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Rebirth of a nation

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Sultan's Grand Palace, Assur


Sultan Ramnan sat upon his throne and sighed yet another time. Reports of skirmishes at the northern border had increased drastically the last few days. The 'barbarians' of the old empire seemed to be starting some guerilla war, but their intent was unclear. To make matters worse, the princes of the four northern states had not shown up at the last two council meetings. This was not only a personal insult to the Sultan, it also raised suspicions of a possible rebellion.


The other eleven princes, who had been present, had urged him to dispatch troops to the north. This would supress a possible rebellion and strengthen the border, but Ramnan knew the princes would also gain favor over their rivals in the north. Still, it seemed to be the best course of action, as doing nothing could only worsen the situation.


With a grim look on his face the Sultan rose from his throne and turned to Azhak, Setun and Namar, the only princes he could really trust. "Right, seems like we have little choice. Namar, you will mobilize the troops in Egaon and Astrashyn and march north. Azhak, you will take charge of the Honor Guard and maintain security here in Assur. Setun, I want you to take command of the special forces. Have some ready to be dispatched to the northern states and the barbarian caliphates beyond."


Without a word, all three saluted and left to carry out their orders.



A few days later..

City Hall Council Chamber, Mayras


The four princes looked at each other. It was Zakah who spoke first.

"So an army marches north already. They must have discovered our intentions."


"More like the others made Ramnan paranoid." Agras replied.


Zenkar intervened. "Regardless, we have to strike now. If we wait it will all have been for naught. If we surrender to regain the Sultan's favor the others will make sure we are imprisoned or executed. No, we have to order full mobilization and make ready for war."


"You are right." Mekharos said with a grunt. "They will eventually discover our alliance with the Caliphates and brand us traitors anyway. We cannot allow this corrupt regime to lead our nation to ruin. I will order full mobilization here in Mayras."


The others nodded their agreement and promised to do likewise. Nevertheless, they all realized the implication of what they had just done; they had set Assurym upon the path to civil war.



OOC: News of these events will eventually reach other nations as well. Everyone is welcome to comment or express/provide support for one side or the other. So far the monarchists support the Sultan and the revolutionaries have rebelled against the regime. As the war progresses more parties will arise to defend their own interests.

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The Presidential Palace, Serekan...


Xiao read the report beforing putting the folder back on the desk. "There's a build up to war in Assurym? This is not a preferable situation. Any number of the LT states could use this as an opportunity to attack us. What relations do we have with Assurym?"


"For the most part, we have had neutral relations. However, if you should so desire - we can hold their involvement in the Tinian conflict against the sultan."


"No, we cannot be seen to be supporting breakaway states. For now, maximise border defense, it will be interesting to see where this goes. The Sultan could be a useful friend, but we can do nothing until a shot is fired."



The Assurym/ Ide Jima border...


8,000 extra troops were to be sent to the border, mainly for the sake of increased border patrols they would take a week or so to get into position. However within hours of Xiao's order 2 Regiments of SU-17 'Fitter' ground attack fighters had flown into air force bases in the border region and assumed patrolling duties.



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?Uh, Assurym? Civil strife?? queried the Foreign Minister.


The other man, head of the South-Western Section of the Tagmatine Intelligence Network, shook his head. ?It appears just to be the Sultan having a struggle with minor states to north. It?s just barbarians squabbling amongst each other, although I will have my agents keep an eye on it.?


Wilson, the Foreign Minister, looked over at a map of the region on the wall. ?What is Ide Jima making of this??


?The usual. They?re deploying an over large force of troops to their border with Assurym,? answered the spy. ?General Hu Xiao is an incredibly paranoid man. At a time when League attention has turned northwards and east, he still suspects the League to be taking advantage of every bad turn his nation has. Christ, I wouldn?t be surprised if he thinks League spies dye his hair greyer at night to make him look like a fool in front of the cameras.?


?That?s slightly? dismissive of the man. He may be a military usurper, but he could prove better than the disastrous presidents before him.?


?Maybe so, but you do have to agree, Minister, that the Alliance is dead in all but name, especially after the disappearance of the Vanaramboi.?


