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What, no tourists or anything ohmy.gif


Btw what's up with your submenu? It keeps flying off to the right!


Er...well go on then. I can't be bothered with being a diplomat at the moment and I would rather be involved in an active region to be honest. Do I need to sign anywhere biggrin.gif


I shall probably swop Nev and Hebradeion over later.

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Yah, I noticed that problem in FireFox. Still haven't found a way to completely get rid of it, since the collapsable navbar has loads more links.

#submenu { height:0; visibility:hidden; display:none; } /* hides the navbar */

I used this code I got somewhere and it works fine in IE and Opera, but in FF it just moves the navbar to the right. Good thing it doesn't bump everything else at the same time.


Don't know if you need to swap Nev and Hebradeion at any point in time. It's never really been a problem if the names on this forum are different then those in the game. And if you're actually really honest about joining ranks with Europa (dear G., who ever expected that!?) then you know you'll find a good home here.


Full stop. (Wouldn't want to crowd this re-welcoming thread. And Aki badly needs his new sigy.) wink.gif

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Swapped em. Been considering it for a while so I'm sure. Can't keep keeping a region going all on my own (I exagerate but only me 'n Zak have been there the whole time) for ever. I want to be part of a region where I am in a team, not on point duty the whole time. So sign me up and give me things to do smile.gif


On that code. Would you like the one I used to make Q102's drop down menu? I think it is much more stable. If so, let me know and I can email it to you.

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No worries. I discovered the "View source"-button quite some time ago now. wink.gif Still, I do owe you one for that random ad. In the meantime I'll think of things for you to do. Since it's been a while since we last saw you (I think), you probably have a more independant look at this place. If possible, I'd like a short review of the pro's and con's of this place. A pm would be fine. I can't promise everything will be taken into consideration, but you know your input will be valued.


See you tomorrow. 2-bye1.gif

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