See the wiki is useful already biggrin.gif )

Some of us have disabled signature viewing. If find that this browses much much faster.


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