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Rainy Days and Hurricanes

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Just wondering, we've got wars, peace efforts, clandestine politicing, crazy ocean races and a somewhat thawing cold war, whatever happened to fickle mother nature?


I was looking at the climate map O posted in the map area, and I noticed the swirly things looked alot like hurricanes. This, and the various other maps O has posted or toyed with, got me thinking that we need more natural disasters or at least dangerous weather.


So, maybe once every now and again we could have a tropical storm/hurricane batter a southern/central nation, maybe heavy snows that disrupt traffic in the north, mudslides and alot of other things I can't think of right now. These wouldn't have to be crippling or on the scale of Katrina or anything, but it would help to shake up the monotony.


What do you all think?

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Or...maybe we could enjoy a little generally proactive period of peace and stability. Eh? eh?





I think this has come up in the past. Some people do natural things (I think latest was Italgria and earthquake). I also think a kind of Day After Tomorrow idea has also been brought up. I'm opposed to neither.


Also, weather becomes a factor in war and such anyway. I forget which one it was, but Tagmatium wouldn't let my ships through the Borean Straits claiming harsh weather conditions. This was on the old map, and it wasn't entirely true, but it added an interesting element to everything. I guess we can't all fight wars when it's good weather and visibility is at a maximum...


But, if you have a weather related thread, I'd be glad to do stuff there.

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Hmm, perhaps while we wait for a bad weather thread (maybe we could have some in the Ocean's Cup, who knows), what do you think about setting up an international weather station and we could all chip in and add little weather reports of our own and such.


Kinda like the Weather Channel.

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