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The Yalu River incident...

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September 1st...


Ide Jiman northern high command had been dazed by the unexpected red faction bombing in central Darhan. Fortunately for high command, the event also provided the armed forces with the excuse they needed to launch an all out attack on known Red Faction targets in neutral territory.


Inside a security complex deep in the central ranges, the head of the Secret Service's northern division was preparing to present Serekan's plans to the upper echelon of Command in the formations of Army Group: North. The man walked to the head of the long table, shuffled his papers and coughed before presenting his case. "Here we have it Ladies and Gentlemen," The man stepped aside to reveal a large TV screen in the wall "First, a clip of the car bomb in down town Darhan - taken by CCTV in a neighbouring building". The clip - albeit in poor quality - gave the viewers a good look at the car, before the view was obliterated by fire and dust. The numberplate was clear, as was the make of the car, an '89 SAC Roadwagon.


"Next, a clip taken from a border post, near the north coast two weeks earlier". There it was, the same car, crossing into Ide Jiman soil. "This is conclusive evidence that the Red Army Faction terrorist organisation is basing operations on neutral soil. Several satellite passes have revealed at least 10 suspect locations within 100km of the Ide Jiman northern border, we are to strike northwards ladies and gentlemen".


"A full scale invasion?" Asked a divisional commander, doubting what the Secret Service man had just said.


"Invasion is too harsh a word, we are to obliterate all red faction targets from the air, before proceeding to occupy a strip of land on the north bank of the Yalu river for an undisclosed amount of time. These are your orders, Xiao has stated that failure to meet with these deadlines..." he placed a folder on the desk "will result in disciplinary measures from Serekan, good day" The secret service official left, leaving a table of worried generals in the command bunker.


They were to have eradicated the Red Faction's operations on neutral soil by October...




September 6th...


The air force was on full alert along the southern bank of the river, the high levels of movement of supplies and personnel would be impossible to shield from foreign observers. In the three main airbases south of the river, several air regiments had been moved into position, ready to strike targets...



((1 Regiment = 30 Aircraft))

37th Fighter Regiment: Frontal Aviation: 24 MiG-29SMT, 6 MiG-29UB

38th Fighter Regiment: Frontal Aviation: 24 MiG-29SMT, 6 MiG-29UB

16th Assault Regiment: Frontal Aviation: 25 SU-24 'Fencer', 5 SU-24UB

17th Assault Regiment: Frontal Aviation: 25 SU-24 'Fencer', 5 SU-24UB

9th Bomber Regiment: Strategic Forces: 20 TU-22 'Blinder'

45th Helicopter Regiment: Frontal Aviation: 20 Mi-171SH 'Hip', 10 Mi-24 'Hind'

46th Helicopter Regiment: Frontal Aviation: 20 Mi-171SH 'Hip', 10 Mi-2 'Hoplite'


ooc: It'll all be present time from now on.

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The SU-24M 'Fencer D' bomber roared across the Yalu valley at low altitude, heading straight for the first target. Senior Airman Jaishau pulled back on the control and bought the aircraft to a comfortable launch altitude for the two KH-59 cruise missiles being carried by the aircraft. Jaishau spoke into the radio "I'm in range. Out."


"You have authorisation to fire, proceed with launching. Out."


Jaishau flipped two switches to arm the missiles, before pressing the launch button. There was a jolt and the aircraft rose slightly due to the decrease in weight. The same thing happened again, and Jaishau looked down to see the two missiles streaking toward their target, 20 km to the northwest. "The two missiles are headed straight for their targets, ETA 1 minute 30 seconds, I'll try and get visual. Out" Jaishau's jet headed for the target, just in time to see the collection of buildings on the ground get engulfed in a massive fireball. "Mission successful - they'll be lucky to survive that. Out".


"Good job, return to base. Out"


The fencer wheeled round and headed south for the airfield from which it came. Little did he know, but the two cruise missiles had just hit a village that had had little or nothing to do with the red factions.

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