The Foreign Minister nodded. The spy was telling him information that was common knowledge in the corridors of power of Tagmatium, common even amongst the ordinary people of the Greater Holy Empire.


?Still, I think we must keep an eye on the happenings in Assurym.?

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Bawal River, Northern Assurym


The captain came running up the pathway. "All set and ready, sir."


"And just in time, it would seem." Colonel Ratiz replied. He stood near the cliffside overlooking the bridge below, and the water some 20 meters below that. In his hands was a intelligende report received only minutes before. "The vanguard of the Sultan's army from Egaon will soon be here and we cannot allow them to cross."


"Permission to speak freely, sir."


"Go ahead."


"Sir, we only have a limited force at our disposal here. Sufficient to hold back the small Egaon contingent but we will be overrun once reinforcement arrive."


"Good point, captain. I am aware of this fact, as are the princes. Our orders are to hold back the Sultan's army as long as possible, then blow up the bridge. This will force their tanks and armoured vehicles to take the long way around which will buy us at least a few day's time. And time will work to our benefit, the princes seem to believe."


The captain opened his mouth to protest but was cut off by the sight of a jeep appearing on the other side of the bridge. Quickly all took cover.


Ratiz took out his radio. "All men hold your fire until I say otherwise." Throughout the forest they had deployed artillery aimed at the bridge. Any attempt to cross it would result in certain death.


A few jeeps appeared in sight, behind them several lightly armoured tanks. As the first jeeps rode onto the bridge, Ratiz hesitated for a moment, for he knew his order would throw Assurym into civil war. He swallowed, then shouted in his radio: "Fire!" In an instant, the sound of artillery fire surrounded them on all sides, soon to be followed by loud explosions and a cloud of smoke obscuring the other side of the river.


For a long minute all was silent, then shots could be heard from across the bridge, followed by explosions on their side of the river. The enemy had returned fire and the war was a fact.

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...following reports of increased tension in Northern Assurym the Grand Council of Nevareion today authorised the redeployment of parts of the Second Fleet to the Amnalos Sea. A government spokeswoman reiterated that Nevareies policy was not to get involved in the conflict but that a naval presence was prudent in case a need to evacuate Nevareies nationals from Assurym was identified. She added that the Nevareies Navy would be able to assist other nations by evacuating their citizens if they were to request it.


In an interview for the breakfast news programme on NBC1 Lord Minister Nevarnos was at pains to reassure the nation that the navy would only approach the Assurym coast if permission was granted and that they would be remaining strictly neutral in this conflict for the foreseable future...



Private message

To: Sultan Ramnan

From: The Government of Nevareion



We note with dismay your current situation. We request permission for ships of the Nevareies navy to approach the coast or a secure port of your choice in order to evacuate foreign nationals from the conflict zone.


Additionally we would like to make you aware of that we offer unrivalled terms on loans to foreign governments wishing to purchase arms or equipment from Nevareies arms manufacturers. If you require any such information please apply to the Ministry of Trade.


Office of the Lord Minister

Edited by Nevareion (see edit history)
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The Ide Jiman Presidential Palace, Serekan...


"Well, what news from Assurym?" Xiao entered the presidential 'plotting room' doing away with the formality of saying hello to the waiting aide.


"Sir," The aide saluted "We are receiving reports of an outbreak of violence in the Bawal region."


"Civil war?"


"I think it would be safe to assume that"


"Very well. So, who is it in our interests to back?"


"The rebels control the north, and it appears to be a power grapple rather than a clash of political ideology".


"The north?" Xiao raised an eyebrow. "Supposing for a second here, that Assurym would support the construction of an Ide Jiman naval base on the north coast... our commerce raiders would be in easy reach of the Amnalos sea, and the shipping lanes coming out of that Tagmatine canal, we could cut the LT in two from north to south."


"I don't think the Sultan would allow that Sir".


"Hmm," Xiao Frowned "Dispatch naval forces to the southern coast. Keep them in international waters and do not act until I give further orders. We are to move in support of the Sultan".


"Yes, Sir"


"Very good" Xiao gave a salute, and put on a pair of pilot's glasses before walking back out of the room.




