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Zekistan Invasion


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Today 1332 hours the government of Italgria decided to invade Zekistan due to these facts:

  • Zekistan tries to invade Italgria in the past
  • Zekistani army under control of mass-destruction weapons
  • Zekistani government using biochemical weapons against own citizens
  • Zekistani dictator decapitating people
  • Zekistani dictator attacking its own towns
  • Zekistani rebel request to help them
  • Zekistani mass-graves
  • Zekistani military killing two members of the secret-service

Although this has not expanded to Italgria we see there is a need to take action into this conflict by the military of Italgria.

Our charter states that:

EOS members will work to improve its own humanitarian issues first, before involving itself with similar issues elsewhere.

The UN has rated our Civil Rights as "Very good" and therefore we do not see any humanitarian issues that need to be taken care of in Italgria, and therefore we will help the people of Zekistan due to the only fact that this Dictatorship and mass killing of people has to come to an end.

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The govenment of Orioni is surprised and stunned by these previously unknown facts. If said facts are indeed true and Italgria is in need of any assistance, either military or other, then we will do what is necesary to assist our ally in this matter.

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The Kingdom willing to support Italgria in it efforts to reign in the Zekistan travesties, however our nearest fleet is still a week away from your waters. However, our special forces and light military units are standing by, as per the EOS umbrella agreement, and are at your disposal.

Additionally, we offer our support services in security and reconstruction, upon the successful conclusion to this conflict.

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Miiros is startled that such a regime has been allowed to exist as long as it has. We would gladly offer to enact a naval blockade of Zekistan with our fleet based on Septim Isle. These ships could also engage coastal targets, if Italgria wishes it.

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We thank our allies for their offer of help, but must refuse it.

We have enough military supplies and are not aiming to make a mass-invasion onto Zekistan, but to destroy the regime with precise attacks to the leaders of Zekistan.

However, EOS nations could be involved in securing the rebel towns if you wish to be involved in this.

We would like to accept the offer of the Miirosi government to create a naval blockade on Zekistan, but no need for bombardment is seen at this state.

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After much debate, the government of Tamurin has decided to offer our help for your mission.

We offer the use of an air wing consisting of:

  • 1 cluster (12 aircraft) of U-2S reconnaissance aircraft
  • 2 command & control Boeing 747
  • 6 E-3 "AWACS" aircraft
  • 1 group (36 aircraft) of Luftwaffe E-2C "Hawkeye"
  • 1 group (36 aircraft) of Transall cargo aircraft
  • 1 cluster (12 aircraft) of C-5 "Galaxy" cargo aircraft

Total: 104 aircraft, 208 crews, 1576 airmen

For the time being we don't want to send any combat forces, but if you need any combat forces you may contact us. We will then decide about it depending on the situation in Zekistan.

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As a member of EOS, the Dictatorship of Nan GorGwaith is willing to assist in humanitarian aid and medical assistance, but we have been unable to come to a consensus as to assist militarily at this time. There has been a major discussion in our government over the issues that were presented, with some objecting to the credibility of the intelligence and others whining that your country is anti-dictatorship. In addition, some seem to think this is more like a civil war and would like to stay out of it.

Nan GorGwaith respectfully wishes more intelligence to be shared with all of EOS as this situation develops, perhaps more background or context on Zekistan other than its violations of human rights. If we are in violation of the EOS Charter by not offering military help, then please excuse us this one time. We are without our head of state and several key government officials, and in a bit of a military issue ourselves.

Frederik Urlacher

Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs

Nan GorGwaith Foreign Affairs Office

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TO: Emakera


We have recently stated in another place a short history about Zekistan. Zekistan is an isolated nation bordering Italgria. Censorship is a daily happening in Zekistan and it is so well-developed that no news leave the country. In fact, the people are not allowed to have internet and are neither allowed to phone in the exterior except the government rulers. We have stated the facts, we again stated here before. We had received a message from one of the refugees that managed to escape Zekistan that something was going to happen there. To be informed, we sent to special-services agents into Zekistan. They witnessed a muss-murdering of innocent people by the Zekistani Army, and later the next day they were caught in a fight against the Zekistani army while trying to get information out of a rebel town in the South East of Zekistan. They were executed, as pictures we intercepted show. This is not an imperialistic greed, since we are not aiming to invade the country and then occupy it. More we feel that due to the facts we stated above and after the recent try in breaching our borders to kill some of the refugees that had escaped the mass-murdering, our nation felt it is time to help the rebels and that we could not watch the government of Zekistan breaking human rights.

TO: Nan Gorgwaith


For the people in your nation whining that our country is an anti-dictatorship, we must disappoint them. If they were better informed, they would know that Italgria also is a Dictatorship (a modified dictatorship). The UN-Category for Italgria is a Father Knows Best State. We would like to take this occasion and explain our dictatorship to your nation, EOS and the rest of Europa. Our dictatorship consists of one leader which controls the nation to some extent and in mostly all issues has the last say (only interferes in medium & important issues). Under him/her is the Supreme-Court, Parliament and the Bundestag. These are all voted by the citizens of Italgria and some are put in by the dictator. There are many parties in Italgria. The reason why we call our dictator a president is mostly because we don't feel like a dictatorship but like a democratic republic despite the point that we do not vote our leader in.

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We are glad to hear these words from Italgria. Emakera, just as other EOS nations, is concerned with civil and political liberties in such a way, that we have been ranked Superb in civil and Excellent in political rights.

Our nation would also like to know more about the rebels' plans, if they are not planning into installing another harmful regime. We want to be sure that these humanitarian problems won't happen again, and that we are not changing an isolationist dictatorship to a warmongering direct democracy. After some info, we may help in securing rebel cities, and humanitarian help.

We also need to remark that, while Emakera has an unelected leader, yours truly, Emakera is perhaps one of the most free societies in Europe, with the citizens being free from religious oppression from the part of a government who pretends to be separated from the church, with the citizens being free and able to claim a better life, a place with almost no poverty and not a single trace of misery, and one of the few countries where you can elect the judiciary.

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