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Eastern Aegean

Guest Gaius Julius

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Guest Gaius Julius

hello folks;


I am the Foreign Secretary of the Republic of Eastern Aegean. We are a peace loving free nation. As our ancestors are the founders of Democracy we are an extremely proud nation. Over the centuries a few empires (Greek, Roman and finally Ottoman) passed through our lands and we have become extremely multicultural. Our lands are where the hardworing and warrior Turks met the democratic Greeks. Today the Aegean is split into two and at times there is fierce figthing just for a bit of rock in the middle of the sea. Our aim is to unite the whole of the Aegean and restore it to its former glory.

At the moment our capital is Smyrna (Izmir). A 10million metropolitan and an economical powerhouse. Its also our majot port. Main languages are Turkish and Greek. Our children are tought both languages from a very early age. Most of our citizens are multilingual.

We have one of the best climates in the whole world. Winters are mild and in the hot summers a gentle breeze from the Aegean sea makes things perfect.

The main agricultrual products include everything except bananas, coconuts, cocoa, coffea bean and kiwi.

National service is compulsary in our country. We believe a man is not a proper man unti he has done his 18months. But in the future we are hoping to abolish this to replace our 1million strong semi pro army with a much smaller professional force. I hope Europa will be proud to have us in as we are proud to be in!



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