To: Sultan Raman

From: General Xiao


Dear Friends,


Please allow our military to aid you in disposing of the rebel 'army' in the north of your country. We are increasing a naval presence in the area, although this is only to see off any LT attempt to take advantage of the situation.



Seikan Naval Base...


Several units were getting ready to move, although it would be a week, if not longer before the ships were in the right place...


The 3rd Ide Jiman South Seas Carrier Group:

Medium Aircraft Carrier: 2 (30 Aircraft Each)

Battlecruiser: 1

Cruiser: 2

Destroyers: 3

Frigates: 4

Submarines: 2

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Sultan's Grand Palace, Assur


Sultan Ramnan entered the council chamber. Present were the princes Azhak and Setun as well as the few generals and advisors loyal beyond doubt. "What news from the front?"


It was Setun who answered. "Our troops have been unable to take the bridge at Bawal and breach their lines. Reinforcements will be arriving shortly, unless they bring some also we should have no trouble then."


General Zaitoun added: "The contingent from Astrashyn will be more than sufficient to force a breakthrough. I suggest using additional forces to open another front in the northwest."


The Sultan thought for a moment. "That plan will have to wait, general, for we don't know yet whether princes Ayzal and Berastros will support us. Also, there's word of an uprising in Dakush, apparently civilians have taken control of the city."


"That's a problem for prince Berastros to deal with." Azhak intervened, "we have other issues to deal with. For example, the Ide Jimans are increasing their military presence near our borders and have announced an increased naval presence."


"You're forgetting they also extended an offer of aid." an advisor added.


Zaitoun asked: "Can we trust them?"


"We've had no problems with them in the past, but then again, we've had no particularly close relationship either." the Sultan said. "Though it seems of little consequence right now. As much as we could use their aid, we cannot accept it at the time being. Doing so would make our position appear weak and give others only more reasons to turn against us."


"Nevertheless, it would be wise to keep them friends."


"True enough, so how about this..."




TO: The Government of Nevareion

FROM: The Sultanate of Assurym


We would like to stress that evacuation of any foreigners is not necessary at the time being, and the Sultan will do everything in his power to prevent it from becoming so. However, should the situation in the northern states deteriorate, we will grant permission for one vessel from the Nevareies navy at a time to dock in the port of Keshan. Any foreigners seeking to leave Assurym by these means will then be allowed to do so.


We thank you for the offer on loans but at present have no need to partake of such an investment.




TO: General Xiao

FROM: Sultan Ramnan




We appreciate your offer of military aid but feel that such a measure at this stage would only needlessly complicate the situation. However, in light of recent events concerning Tinian and the present situation in Assurym, we feel it might be beneficial to make an effort to strengthen relations between our two nations. Therefore, we would hereby like to propose a meeting between the leaders of our respective nations so that recent events can be discussed.

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From: Lady Irenios of House Irenios and Defence Minister

To: The Sultanate of Assurym


thank you for your promt reply. We are happy to agree to conditions as we have no wish to engage in your internal matters. We would request that a cruise ship accompanied by a single warship be allowed to enter as this would allow us to evacuate more people in a single action than merely using a warship. We also request that these ship be allowed o enter your national waters in advance of any need so that they may respond quickly to any sudden need.


We also wish to assure you that we have good terms available to the legitimate governments of friendly neighbours wishing to supply or bolster their armed forces even if a loan is not needed.

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To: Sultan Raman

From: General Xiao


We would welcome talks between our national leaders - and as such, we would like to invite the honourable Sultan to Serekan. We can arrange for a meeting elsewhere if this is problematic, however given the current security concerns in Assurym, we would like to request the meeting be held in Ide Jima.


In the meeting we would like to discuss the possibility of both economic and military agreements between our glorious nations. A summit is a good plan - for it is not good for such close neighbors to lack relations.


General Xiao, Leader of the Ide Jiman Republic.

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Prince's Palace, Gauo


Prince Zakah sighed. "This is not going as planned. We expected less princes would heed the Sultan's call for mobilization. Even Berastros is mobilizing now and Ayzal might soon also."


