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It's a conspiracy I tells ya!

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Has it occured to anyone else that all these recent laws requiring ramped access into buildings and lifts all over the place are a bit suspicious?


I mean, how do we know it isn't being done so that Daleks can more easily invade?


Where do all the spare socks go? I mean I have any number of single socks. Their partners can't all have disappeared. I mean my house just isn't that big. What are we not being told about socks?


Who is that shouty chap in the Cillit bang adverts and why does he shout so much? And more to the point what the hell is in that stuff, it scares me!



Now panic.



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I cannot comment on the other stuff, but as for the socks...


I think there is a space-time wormhole that somehow opens when there are too many paired socks in the drawer. When this happens, 1-3 socks will be sucked out of our world to needy sock-wearers in other worldly places, leaving you with no frikin clue why you suddenly have unpaired socks.





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