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Ocean's Cup

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Ocean's Cup


Greetings honoured neighbours. The Beautiful Empire of Orioni has aired intentions to organise a sailing race around Europa. The prestigious sporting event will last 10 to 20 days, and is open to competitors from all nations, whether maritime or not.


The sailing race will start when enough teams have commited a team and when a complete sailing route has been plotted by the Cup's organisation. The race is set to start in Zuidhaven (Orioni) and should go around Europa in a clockwise fashion. Therefore we still looking for coastal nations who are willing host an Act (stage) of the race. If so, please contact me with the name of your coastal city, and the organisation will try and fit said city into the racing schedule.

Act ? Depature ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Arrival

01 ? ?Zuidhaven (Orioni) ? ? ? ? ...
02 ? ?... ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?...
03 ? ?... ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?...
04 ? ?... ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?...
05 ? ?... ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?...

One participant per nation is welcome to take part in this competition. If you are interested, then please post the following data in the thread bellow.

[b]Defending Yacht Club:[/b] 
[b]Boat Name:[/b] 

Please remember that this is a sailing race, so only sailing ships are allowed. The competitors for this first race are:

Number ? Name ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Nation

#01 ? ? ?Kaisei ? ? ? ? ? ? (Orioni)
#02 ? ? ?Kala'api ? ? ? ? ? (Bainbridge Islands)
#03 ? ? ?Lady Ophelia ? ? ? (Miiros)
#04 ? ? ?Clairvoyance ? ? ? (Deltannia)
#05 ? ? ?Neptunus ? ? ? ? ? (Tagmatium)
#06 ? ? ?Acheron ? ? ? ? ? ?(Ide Jima)
#07 ? ? ?Glory ? ? ? ? ? ? ?(Bhalman)
#08 ? ? ?The Lion's Share ? (Mongol-Swedes)
#09 ? ? ?Trident ? ? ? ? ? ?(Akiiryu)
#10 ? ? ?Benfica ? ? ? ? ? ?(Pirilao)
#11 ? ? ?Spirito ? ? ? ? ? ?(Italgria)
#12      The Lady Autumn    (Vocenae)
#13      x                  x
#14      Ninui              (Nan Gorgwaith)
#15      Gorch Fock         (Tamurin)

Also, this race lasts multiple stages and should take place in many different parts of Europa. Ships that are good in southern waters should also be able to sail more northern seas. Any ship that is damaged may be repaired if it manages to reach the port of destination of the Act it is in.


PS: The logo was made using the Official Seal Generator. I'll explain the way the race will be calculated on a later moment in time. Just know that I'll be using a dice or two to determine the order of arrival in each Act/stage.
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Lady Ophelia sailing from Old Volantis to Old Miiros [iverna]


Country: Miiros

Defending Yacht Club: Iverna Yacht Club

Boat Name: Lady Ophelia

Skipper: Rickard Kraal

Construction: 2005


Miiros would also like to volunteer the historic harbor of Old Miiros [iverna] to use. It is the last surviving example of the ancient Free Cities on the Miirosi mainland that are still inhabited.


user posted image

The Ancient City of Iverna or Old Miiros

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OOC: Depending on our rolls, will we be allowed to say something (such as if I get a 1 out of 6, just say, and then I can say there were difficulties with some part of the ship?). Also, I'm not good with pictures... argh...




Deltannia is willing to host an act. Our primary point would be Levana, but as a nation with naval tradition, we have other spots should Levana not suit the needs of this race. Levana's long tradition as a port for Deltannia would be most honored to participate in this event.


Country: Deltannia

Defending Yacht Club: Crystalwater Yacht Club

Boat Name: DNS Clairvoyance AY 3626

Skipper: Captain Alvom Cerme

Construction: Beacon-class yacht


The Beacon-class yacht is a commissioned military vessel used for the personal use of high-rank officers. The Clairvoyance is currently owned by Fleet Admiral Grey and has been kept under a trained racing crew. Good luck to all participants. (OOC: This is acutally from my storyline, all of it. biggrin.gif Except it'll be a little bit bigger than the rest of yours, those seem to small to go around Europa (I know they are just pictures))

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TO: All Nations

FROM: Ocean's Cup organisation


Current harbors along the Ocean's Cup:

  • START: Zuidhaven (Orioni).
  • Aiea (Bainbridge Islands).
  • Levana (Deltannia).
  • Old Miiros / Iverna (Miiros).
As you can see, more participating harbors are needed between the south and Deltannia. We therefore ask if some of the following nations are willing to lend a (small) dock in one of their harbor:
  • Paranoid schizo, Emakera (Teshkedaz Port) or Rennd.
  • Ide Jima (Khamseen), Haken (Dagbad or Hakbar) or Damak Var (Teshkedaz).
  • Bhalman (Pator), Europa, Hosagovinia or Marsitrania.
  • Suverina (Bucharest), The Aristocratic Confederation, Nectarous or Karthenia Magna.
  • Tagmatium (Theis) or Akiiryu (Samae).
  • Adaptus or Vocenae (Candressca).
  • Nan Gorgwaith (Constantinoplis), Great United Kingdom (Plymouth) or Italgria (Tierra del Vasto).
  • FINISH: Tamurin (Hlondeth), Niederoestereich (Stockinbingal) or Pirilao.
It would be great if at least one nation of each group would be willing to participate. It is certainly possible to host an act without having a team in the race. (Lot's of economic profits too.)

@ Fleet Admiral Connor Grey: Such commenting is certainly possible. What I had planned is posting the arrival order each couple of days, in between acts. That would probably leave more then enough time to type a (short) comment or story.

Edited by orioni (see edit history)
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TO: Ocean's cup participants

FROM: Tamurin


We would be honoured to host the finish for the ocean's cup. There won't be a participants from Tamurin though. Sailing is a very rare sport here and it seems like the participants from your nations outclass ours by several levels.


We would propose the harbor of Hlondeth, our biggest international harbor.

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Picture of The Lion's Share

user posted image


Country: Eastern Coalition for the Old Century (The Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa)

Defending Yacht Club: Distinguished Gentlemen's Sailing Club

Boat Name: The Lion's Share

Skipper: Alan Grubbich

Contstruction: 1998


Due to this most unfortunate conflict with our fellow Tribesmen in the west, we cannot offer a port for this most enjoyous affair. We also apologize for the tardiness in making an entry. Thank you for your consideration.

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Country: Sublime Principate of Akiiryu

Defending Yacht Club: Triton Yacht Club (Samae)

Boat Name: Trident

Skipper: Thanoric Ranacicu

Construction: 2005


user posted image


OOC: Now this is an ocean racer...it would, in all reality, kill all the other boats pictured here. So what is my roll advantage +12 (on a six sided dice)? LOL. I know their only pictures...but the Trident is the coolest by a long shot!

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I wont be participating in the race, but I will host a harbor. Here are a couple selections, pick one please.


Perduz City Port- Northern coast of Damak Var, right in the middle.


Vonrichkover Port- In the northern most harbor on the eastern coast of the country. About where the red line splits the two plots, but to the north.


Teshkedaz Port- In the southern most harbor on the eastern coast of the country. There are two harbors on the east coast.


Melshdernik Port- Very southwest of Damak Var there is a small peninsula that extends out. That city/port is there, crime infested city though. A lot of contraband comes in and out of that port.


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TO: Ocean's Cup Participants

FROM: Imperial Republic of Vocenae


The Imperial Republic would be honored to play host to the racers from around Europa. We would like to open the civilian port of Candressca, located near the entrance to our capital bay area.


user posted imageCandressca


Country: Vocenae

Defending Yacht Club: Water Buffalo Gentlemen's Association

Boat Name: The Lady Autumn

Skipper: Adarm Dutratt

Construction: 2005


user posted image


OOC: Aki, you stole my ship. encolere9.gif j/k

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Nan GorGwaith wishes to add an entry into the race as well as open up the port of Constantinoplis as a stopping point. It is on the tip of the peninsula leading into the bay on my eastern plot. See my national map for details. (Also it is the Naval HQ, which means high security (recently) and the ability to clear out all the traffic)


user posted image



Country: Nan GorGwaith

Defending Yacht Club: Ekkaia Yacht Club (oldest in the country)

Boat Name: Ninui

Skipper: Joachim Greggson

Construction: 2002


user posted image

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We would like to offer an appropriate ship as camera- and newscrew-transport ship.


The "Gorch Fock", the last sailer in the tamurinian navy.


user posted image


Construction: 1958

Displacement: 2000 tons

Crew: 77 plus up to 150 passengers

Length: 89,4 meters

Width: 12 meters

Draft: 4,9 meters

Height: 45,5 meters


Top speed: 12 knots without engine, 16 knots with engine

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