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End of an Era

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OOC: It all started a dark and rainy night when the royal palace was stormed by rebels and the entire royal family was captured and executed. Except for the young prince Charles who didn?t happen to be in the palace at the time. Soon firefighting erupted in the streets by loyalist troops and rebel troops. The young prince soon heard the rumour, he immediately thought of escaping from the country. Not because he wanted to lead a fight for freedom against what would soon be the new regime, only because he wanted to survive. The cowardly prince went to the harbour as quickly as possible, a fisherman recognized the prince and immediately decided to save him across the sea to Suverina. A coastguard patrol picked up the young prince, and there it all started. I?ll start the story in Salvinor, that capital of Salvinoria:





Salvinor, capital of Salvinoria:


- Brothers! The king is no more and now we are in charge! Together we shall

rule Salvinoria and make ourselves rich at the same time! (Evil laughter came

from his mouth)

Brothers, we need to expand to make our nation even greater, shall we


General Zulu to march east. Lets vote shall we, every one for say yes.

- Yes!

- Everyone against say nay.

Nothing, the men all sat in silence.

- Very well brothers! Now we have dealt with that! We have all agreed upon

letting general Zulu becoming leader of our armed forces as without him we

wouldn?t be here. But we do need some other leaders, lets start with the leader

of finance. We have George Paul.

The man called George Paul arose from his chair.

- Good, and we also have Winston Hay.

The man called Winston Hay arose from his chair. Both the gentlemen sat

down again.

Good, now let us all vote!


Suddenly the window was broken and a grenade landed on the large table, the men didn?t have enough time to react until the grenade blew up killing or wounding all the men inside the room. Ropes could be seen outside the window and 5 black-dressed men climbed up and in through the window. They killed everyone that was still alive.


- Bravo this is Charlie, the brotherhood have been neutralised. Over.

- This is Bravo, very good. Over.

- We will begin to secure sector A. Over.

- Roger, we have soon secured sector B. Over and out.


Soon 38 spetsnaz men had cleared out the whole building killing everyone of importance and taking everyone else as prisoners. Soon they reported to the HQ.


- HQ, this is red eagle do you reach me. Over.

- We reach you, over.

- We have stabilized the area. Over.

- Good, continue to roundez vouz point. Over.

- Roger. Over and out.


The airport had been captured the same way and soon the plane with King Charles IV of Salvinoria arrived at the airport. The entire city was shocked, the suverinain airforce had sent out leaf letters about the kings return and the population were exited, not many of them had actually liked the takeover of the ?Brotherhood?. The chief of police had quickly organized his men to secure the King if anything would happen. Loudspeakers all over the town announced the kings return and all were cheering.

Everyone was happy except for the king, he was only 17 and didn?t want to become king. He just wanted to live a nice life somewhere on the countryside. He wasn?t fit for ruling, he couldn?t take any decisions. But he knew it was his duty to return to his people and the Suverinians also wanted to see him back as they had supported him, he knew he wouldn?t be more than a puppet. But that is the most comfortable way he thought....


30 minutes later the king arrived at the royal palaca, which had been presidential palace until an hour ago. It was only 5 minutes since the last blood had been wiped off the floor. The king went in the castle, he hadn?t been there for several months now, it looked so different. The paintings of his great relatives were gone, and almost everything else he could remember. He went up to his bedroom, it was an office. A simple office, the young king usually without any strong feelings actually started to get a bit angry against the brotherhood. They had killed his family and taken his home, they had no moral in their bodies. Tonight there was going to be a great feast in his name and the newly crowned queen of Suverina would attend.


Salvinor harbour:


Artillery pieces and tanks were driven out of the large ships and an enormous amount of soldiers marched down the main road to the city centre. The people were happy to see the Suverinian soldiers, they knew they were here to liberate them all. Freedom was on the lips of everyone, a word that was taboo until a few hours ago.

The soldiers were to secure the city, army forces of Salvinora, probably still loyal to the brotherhood were only 300km away and would probably start their march to the capital very soon.


The Suverinian Marshal Balakirev soon got a message from the city of Toronto that the garrison there were loyal to the king and that all elements of the brotherhood administration there had been imprisoned.