"Unlikely though." Zenkar replied "Berastros is mobilizing only to deal with the civil uprising in Dakush, which he is in fact losing ground to. Ayzal, well, I'm surprised the fool hasn't declared himself independent yet. The others are getting ready for war only so they delay choosing sides a little longer. The Sultan's position isn't as strong as his puppets think it is." At this, a wicked smile crosses Zenkar's features.




TO: Lady Irenios of House Irenios and Defence Minister

FROM: The Sultanate of Assurym


Your request for sending both a cruiseship and a warship is a reasonable one so we have no objections to it. However, we regrettably cannot allow your vessels to enter Assurym national waters just yet. Disloyal forces within Assurym might try to abuse such a foreign presence, even though it is in the interest of safety.


Maybe Nevareion is interested in sending a representative to Assurym to discuss a possible trade agreement.




TO: General Xiao

FROM: Sultan Ramnan


We have no objections to the summit taking place on Ide Jiman soil. The Sultan is always interested in visiting other nations, and this is doubly true for neighbours. We would like to point out however that it is customary for the Sultan to have his honor guard with him at all times, and hope this will not prove problematic.


We are also interested in both economic and military agreements. Better cooperation can only be to our mutual benefit. We await your reply as to when your respected General can receive the Sultan.


Sultan Ramnan of Assurym

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From: Lady Irenios of House Irenios and Defence Minister

To: The Sultanate of Assurym


A trade delegation is on its way as soon as you clear a plane for travel through your airspace. It will comprise representatives from several major companies as well as a junior trade minister to rubber stamp any export licenses. I would expect your main concerns will be fuel and ammunition. Both of which we could be in a position to supply at the right price.

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TO: Lady Irenios of House Irenios and Defence Minister

FROM: The Sultanate of Assurym


Permission will be granted for your delegation's plane to enter Assurym airspace. Two fighter jets from the Assurynian airforce will accompany your plane to ensure it's safety. We are primarely interested in ammunition at the moment though other agreements are open to discussion.




Assurynian News Network Independent Press Release

Ayzal declares independency of Yozash

At a surprising and shocking press conference earlier today, Prince Ayzal has declared the independency of the western state of Yozash. Ayzal said the failure that is the Sultanate of Assurym has gone on long enough and the people of Yozash are better off on their own. It has long been a public secret that Ayzal couldn't get along with the Sultan, so it many ways this declaration hardly comes as a surprise.

Still, critics have their doubts about Ayzal's timing. It is obvious he seeks to use the present conflict to his advantage but none doubt that should the Sultan's armies prevail in the north, the now independent state will be quickly overrun as well. Sultan Ramnan has already branded Ayzal a traitor and stripped the princely title from him, an act almost unheard of in the history of the Sultanate.


Communist uprising?

As the fighting in the north seems to heat up and Yozash severes itself from Assurym, citizens in the city of Dakush seem to have taken matters into their own hands. The uprising seems to have originated at the University of Dakush, where both students and teachers were unhappy with the corruption of Prince Berastros. Now that parts of the Dakushian military have sided with them, however, they seem to be turning their anger to the Assurynian political system as a whole.


As one professor said: "The present situation clearly shows the weaknesses inherent in Assurym's political system. The aristocracy is outdated and in need of a serious overhaul, both to make the nation stable and increase it's internation influence." Just what would need to replace the current system remains unclear, though anonymous sources speak of a socialist regime. Regardless of whether this proves true, the conflict has now turned into one of ideologies as well as power.

Prince Berastros in the meantime has lost control of most of his state and has retreated to the town of Shazav with those soldiers still loyal to him. The state of Dazarnor may soon have a new ruler.

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ooc: whoops. Thought I replied to this, sorry Assurym.




To: Sultan Raman

From: General Xiao


We would be happy to receive your excellency in Serekan in three days time. Please forgive such short notice. A news report from your nation seems to suggest a Communist theme to violence in Dakush - something which we cannot be let to exist.


I look forward to speaking with you on the matter,


General Xiao, Supreme Leader of the Ide Jiman Nation.



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OOC: That's okay



TO: General Xiao

FROM: Sultan Ramnan


First off, we wish to assure you that there is little chance for any possible communist ideology to spread far beyond Dakush. Still, there is enough reason for a meeting on short notice so the proposed date is accepted. Let us hope our meeting will be a fruitful one.