Good, 20.000 more men, Balakirev thought. But he knew that general Zulu had large armies stationed in eastern Salvinoria and that he wouldn?t give up without a fight. The situation would probably emerge into a civil war, the thought of that he would fight for the freedom of the salvinorian people, boosted his moral.


That's the first part. I have more written but I won't post it all at the same time.

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Map of salvinoria:

user posted image


Orange - Royalist

Green - Brotherhood


- General! The king has returned and have captured Salvinor and all members of

brotherhood are dead!

- What!?!?!

- Sir, I said...

- I heard you for gods sake!

The corporal tells general Zulu the full story.

- We must mobilise immediately.

- Contact General Alexander immediately! Tell him to make his troops ready!

How many enemies can we expect?

- I have no idea sir, though the Suverinians must have poured in a good number

and yhea i forgot...

- You forgot what?

- Brigadier Tyler in Toronto went over to the royalist side with the entire


- Dear god! Now corporal, inform Alexander NOW!

- Sir, yes sir!


user posted image

General Zulu


Soon general Alexander, head commander of the western army got the message to mobilize and attack. He thought it would be a simple victory. Though his knowledge on the Suverinian army was really low and the army had a serious lack of experience because before the coup the country had been awfully peaceful and isolated.


In salvinor:


The people were helping to soldiers to build barricades outside the city as it was fieldmarshal Balakirev?s thought to keep the fighting outside the city, the life of civilians were to be spared.

The moral was high among the troops and among the citizens, a lot of citizens had try to volunteer to take part of the defence, but Balakirev preferred having professional soldiers handling the situation.


In the trenches:


It was very cold for being in the end of the summer, only 7 degrees. Soldiers were freezing, the population in Salvinor had offered to contribute with sweaters for the soldiers, but the officers refused to accept the offer because ?soldiers are to wear uniforms, not civilian rags.?


user posted image

2 soldiers moving in a trench.


The soldiers were looking out for the enemy, which was expected to arrive soon. The soldiers were very nervous.

- Do you think they?ll come soon?

- Hopefully no, but I guess soon.

- I?m scared captain, I have never been in a war before. I have a family and a girlfriend.

- And I have a wife and 5 children!

- Sorry captain. The soldier looked ashamed.

- It?s all right I understand you, we?re all scared. But remember were doing this for our land, our queen and god. You know that if you die, it?s for the right cause. Our enemies will die fighting for dictature and oppression and on the other hand we are fighting for an entire nations freedom!

- Okay, captain. I understand.

Another private walked his way up to the captain.

- Well, why do we have to fight for their stupid liberty, they can fight on their own!?

- Because their former government oppressed them and were on the watch for rebellious minds constantly!

- Why did they let those idiots take over in the first place then??

- The people didn?t have a choice, the army with greedy commanders that were commanding farmers that didn?t know better forced the ?brotherhood? upon the population.

- BUT, now when we have taken out those idiots why can?t we just give these people that are so desperate for freedom some guns and let them fight on their own!!

- Because they aren?t soldiers, they are civilians! What are you? Some dirty capitalist?! Didn?t anyone learn you the basics of socialism??

The man went off muttering something, not looking too happy. The captain didn?t wish to put his energy on discussing, he wanted to save them for the fight.

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Inside the royal palace


- BUT are you really sure? If your army loses the battle the only things left will be a destroyed city and dead people! I do not wish my people to die, perhaps we should let it all down, for the sake of my people? ? Said the Charles (IV) to Eva (I).


- WHAT!? Are you mad? Do you really think I would have done, what I did, if I

hadn?t thought, if I hadn?t known, we would take the country!?

- You always say WE, isn?t it my country?

- Of course it is. But without me you wouldn?t be here. The army wanted to sell you to the brotherhood, you know what they would have done to you. When you came with a simple fishing boat to my country no one but I helped you, I took you under my wings, protected you, helped you. Remember? I even helped you to gain back your thrown! It was only ME that advocated to put you back in power, the army would more than gladly invaded Salvinoria and put it to the map of Suverina. You owe me A LOT.


The young king didn?t say a word. He prayed silently that the Suverinian troops would stop the rebels to spare his people.


Eva put her hand on the kings shoulder and said:

- Don?t worry, we?re going to make it.


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