Sultan Ramnan, Ruler of Assurym

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Sultan Ramnan's private jet


The Sultan looked up from his desk as the general entered. "Any news?"


"Little, your Highness. If our enemies know of your meeting with general Xiao they have not yet acted upon it. Though we do expect news of Prince Berastros's surrender or death soon. The highest general in Dakush has declared his support for the rebellion so now most of the army will be moving against Berastros."


Ramnan sighed. "How a peaceful nation could so quickly fall into chaos... Make sure Setun dispatches forces to the borders of Dazarnor. If they attack we have to hold our ground, if not they will be dealt with later."


The general bowed. "Yes, your Highness. We should be arriving within the hour so may I suggest you make ready?"


Ramnan nodded and motioned for the general to leave him alone.




Prince's Palace, Gauo


"Ramnan's meeting who!?"


"You heard it right." Zakah replied as he motioned for Zenkar to sit down again. "He's meeting Xiao, soon we might have Ide Jimans all over the country."


"He wouldn't allow foreign troops to enter... I hope." Agras replied thoughtfully.


"Not officially maybe, but then again who knows. Nevertheless, we should act upon this. If he cooperates with the Ide Jimans he's no less a traitor than we."


"You're assuming people still care about that. No, if he brings in foreign aid, so should we."


Zakah smiled viciously. "I assure you, that will not be necessary."


Mekharos rose from his chair. "I don't know what you've planned, but it'd better be good. Now I've business to attend to." He turned and left the room.

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Serekan Chang International Airport...


Security had been heightened. Over 400 police were on the scene, fully armed and prepared for anything that terrorists may throw at them. Xiao was there to meet the sultan, however, the Sultan and Xiao could not stay in the airport for long - it had been a popular target for the Red Factions at several points in the past. Instead, the Presidential entourage left the airport, and sped down expressway eleven - a flyover that cut the city in half - and into the Ide Jiman government complex.


They reached the conference room, where Xiao proceeded to make his first point...


"As you can understand, you highness it is of grave concern to us that there should be civil way so nearby. In the interest of good relations, as well as peace and security, we would like to send a small contingent of troops to aid in the fighting".


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Vilamar, Marsitrania


"We only want to avoid conflict, and yet we are dragged into them time and again by events beyond our borders and beyond our control! Are other nations so inferior and incapable as to be impotent in controlling their own populations? Tell me Alan, please. I would like to know if all of the world's burdens must fall on our shoulders."


The Marsitranian Chief of Staff held back a sigh. The High Chancellor did not like surprises, least of all intelligence reports indicating trouble directly to the nation's south. Scarcely had Marsitrania secured for itself a Republican government and a future free from the monarchy's stagnation and oppression than she had been beset by a multitude of crises. First the general referendum Byrne had issued had backfired, producing a large Radical presence in the Senate. Then, the tiny nation of Hosagovinia (Reichland now, Balmont corrected himself) had erupted into civil war, which the Chancellor had intervened in to protect Marsitrania's security. And now this.


"Alan," said Byrne, pacing the room. "Why is it that our country is so routinely threatened? We have no historical enemies. We are a peaceful people, we seek only our own prosperity. So why then, why must they do this? Everywhere I go I see these forces at work, leftists and atheists! This rebellion in northern Assurym, it may look different but under the surface it is the same as the Fuhrer of Reichland and those damned Mongol-Swedes." The Chancellor wrung his shaking hands together, working himself into a fury as he spoke. Balmont felt somehow shrunken in the presence of the great man.


"So now, what do we do?" asked Byrne rhetorically. "Sit idly by, allow rebellion and strife just beyond our borders? Of course they will say that we have no right, no sovereignty beyond where the lines on the map are drawn, the half-wits and the legalistic thinkers always do. They would ignore the reality that the threats beyond our borders are the most dire ones of all, the ones we cannot see and monitor and reach. If this little flare-up beyond our southern border gets out of control, then the Radicals and their agitators will seek further autonomy and further power for themselves. It would embolden all those forces of darkness which since even before the Revolution have conspired against us!"


Byrne was breathing hard, his face contorted in self-induced rage from his monologue. Balmont's eyes widened a bit and his mouth hung open. He had seen the head of state angry before, but this was a new and fevered pitch even for him. Suddenly the High Chancellor took a deep breath, and covered his eyes with his hand, recognizing his old friend's expression.


"I apologize Alan." he said after a moment. "These concerns... lay heavy on me lately." He was suddenly glad it was only him and his Chief in the empty conference room, taking a seat on one of the empty couches and closing his eyes. Another long moment passed before Balmont spoke.


"What will we do?"


Byrne bit his lip. "What choice do we have? Mobilize the army to close the southern border. No trade flows into northern Assuyrm and to the possible aid of these rebels. In the meanwhile we can ask our ally in Tagmatium and anyone else to join in sanctions of the region. I'll speak with the intelligence agencies and prepare covert and military operations aimed at penetrating, assessing and destroying the resistance. We'll draft a message to the Sultan offering all of this assistance directly, but if it proves that this rebel movement is truly Communist in nature, we'll be forced to act against it whether the Sultan wishes to accept our aid or not."


Balmont hesitated a moment before nodding his agreement. "Yes Gabe, I think you're right on this one. These territories are so close that they could pose an even greater danger than the Hosagovinia situation. I'll pass the word to the Military Advisory Council and check on the re-militarization program too." The Chief of Staff flipped open one of the folders he habitually carried and pulled a pen from his shirt pocket to jot something down. "You know Walker won't like it."


Byrne snorted. "The Liberal party has no say on matters of national security."


"The Senate is supposed to..." replied Balmont with an eyebrow raised.


"To hell with them. They're nothing but obstructionists. I'll see to it that the oversight panel on security affairs is comprised entirely of Nationalists. Besides if we tell the Senate too much, Saxton will be the first one to set his dogs loose and destabilize both our government and our neighbor." Byrne reached out his hands and took a pen and a folder of papers from Balmont, preparing to write a letter to Sultan Ramnan. "Damn them," he said as he clicked the pen. "Why couldn't they just manage their own house? But now we are forced to be their keeper and defend civilization once again..."





TO: Sultan Ramnan

FROM: High Chancellor Gabriel Byrne, Marsitrania


Esteemed Highness Sultan Ramnan,


The ongoing situation below our southern border has not gone unnoticed. I apologize for the delay in contacting you, but I have been preoccupied with the developing situation in Reichland-Hosagovinia. As that conflict so supremely demonstrates, international security is of the greatest concern to me. That is the main topic which I feel must be addressed between us.


Your country's slide towards civil war, evidenced by the upsurge in rebel activity in the north of Assurym, endangers the stability of our region and the security of both your regime and my country. Marsitrania has no desire to impose its will upon your nation, however we are not prepared to sit idly and allow the chaos war brings to affect our own citizens within our borders. A Hosagovinia-style peacekeeping mission is not our first choice in dealing with the developing crisis, but it will become an option unless assertive steps are taken to isolate and contain the northern rebels. Some have taken the mantle of Communism, an issue which finds particular resonance within Marsitrania, and I cannot and will not allow such a poisonous ideology to spread.


This communique between us however is not intended as an issued threat. Instead I wish to place at your disposal all the strength and support of the Marsitranian nation. Our dual security interest in containing revolution and averting disaster demands cooperation. I am prepared to offer you assistance in any sphere which you deem necessary, including: filling economic trade gaps, supplying military hardware (at discounted cost if necessary),  providing political financial and moral support, and if necessary providing overt or covert military or paramilitary assistance in targeting and containing rebellion.


If conflict can be averted, and this matter settled peacefully, then our strongest support and sympathies remain. If however, conflict becomes inevitable, I would rather Marsitrania intervene as friends and brothers of Assurym rather than as foreign enemies. One way or another, I will protect the interests of Marsitrania and greater regional security. A Communist state or autonomous region in Northern Assurym is unacceptable, and we seek your help in moving against such an eventuality. I am sorry that our first communication must come on such a somber note in the midst of a crisis. You have my deepest sympathies.



Gabriel Byrne

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